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On Diversity as an Educational Practice By Robert Robinson.

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1 On Diversity as an Educational Practice By Robert Robinson

2 Premise: Just as Corporate America has experienced the influx of diverse employees into the workforce, America’s public schools have experienced the same boon in a diverse student population.

3 Meeting the needs of all the students enrolled in schools is not only essential to humanity, but now it has become a federal law under President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” mandate.

4 Schools must demonstrate inclusion What are some ways that teachers can model inclusion?

5 The diverse work population will want the best possible education for its children.

6 How are our communities and schools reflective of a multicultural nation?

7 What are some opportunities for adults to bring in a worldview and macrocosmic understanding of human needs and similarities? global marketplace Community Cultural Diversity

8 The Valuing Diversity paradigm includes an understanding of these differences and sees each student’s cultural heritage as enrichment to the school climate and the curriculum.

9 What are the disadvantages of schools that still practice Assimilation or Else? missing educational opportunities leaving children behind.

10 Differences in Students Learning Styles Inventories Special Education Gifted Education Talents Inclusion classes Others?

11 Many schools are lacking in the awareness of Institutionalized Discrimination.

12 Institutionalized Discrimination discrimination so embedded into an environment that it becomes commonplace and unnoticed to those people living and working within the confines of that environment.

13 How does an educator or environment inhibit a child’s capacity to learn? How does an educator or environment inhibit a child’s capacity to learn?

14 Paradigm paralysis exists. Requires an outsider to notice Hostile environment can ensue. Puts population at risk. Covertly excludes others.

15 Solutions Provide diversity training for staff and students. Implement these diversity practices as part of the school’s operating norms. Include everyone and exclude no one!

16 Robinson’s client list (Robinson has delivered workshops to the following.) Merck, Inc. IBM Dow Kellogg US Postal Service Monsanto/Solutia AT& T Lucent Technologies Innovations International 21 st Century Consulting SAPA: Student Assistance Professionals Association Cobb County School System Kennesaw State University SAEE Southeastern Association for Employment in Education Southern Association for Colleges and Schools

17 Diversity Websites and Resources* Here is a good website on "R.D. Laing's Bi-lateral spiral": 5 Theaters of the Mind: The Brain’s Natural Learning System. The source is Barbara K. Givens, 2002, Teaching to the Brain’s Natural Learning Systems, ASCD. 1-800-933-2723. *Other sources are cited as footnotes in each slide.

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