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Intel Transforming Education through Technology Name of Presenter.

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1 Intel Transforming Education through Technology Name of Presenter

2 Elementary & Secondary Education Professional Development A worldwide program created by teachers, for teachers, to help them effectively integrate technology into instruction and enhance student learning. Includes use of the Internet, Web page design, and student projects. Learn more about Intel ® Teach to the Future at Intel ® Teach To The Future –In-Service Program for experienced teachers –Pre-Service Program for future teachers

3 Elementary & Secondary Education includes free content, interactive tools, and other useful resources for educators –Unit & Project Plans: Collection of more than 50 unit and project plans, developed by experienced K-12 teachers – Interactive Thinking Tools: Web- based tools designed to promote higher level thinking – Innovation Odyssey: Online showcase of technology-enriched projects from classrooms around the world Classroom Tools and Resources Intel ® Innovation in Education Website (

4 Recognition of Excellence Key Activities: –Intel ISEF: The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair is the world's largest pre-college science competition for students grades 9-12 worldwide –Intel STS: The Science Talent Search (STS) is America's oldest and most highly regarded pre-college science competition for U.S. high school seniors –Schools of Distinction Awards: Highlights successes of the nations best schools Elementary & Secondary Education

5 Shift to the Knowledge Economy The world is changing Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners, © Copyright 2002 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved From Natural Resources Based.. To Knowledge Based... Resulting in a change in the way…. We work We communicate We create We live Critical skills for success : Digital literacy Higher order thinking Problem solving Good Communication Work effectively in teams Life long learning In order to prepare our kids for success in the changing world…. Learning must be different … Teaching must be different...

6 Educating Tomorrows Workforce Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners, © Copyright 2002 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved Students more engaged in learning process Higher attendance rates & Lower drop-out rates Increased % of students continuing education Increased parental involvement & communication Students developing higher order thinking skills Bring PCs into the Classroom Supply & train teachers Increase PC : student ratio Traditional Classrooms Computer Labs Integrated Learning Tool One-to-One Mobile Carts

7 21 st Century Work Skills What do our kids need to learn to compete in a Global Knowledge Based Economy? Know how to use technology tools –Thinking & Problem Solving - spreadsheets –Information and Communication Skills – Groupware, presentation –Interpersonal & Self Direction – e-learning, calendar, collaboration tools

8 K12 eLearning Usage Models IT-enhanced Learning IT Learning Ubiquitous eLearning Access School Station >30:1 Labs 15:1 In-classroom 5:1 Ubiquitous 1:1 School Computerization Usage Model Basic School Admin Learn about ICT ICT-enhanced eLearning Anytime, anywhere eLearning Student: PC Ratio

9 What is 1:1 Computing? A Shift from Instructor-centric to Student-centric Learning Model

10 1:1 Drivers Individuals: Help citizens realize full potential and lead a happy, rewarding life Society: Reduce the digital divide Economy: Ensure students graduate with the right skills for the knowledge-driven economy

11 ArchitectArchitect EngageEngage DeployDeploy Ease of deployment Increased availability of competitive solutions in the marketplace DiscoverDiscover ScaleScale Enabling Solutions for 1:1 Funding Rich Digital Curriculum Rich Digital Curriculum Learning Systems Learning Systems Leadership Results Academic Evaluations Documenting Best Practices Promoting Success Stories Reference Architectures Software Optimization Grant Writers Policy Influence Partnering with NGO/Multilaterals Education Platforms Communications Learning Management Systems Policy Influence Government Forums Professional Development Professional Development Teacher Training Software Best Practices

12 Considerations Results What results can I use to convince naysayers? How will I be able to measure the effect of my new project? Digital Curriculum Is there content available? Funding Where do I get funding? Learning Systems Total cost of ownership – Whats the most cost effective way to implement? Leadership How do I get buy-in at the state level? With principals? Professional Development What resources exist for teacher training? How do I get buy-in with teachers?

13 Intel & Gateway Joint Program – Value Proposition Consulting Digital Curriculum Assessment & recommendation On-line teacher assessment tools GW Education services in class mentoring Leadership training

14 Next Steps Contact your local GTW or Intel representative for more information Visit for the latest 1:1 blueprints, white papers and case studies

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