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Understanding Workplace Diversity Presented by: Jhané Perkins.

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1 Understanding Workplace Diversity Presented by: Jhané Perkins

2 Jhané Perkins Marketing Consulting What is Diversity? Race ethnicity age gender Sexual orientation Socioeconomic and education levels Management and union Functional level and classification Proximity to headquarters Initial Factors Expanding Factors

3 Jhané Perkins Marketing Consulting Face of the Diverse Workforce Source: Workforce 2020, Hudson Institute Women account for 62% of all ethnic groups

4 Jhané Perkins Marketing Consulting Diversity Effects on Corporations African American37%39% Latino12%12% Asian 6% 9% Total55%60% 1998 1999 Ethnic Directors on Corporate Boards Source: Korn/Ferry International

5 Jhané Perkins Marketing Consulting Diversity Effects on Corporations At the top eight companies, where diversity is a fact of life, productivity growth in the past four years exceeded that of the economy as a whole by 18%. Source: Urban League Diversity Study

6 Jhané Perkins Marketing Consulting Corporations Views of Diversity Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare: "Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare is committed to increasing the diversity of staff at all levels while paying special attention to improving the representation of women and minorities in key positions; to creating an inclusive, respectful and equitable environment; to serving our diverse members with culturally sensitive services; and to changing the organizational culture through leadership, policies and practices." Microsoft Corporation: "At Microsoft, we believe that diversity enriches our performance and products, the communities in which we live and work, and the lives of our employees. As our workforce evolves to reflect the growing diversity of our communities and global marketplace, our efforts to understand, value and incorporate differences become increasingly important. At Microsoft, we have established a number of initiatives to promote diversity within our own organization, and to demonstrate this commitment in communities nation wide." Computer Sciences Corporation: "We value the diversity of our employees and the unique perspectives they bring to CSC. Diversity at CSC includes functional roles within the company, the markets and industries we serve, our length of service, geographic location, educational background, age, race, gender, ethnicity and whether we joined CSC independently or through an acquisition. By valuing differences, we demonstrate our commitment to treating everyone with fairness and respect."

7 Jhané Perkins Marketing Consulting Objections to Diversity Policies Misunderstanding of why the company has a diversity policy Perception of Lowered employee standards Lack of understanding how diversity plays a role in the organizations goals

8 Jhané Perkins Marketing Consulting Responses to Objections 1) Inquire. 2) Show empathy 3) Educate 4) Express your feelings 5) State your needs or expectations 6) Avoid polarization 7) Use the silence of no response or delaying your response. 8) Avoid arguing and defending

9 Jhané Perkins Marketing Consulting Taking the Diversity Policy Further 1.Diversity training for managers 2.Affinity groups - in house organizations for women and other groups 3.Employment tracking

10 Jhané Perkins Marketing Consulting Internet Resources 1) The Society of Human Resource Management's website 2) 3)

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