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US Motto These Latin words mean “out of many, one”

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1 US Motto These Latin words mean “out of many, one”
“e pluribus unum” is the Unites States motto. These Latin words mean “out of many, one” Why was this motto chosen? Because it represents one nation from the 13 colonies Where can you find this motto? The US seal, US coins

2 Responsibilities of a Citizen
All citizens of the Unites States have responsibilities. Some basic obligations of citizenship include: obeying laws, paying taxes, serving on jury when called, registering for selective services, and voting. These are your duties as a citizen!

3 Rules and Laws Laws have important purposes: to protect the rights of the people, to keep people safe, and to describe how people should behave. Laws exist because no society could survive if people just did what they pleased without any concern for others. Are their punishments for disobeying laws? Yes What are some of them? Fines, jail time, life in prison. Can laws change? Yes. These are made to protect you and other citizens.

4 Taxes Local, state, and federal governments require citizens to pay money for public goods and services. Taxes are necessary and helpful. What are some things taxes pay for? Schools, libraries, highways, parks, to pay police officers, firefighters, congressmen, park rangers and teachers. If you buy something are you paying taxes? Yes

5 Jury The U.S. Constitution guarantees every person in the United States the right to a trial by jury. With this right comes the responsibility to serve on jury when called. If you serve jury duty, what do you do? Hear the evidence in the trial and decide whether the accused person is innocent or guilty.

6 Registering for selective service
All men are required to register with the Selective Service System when they reach the age of 18. This gives the governments a list of men who can be drafted into the armed services in case there is a national emergency.

7 All citizens should vote.
voting All citizens should vote. Each citizen should take the responsibility to know about the candidate they are voting for.

8 Responsibilities of a citizen
Pay taxes Obey laws Serve on jury when called Register for selective services Vote

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