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GaBreeze Special Sessions 2011 CSPA Conference September 28, 2011.

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1 GaBreeze Special Sessions 2011 CSPA Conference September 28, 2011

2 2 Today’s Agenda Welcome and greetings Flex Program Overview Flex Plan Design Changes/Enhancements for 2012 GaBreeze Experiences  Employer experiences  Employee experiences Annual Enrollment Preview Looking forward

3 3 Flexible Benefits Program Overview Services almost 130,000 employees, retirees, and COBRA-eligibles of all state agencies and several Boards of Education, school systems, and library systems throughout the state Supports over 1,000 HR, benefits and payroll professionals with more than 20 different payroll centers Offers 16 benefit plan options and coordinates with 9 vendors Employee self-service options available through GaBreeze platform  GaBreeze Web Site  GaBreeze Benefits Center  GaBreeze Employer Web Site  Your Total Rewards site (state agencies only)

4 4 APRIL 2010 Flex Plan Design Changes/Enhancements for 2012

5 5 Employee, Spouse, Child Life and AD&D Plans – Minnesota Life Plan Enhancements – Child Life > Removed the limitation for 0 - 6 months ($6,000 cap) > Child coverage can begin at live birth Automatic coverage of $3,000 for a newborn child if the child dies within 30 days of birth but prior to you enrolling for child life coverage – Employee/Spouse Life > Legacy Planning Services: End-of-life planning and resources Flex Plan Changes/Enhancements for AE 2012

6 6 Disability Plans – The Standard Short Term Disability Plan – Rate decrease in STD premiums – No change in plan design or coverage Flex Plan Changes/Enhancements for AE 2012

7 7 Critical Illness Plan – CAIC Plan enhancement – Additional covered illness: Coverage for Alzheimer’s disease (25% of the benefit amount) Flex Plan Changes/Enhancements for AE 2012

8 8 Legal Plans – Hyatt Plan enhancements – Additional covered services for Both plans (Select & Select Plus) > Elder law matters > Home equity loans assistance – Additional covered services for Select Plus plan > Identity theft defense > Civil litigation defense > Incompetency defense Flex Plan Changes/Enhancements for AE 2012

9 9 No Plan Design Changes Dental Plans Vision Long Term Care Long Term Disability Health Care/Dependent Care Spending Accounts Flex Plan Changes/Enhancements for AE 2012

10 10 APRIL 2010 GaBreeze Experiences

11 11 Improvement initiative for GaBreeze Face to face meetings with agencies Conducted agency customer surveys Conducted employee satisfaction surveys Formed focus group of agency customers We wanted to hear from YOU!

12 12 Automated agencies Dept. of Corrections - Tawanda Anderson Dept. of Transportation - Teresa Bunch Dept. of Labor - Keely Towns Dept. of Revenue - Karen Glover Dept. of Community Affairs - Rebecca Allen and Erin Pender Dept. of Driver Services - Marcia Duffey (now with State Accounting Office) Dept. of Law - Wanda Brown Dept. of Public Service - Margie Conley DOAS - Saundra Lassiter Clayton County Board of Education - Barbara Heard DeKalb County Board of Education - Andrea Aplin-Coler Agency Focus Groups

13 13 Manual agencies DeKalb CSB - Connie Spruill, Lois Knighton, Judy Keating, Michael McKibbens, and Roslyn Hawkins Gwinnett CSB – Priscilla Hansard and Denise Martin Cobb Health – Sheila Wike and Charlene F. Disque Fulton DFCS – Rachel Gresham, Kaneisha Harris, and Shirley Tucker Gwinnett Library – Deidre Falcon and Andi Dadswell Agency Focus Groups

14 14 Focus Groups Sessions – Topics Covered GaBreeze Operations How SPA and Aon Hewitt coordinate issues and concerns using workflow process, The FSA process for manual payroll agencies, Financial manager reporting including the reconciliation process, and Dependent verification process. Employee Experiences with GaBreeze New hire enrollment/first time user on the GaBreeze website, Qualified status changes on the GaBreeze website, Billing and payments for benefits for employees on LWOP, and GaBreeze Benefits Center including quality control and customer service management. Agency Focus Groups

15 15 Focus Groups Sessions – Topics Covered (cont.) Employer Experiences with GaBreeze Access and security profiles on the GaBreeze Employer website, Using SmartForms and File Sharing tools on the GaBreeze Employer website, and Reports and the Reporting Tool on the GaBreeze Employer website. Communications GaBreeze personalized statements to employees, GaBreeze Annual Enrollment communications including emails to employees, and SPA Annual Enrollment materials. Agency Focus Groups

16 16 APRIL 2010 Employer Experiences – Flex and PSR

17 17 Major themes from the feedback: Difficulty using Reporting Tool to download reports Understanding when a report has been “burst” or posted to the site for downloading by the Agency Unable to view employee data related to benefits Transfer process between agencies on the same day Amount of work involved by manual agencies’ payroll to upload HCSA/DCSA payroll files timely Cannot see frozen pay information for employees on Employee Inquiry Page which results in confusion regarding how coverage amounts are derived during enrollment opportunities What did we hear?

18 18 GaBreeze Employer Website (ERWS) Made modifications so that Reports can now be downloaded in Excel format Implemented sending an e-mail on a nightly basis to users informing them reports have been posted to the site for downloading. Held webinars and created reference guides to explain employee data transaction integrity and downstream contingencies (i.e. payroll deductions and financial reporting). Updated Transfer Smart Form to allow for same day transfers Added frozen pay to the employee inquiry page immediately after Annual Benefit Salary Implemented assumed deduction approach for HCSA/DCSA which eliminated the need for the manual agency HCSA/DCSA payroll upload report What did we do?

19 19 Future enhancement on GaBreeze Employer Website - Scheduled launch: April/May 2012 Employee Customer Service (eCS) site link available on ERWS – eCS is view-only access of the employee’s view of the GaBreeze website in real time – Will allow employer’s access to coverage and event information for employees in their agencies – Will be easily accessible from the ERWS and will not require a separate logon/registration What’s coming?

20 20 Preview of Employee Inquiry Access on the Employer Website GaBreeze Employer Website Enhancements

21 21 APRIL 2010 Employee Inquiry Pages

22 22 APRIL 2010 Employee Inquiry Pages 1)Billing 2)Coverage History 3)Recent Requests

23 23 APRIL 2010 Employee Inquiry Pages (Billing Summary)

24 24 APRIL 2010 Employee Inquiry Pages (Billing Rates)

25 25 APRIL 2010 Employee Inquiry Pages (Payment History)

26 26 APRIL 2010 Employee Inquiry Pages (Coverage History)

27 27 APRIL 2010 Employee Inquiry Pages (Billing Summary)

28 28 APRIL 2010 Employee Inquiry Pages (Recent Requests)

29 29 APRIL 2010 Employee Inquiry Pages (Billing Summary)

30 30 APRIL 2010 Employee Experiences

31 31 Major themes from our feedback: GaBreeze Website – Difficulty designating beneficiaries for “State on State” employees – Unable to view beneficiaries effective in the future (i.e. new plan year) – Confirmation of Enrollment – could not be printed from web GaBreeze Communications – New hire worksheet was too long and cumbersome – Notices received when returning from leaves of absence are confusing for employees What did we hear?

32 32 Improving GaBreeze Employee Experiences GaBreeze Website – Added functionality to allow beneficiary designations for “State on State” employees – Modified effective dating on GaBreeze so that beneficiary elections show up immediately on the website. – Comparison of Current Versus Future Coverage at Annual Enrollment > Highlights any year over year changes related to Option, Coverage Category, Prices, or Coverage Amount, to help employees easily identify these changes – Completed Successfully (Confirmation) page redesigned to help employees better understand next steps > New sections include “Follow-up”, “What Happens Next” and “Other Considerations” Website - What did we do?

33 33 Improving GaBreeze Employee Experiences GaBreeze Mobile Access to Dental, Vision, and PSR Information – Links to find a dentist or eye doctor – Check co-pay and deductible information – View coverage details GaBreeze Communications – Streamlined the new hire enrollment worksheet to reduce the amount of paper sent to employees in an effort to promote “going green” and reduce postage costs – Improved and added language to the confirmation of enrollment for employees returning from leave. Website - What did we do?

34 34 GaBreeze Website – Integrated enrollment flow combining Flexible Benefits and Peach State Reserves – Enrollments via mobile access Website - What’s coming?

35 35 Did you know? One of 5 North American CS locations Serving over 110 clients across multiple disciplines and services Serving over 5.2 million employees across those organizations Over 16,000 calls per day answered in the center (spikes to over 24,500 calls during open enrollment) Over 1,300 colleagues performing customer contact, plan administration and technology activities GaBreeze Call Center

36 36 Major themes from our feedback: GaBreeze Benefits Center – Newly eligible process – Representatives needed more training on topics that included the dental plan eligibility, adding dependents, and critical illness plan. – Long wait times at the end of annual enrollment Call Center - What did we hear?

37 37 Improving GaBreeze Employee Experiences GaBreeze Benefits Center – Refresher training provided in the areas of concern – Continued execution of the Call Quality Management program that includes call listening, tool review, and side-by-side coaching. – Early enrollment strategy developed in order to manage the call volume during annual enrollment. – Recent investments made to streamline and enhance the customer experience: > Redesigned training strategy > New content management strategy > State of the art Customer Analytics > Expanded access channels – texting, faxing, etc > New case management tool Call Center - What did we do?

38 38 APRIL 2010 Annual Enrollment

39 39 Strong enrollment results – 98% Active enrollments – 92% Internet enrollments – 91% of employees updated inconsistent dependent coverage tier information – Large number of calls were password resets – Please remind your employees about passwords! Total eligible124,573 Web Activity Total enrollments122,363 (98%) Total web visits283,937 Benefits Center Activity Measure DescriptionTarget/ForecastActual Quarterly Service Level70%/30 seconds77.3%/30 seconds Average Handle Time7:158:36 Call Volume30,52748,894 Review of 2011 Annual Enrollment

40 40 Early Enrollment Strategy - Large Agencies To avoid heavy call volume during the last period of AE Communicating early enrollment during the first 2 weeks of AE 5 large agencies participating in the initiative that account for 28,000 employees SHBP is also partnering with the communication strategy NOTE: Early enrollment is always encouraged for all employees in all agencies Enrollment Strategy for 2012 Annual Enrollment

41 41 SHPS Account Access Employees will be able to access their Health Care and Dependent Care accounts using the link to SHPS. – When employees utilize the link to SHPS, they will automatically be authenticated and will not have to login/register at the SHPS site Long Term Care Plan – Enhanced Enrollment Employees will have a better enrollment experience for the long term care plan on the GaBreeze website – If employees want to enroll or need to make changes to their long term care plan, they can request information during the Annual Enrollment process flow GaBreeze Enhancements for AE 2012

42 42 GaBreeze Confirmation Number Employees will receive a Confirmation Number upon successful completion of their online Annual Enrollment on the completed successfully page on the GaBreeze Website Additional changes will be permitted online during the remainder of the Annual Enrollment period. Employees should print a copy of the Confirmation Number page for their records GaBreeze Enhancements for AE 2012

43 43 2012 Annual Enrollment Dates: Tuesday, October 11 th - Thursday, November 10th

44 44 APRIL 2010 Looking Forward

45 45 Aon Hewitt has partnered with Maritz Research Maritz Research is an independent research firm. Conducting quarterly customer satisfaction surveys on experiences with the GaBreeze website and GaBreeze Benefits Center. Surveys are conducted by phone and online. Feedback is completely confidential and is used to improve the site and continuous improvement/training for the representatives. Continuing to Improve Your Experiences

46 46 Customer Surveys – Areas Covered Reason for calling the Benefits Center Overall Satisfaction with the most recent Call  Reason for dissatisfaction (if dissatisfied) open end Overall Satisfaction with Representative Agreement with attributes regarding:  Building Customer Confidence  Knowledge  Personal Service Call handling/resolution Satisfaction with the time it took to reach a representative Overall Satisfaction with Automated System Continuing to Improve Your Experiences

47 47 Continuous Improvement on GaBreeze Experiences GaBreeze Employer Website: – eCS access planned launch in April/May 2012 GaBreeze Employee Website – Upgrades to site planned in Summer 2012 GaBreeze Benefits Center – Continuous improvement/training for representatives – Enhancing systems/tools for representatives to improve service delivery GaBreeze Enhancements Planned for 2012

48 48 APRIL 2010 Thank you for your continued partnership and support!

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