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Who supports me and how…. by Peter Rogers. My name is Peter Rogers.

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1 Who supports me and how…. by Peter Rogers

2 My name is Peter Rogers

3 My home I live in Tonbridge. I share the house with two other men I am a tenant of Russet Homes I used to live at home with my mum and moved from her house in December 2008

4 Who supports me I am supported by a team of support staff every day. I work with all the staff but I have a key worker who I can talk to if worried, they support me on my home days and help Me plan important things like my holiday or special events. My care manager supports me The housing Officer helps me maintain my tenancy

5 Who supports me   Doctors and other health staff have and can support me if I need help. Staff at my woodwork group I have family and friends who live near and some live far but they help In their own way.

6 How do they support me?  Staff support me with managing my money- budgeting, paying bills, saving etc  Support with planning meals, shopping and cooking Healthy meals  Help with daily living skills like house work, ironing, shopping  Support to read and write letters, to follow through what letters say.  Support to go to places I don’t know well, to go on holidays and other social activities  Support to make and attend appointments with the doctors and other official people.  Staff support me when I get worried.

7 What I do during the week One to one support with keyworker Banking, paying bills, cleaning room Menu planning, shopping at Sainsbury My day off! Work 0930-1130. Hospice of hope charity shop upstairs in the tea rooms Home day

8 What I do during the week Woodwork. Sometimes after woodwork I go to my mum `s and come back on Monday in time for my one to one Weekends we do different things like going, out for meals, to the pub or to watch Charlton football team. l am helping at the Royal British Legion for a Charity Of Poppies with Veronica Jackson We also have parties and invite or are invited to the Other supported living houses. We also invite family And friends over..

9 What I do  I like watching soaps  Going for long walks  watching Snooker -my favourite player is Steve Davis   I like Everton football team  I like to laugh with my housemates  Attending church on Sundays  Going to my out with my friends and housemate.

10 What I do  like visiting my mum  My mum is happy for me to go to her house with some of my housemates. Last Christmas she invited myself and my friend who did not have family to visit at Christmas.  My First Christmas when I moved out, I invited my mum for Christmas and we cooked her Christmas Dinner.

11 My views and future hopes….  I like living in my house at the moment  I like the support I have  I enjoy the activities I do.

12 My views and future hopes….  l wished my Auntie from Africa was here in England. I would like to see my dad more. He lives far away in Birmingham

13 Any questions?

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