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Ch. 8 Test Review Mr. Maine.

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1 Ch. 8 Test Review Mr. Maine

2 Chapter 8 Review Convection currents form when air temperatures are different.

3 Chapter 8 Review What happens as you move from the troposphere to the stratosphere? - Air pressure decreases.

4 Chapter 8 Review Winds generally blow from west to east over the United States due to a huge convection current over the North American continent and the rotation of Earth.

5 Chapter 8 Review What causes precipitation at fronts?
- Rising warm air.

6 Chapter 8 Review A severe storm warning means that severe storms have already formed.

7 Chapter 8 Review A column of wind lifted up on one end by upward winds and pressed down on the other end by downward winds describes a tornado.

8 Chapter 8 Review Hurricanes get their energy from warm ocean waters.

9 Chapter 8 Review Which weather instrument is used to measure wind speed? - Anemometer

10 Chapter 8 Review What does the H on the weather map represent?
- Area of high pressure.

11 Chapter 8 Review A forecaster determining the climate of an area would find the average yearly precipitation most helpful.

12 Chapter 8 Review How do the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Drift currents affect weather in Europe? - They cause the temperature to be warmer than they would be otherwise.

13 Chapter 8 Review A scientist studying climates finds a fossil of a fish in the desert. What can the scientist learn from this fossil? - That the desert probably had a wet climate at one time.

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