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Lake County Schools Investing In Excellence! College and Career Readiness Academic Services April 2013.

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1 Lake County Schools Investing In Excellence! College and Career Readiness Academic Services April 2013

2 AP Seminar For AP STATISTICS Academic Services April 2013

3 Community Builder: Just like me….. 1.One person begins introducing themselves to the group 2.When another person in the audience hears something the previous person shared that is “just like them” the chime in say “ that’s just like me” 3.The person that chimed in saying “ that’s just like me” begins introducing themselves starting with the connection from the previous person. 4.Repeat step 2 and 3 until all members in the audience have introduced themselves.

4 Students will share with the class one strategy or tip they will use on exam day I DO Instructor will review the 21st Centry skills and AP success stats with students and make a conncetion to the AP Seminar Instructor will review specific content for AP course of study WE DO Instructor and students will utilize test taking strategies to answer multiple choice and free response answers YOU DO Students will utilize materials from the AP Seminar to study for AP exam April 6 & April 27 2013 Learning Goal : Learners will understand and implement effective test taking strategies for passing AP exams. Objective Learners will: utilize content knowledge learned in AP courses coupled with effective test taking strategies to increase pass rate by completing practice AP test questions Bellwork: Community Builder Strategic Plan Goal # 1 Increased Student Achievement NEXT STEPS: 1.Utilize new learning and implement on AP exam 2.Continue to study for AP exam Benchmarks: Exit Activity Essential Question: How do we revolutionize the way we teach, lead, and learn for 21 st century success? Common Language: Advanced Placement Effective Strategies

5 21 st Century Skills Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap 1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 2. Collaboration and Leadership 3. Agility and Adaptability 4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism 5. Effective Oral and Written Communication 6. Accessing and Analyzing Information 7. Curiosity and Imagination Academic Services

6 Positive Statistics Hurray Lake County Schools Lake County Schools…. –Named to the College Board District Honor Roll

7 Content Overview What you need to know about the Exam Test Taking Tips Formulas & Calculator use Sample Multiple Choice Questions Sample Free Response Questions

8 What you need to Know The Format of the Exam:

9 Topics on the Exam




13 How the Exam is Graded Multiple Choice: 50% of your grade –1 point for each correct –0 points for incorrect/blank Free Response: 50 % of your grade –Each question is graded on a scale of 0-4 –Questions 1-5 = 75% of FR grade –Question 6 = 25% of FR grade

14 Final Grade Calculations

15 What to Bring Several #2 pencils (and a pencil sharpener) and a good eraser that doesn't leave smudges Black or blue colored pens for the free-response section; some students like to use two colors to make their graphs stand out for the reader One or two graphing calculators with fresh batteries A watch so that you can monitor your time Your school code A simple snack if the test site permits it Your photo identification and social security number A light jacket if you know that the test site has strong air conditioning Tissues

16 What Not to Bring A calculator that is not approved for the AP Statistics Exam (for example, anything with a QWERTY keyboard) A CELL PHONE, beeper, PDA, or walkie-talkie Books, a dictionary, study notes, flash cards, highlighting pens, correction fluid / white-out, any other office supplies Scrap paper or post-it notes Portable music of any kind: no CD players, MP3 players, or iPods Panic or fear: it's natural to be nervous, but you can comfort yourself that you have prepared yourself well, and that there is no room for fear on your exam

17 General Tips 1. Look over the entire exam first 2.Don’t spend too much time on any one question 4.Be NEAT!!! 6.Look at graphs carefully 7.Make sure you have new batteries 8.Bring extra pencils and a good eraser 9.Get a good nights sleep

18 Tips for Multiple Choice 1.Read carefully 2.Try to understand the question before you look at the answers 3.Understand that distracters are meant to look reasonable 4.Draw a picture 5.Make sure you are bubbling for the current question. 6.If an answer is way too obvious it probably is.

19 Tips for Free Response 1.Read all parts of a question before beginning 2.WRITE LEGIBILY!!!!!!! 3.Use complete sentences 4.Translate calculations into sentence form 5.Write answers in context of the problem 6.Only answer the question being asked 7.Simplify numeric answers if possible 8.Don’t just write the formula – plug in the numbers.

20 Tips for Free Response 9.Don’t round too soon / Avoid “calculator speak” 10. Do not give multiple answers to the same question 11. Paragraphs are not always necessary 12. Do not let Question 6 throw you off your game. It is meant to be something you don’t know much about. 13. Start with question1 then do question 6 14. For graphs, label and scale the axes!!!

21 Tips for Free Response 15. Read before you plug! 16. Pick up key words in the directions 17. Do not assume that the grader will know what you are referring to 18. Space in not an indicator of how much to write. 19. If you cannot get an answer to one part of the question, make up a plausible answer to use in the remaining parts of the problem

22 Calculator Use Make sure you know how to enter formulas into your calculator. Make sure you know what test is for what Write the formula (with numbers) if you know it. Answers with no supporting work or description do not get any credit.

23 Formulas Take time to learn the use of each formula on the formula sheet Past students have said that there are some MC questions with formulas So... How good are you??? Let’s See if you can answer the following?

24 Sample Formula Question In a large population of college students, 20% of the students have experienced feelings of math anxiety. If you take a random sample of 10 students from the population the standard deviation would be: a)b)c)

25 Sample Formula Question The following output was provided to calculate the formula for a least square regression line. Which equation represents the slope of the line? a) b) c)

26 Sample Formula Question A college basketball player makes 5/6 of his free throws. Assuming free throw attempts are independent, the probability that he makes exactly three of his next four free throws is a)b)c)

27 Multiple Choice Activity You have 20 minutes to complete 1-3 in each of the multiple choice sets Compare your answers with your shoulder partner Compare your answers to correct answers

28 Free Response Create Groups Discuss with your group the following: –What is the question asking us to do? –What calculations are necessary? –Do you need to make an interpretation based on the calculation or will the calculation be the answer? Review as a class

29 Exit Activity With a shoulder partner, turn and talk about one strategy you will utilize on your AP exam and why.

30 Lake County Schools Investing In Excellence! College and Career Readiness Academic Services April 2013

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