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Lake County Schools Investing In Excellence! College and Career Readiness Academic Services April 2013.

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1 Lake County Schools Investing In Excellence! College and Career Readiness Academic Services April 2013

2 AP Seminar For AP World History WELCOME Academic Services April 2013

3 Community Builder: Just like me….. 1.One person begins introducing themselves to the group 2.When another person in the audience hears something the previous person shared that is “just like them” the chime in say “ that’s just like me” 3.The person that chimed in saying “ that’s just like me begins introducing themselves starting with the connection from the previous person. 4.Repeat step 2 and 3 until all members in the audience have introduced themselves.

4 Students will share with the class one strategy or tip they will use on exam day I DO Instructor will review the 21st Centry skills and AP success stats with students and make a conncetion to the AP Seminar Instructor will review specific content for AP course of study WE DO Instructor and students will utilize test taking strategies to answer multiple choice and free response answers YOU DO Students will utilize materials from the AP Seminar to study for AP exam April 6 & April 27 2013 Learning Goal : Learners will understand and implement effective test taking strategies for passing AP exams. Objective Learners will: utilize content knowledge learned in AP courses coupled with effective test taking strategies to increase pass rate by completing practice AP test questions Bellwork: Community Builder Strategic Plan Goal # 1 Increased Student Achievement NEXT STEPS: 1.Utilize new learning and implement on AP exam 2.Continue to study for AP exam Benchmarks: Exit Activity Essential Question: How do we revolutionize the way we teach, lead, and learn for 21 st century success? Common Language: Advanced Placement Effective Strategies

5 21 st Century Skills Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap 1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 2. Collaboration and Leadership 3. Agility and Adaptability 4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism 5. Effective Oral and Written Communication 6. Accessing and Analyzing Information 7. Curiosity and Imagination Academic Services

6 Positive Statistics Hurray Lake County Schools Lake County Schools…. –Named to the College Board District Honor Roll

7 Content Overview Periodization Posters The Exam The DBQ –Review Rubric POV, Grouping, Additional Document –2012 DBQ FRQs: Comparative & C/COT –Review Rubric –Examples Multiple Choice Questions –Examples SPRITE (Social, Political, Religious, Intellectual, Technology, Economics

8 Periodization Posters You may work either individually, or with a partner As you meander about the room, add your relevant AP World History content knowledge to the appropriate poster. Do not spend more than 30 seconds at a time on a single poster, if you have more to write, come back to it. You must write at least one important event, individual, idea, innovation, continuity, or change on each poster We will discuss what is on each poster, and what is missing

9 The Exam (page 3) May 16 th 2013, 8:00 AM…Arrive at 7:30 AM Part I –70 MC questions in 55 minutes = 45 seconds/question Ten Minute Break Part II –3 essays in 2 hours and10 minutes DBQ = 50 minutes (10 for Doc Analysis) C/COT = 40 minutes Comparative = 40 minutes

10 The DBQ (Page 4) Review the DBQ rubric in your student handout (Appendix A) Thesis, Grouping, POV, and Additional Documents (see examples) USE EVERY DOCUMENT! The 2012 DBQ (Appendix B)

11 Continuity/Change Over Time Essays ( Page 8) Review the C/COT Essay Rubric in your student handout (Appendix A) C/COT is about what changed and what stayed the same, as long as your essay addresses the prompt, you should be fine Analysis = WHY something changed or stayed the same Examples

12 Comparative Essays (Page 10) Review the Comparative Essay Rubric in your student handout (Appendix A) You must BOTH Compare and Contrast Analysis = WHY a similarity or difference exists Examples

13 Strategies and Practice: Free Response (Page 12) Generic Theses (if this is where you struggle) are in the student handout (pages 8 and 10) Always think SPRITE (page 5) TASC in the Body –Topic Sentence: Ties to Thesis –Analysis: Explain Why –Support with Evidence –Connect to a Larger Context Practice with released Comparative & C/COT prompts in the student hand out (Appendix B

14 Thesis Drill In groups, construct a thesis for each of the FRQs in Appendix B of your packet C/COT 2009, 2010, 2012 Comparative 2009, 2010, 2012 We will evaluate your thesis as a class

15 Multiple Choice (Page 13) AP World History Multiple Choice Questions focus on Specific Themes, Historical Thinking Skills, and Will Often Involve the Use of Various Stimuli

16 Strategies: Multiple Choice (Pages 13-14) Dealing With Distractors 1 Multiple Choice = 5 True/False Right info, wrong place/time Time Management 45 seconds per question Skip the long ones and come back If there are two minutes left, and you have more than 10 questions to go, pick a letter and bubble the rest in. At least 2 or 3 will be right.

17 Multiple Choice Practice (Appendix C) As a class, let’s discuss and answer the practice multiple choice questions #1-3 Now try #4-6 Let’s check your answers It is not enough to know what the right answer is. Strive to know WHY it is right.

18 Exit Activity With a shoulder partner, turn and talk about one strategy you will utilize on your AP exam and why.

19 Lake County Schools Investing In Excellence! College and Career Readiness Academic Services April 2013

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