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The Texas Revolution & Annexation

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1 The Texas Revolution & Annexation
Ch. 12 section 2

2 Movie notes

3 Notes Take notes in your own words
You will need this information to create the process ( foldable)

4 Spanish Texas The Spanish had been in the Americas since Columbus in 1492. Spain owned a large part of North America, including Mexico & Texas.

5 Spanish Texas Texas had few settlers – up North
The Spanish government tried to attract settlers to Texas as a protection against Native Americans and illegals. Spanish government offered land in exchange of settlement in under populated areas. Spanish government offered… Settlers offered or promised… Free land Follow Spanish laws Become Catholic ( official religion) Learn Spanish ( official language)

6 Mexican Independence Changes Texas
1821- Mexico gained independence from Spain Review:Mexico like other Latin American countries - independence What was US position to the revolutions in Latin America? Monroe Doctrine- warning to European nations / no more European colonies in America Texas become part of Mexico Stephen Austin ( American empresario) got a permission to bring American settlers Conditions for settlement Become Mexican citizen – follow laws Become Catholic ( official religion) Learn Spanish ( official language)

7 Americans in Texas Stephen Austin & the “ Old 300” ( first American settlers)- successful  More American settlers continue to move to Texas Americans settlers mostly from the Southern USA came for land brought slaves to work the land

8 Problems: Texans VS Mexico
Changes in Mexican laws ( outlawed slavery) Americans (Southerners) in Texas not following the Mexican laws – slavery American settlers were upset with new laws American settlers wanted more control Mexico banned further U.S. settlement in Texas after ( NO More Americans!)

9 Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Dictator who took control of Mexico (1830) Suspended Mexican Constitution Settlers declared Texas Independence from Mexico (1836) They will have to fight for it!

10 Battles – Texas Revolution
El Alamo Where? El Alamo- abandoned mission used as a military fort near San Antonio, Texas Who? 200 Texans VS 6000 Mexican Troops lead by Santa Anna When? 1835 What? Santa Anna attacks Texans – they hold in EL Alamo for 12 days waiting for support Winner? Santa Anna & Mexican troops Outcome? All Texans inside El Alamo died ( except some women & children)

11 El Alamo

12 Battles – Texas Revolution
Goliad ( Massacre) Santa Anna attack Texans soldiers They surrender, but were executed anyways ( about 300) Remember El Alamo! Remember Goliad! – becomes the cry of war … give the Texans a real reason to fight for independence

13 Victory at San Jacinto San Jacinto
Santa Anna Surrenders to General Houston Texan general, Sam Houston gathered more troops, 800 in all. Texans surprised & attacked Lopez de Santa Anna Lopez de Santa Anna is captured & forced to sign a treaty to give Texas its independence (1836) Texas gained independence from Mexico

14 Lone Star Republic 1836 – Republic of Texas: Texas become its own country “Lone Star Republic” ( see the flag/ how many stars) Sam Houston elected president Some Americans wanted Texas to be part of the U.S.( Annex) Some people were afraid of Texas becoming a slave state, others of war with Mexico. Both would eventually happen.

15 Texas Annexation To annex= to adjoin or to add
Americans in Texas & Southerner states hope to annex Texas to the USA Northerner states opposed annexation, because of Texas pro-slavery views ( needed to keep the balance between free v slave) Annexation denied! 

16 Texas Annexation Reasons to deny annexation (1836)
Slavery Fear of war with Mexico Finally in 1845 , Texas will be annex & join the union

17 Review – Guided Reading
10 minutes Review information read on pages & in your notes Answer the questions to complete the sequencing of events

18 Process: Texas Foldable
Fold papers 1 fold –include pictures & information summarizing Texas before & during Mexican government 2nd fold- include pictures & information summarizing Battle of El Alamo 3rd fold- include pictures & information summarizing Battle of San Jacinto ( Peace Treaty & Texas Independence) 4th fold- include pictures & information summarizing Texas independence & annexation to USA

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