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Suffolk’s Wellbeing Board Dr Peter Bradley – Director of Public Health, Suffolk County Council/NHS Janice Steed - LocalPartnerships.

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1 Suffolk’s Wellbeing Board Dr Peter Bradley – Director of Public Health, Suffolk County Council/NHS Janice Steed - LocalPartnerships

2 Transforming Suffolk: 2020 vision

3 Suffolk’s ambition A broad view of wellbeing outcomes Collaborative leadership Evidence and understanding ‘root causes’ Shared priorities that can make an impact Doesn’t do everything – need to focus

4 Suffolk’s ambition Builds community responsibility and capacity Collective and transparent accountability Based on the right relationships/trust Networked & enables flexible delivery Long term perspective

5 What stakeholders are telling us… How to impact on reducing service demand ‘Iconic’ targets Focus on the person not organisation Culture change for better integrated working Board an enabler to unblock blockages Evidence base important Must make a difference Not a talking shop Clarity on accountability – as Board and from own organisation Streamline partnerships Build on good practice (eg: SNTs) Flexible ways of working

6 Options being considered ScopeJust health/care/ public health Broader definition of wellbeing using broader multi-agency approach FunctionSets strategic framework according to need and monitors progress Commissions for joint priorities FocusFocused on outcomes and supporting Board members to achieve them Focused on action and gets key projects done Current partnershipsOne main wellbeing Board with broad remit Keep some partnership Boards e.g. Children’s Trust What type of issuesFocus on county issuesFocus on locality issues

7 Priority areas? Frail elderly Families with complex needs Personal, social & emotional development for under 5s Job creation 16-25 year olds Reducing inequalities Improving health outcomes for all Renewable energy Educational attainment Mental Health Stakeholder suggestions:

8 Changing the flow NowFuture Prevention Here & Now Prevention Here & Now

9 NHS Forum for the Future - Boards Focal point for ensuring the local health needs are met Should have shadow health and wellbeing boards as soon as possible to build strong local relationships and understand local health and care needs Joint health and wellbeing strategy a focal point for local decision making about the commissioning of health and care services Board’s role should be strengthened Boards should agree commissioning plans There should be a strong role for clinical and professional networks to advise the health and wellbeing boards

10 Current focus for the Board development Developing the Model with stakeholders: Further develop the model & shared priorities Build relationships & influence the wider system Define governance, accountability arrangements (strategy and delivery) Build an effective information base for wellbeing Clarify decision making through the Board Create conditions to enable success for the Board Understand how we measure outcomes which moves away from transactional targets Pre-Board (July) to agree: Focus of early work Governance model and ways of working

11 Defining key principles Priorities for Board development: Finding “The difference that makes a difference” Right issues and recognising success Information (including from the “coalface”) Existing partnerships What will compel partners to commit to the Board Learning by doing

12 The journey: where we are Jan ‘11Jun ‘11Jul ‘11 1 st Board 2 March Stakeholder event Apr ‘11Mar‘11Sep ‘11 Pre- Board2 nd Board Nov/Dec ‘11 3 rd Board Wide Stakeholder engagement 1. Setting Ambition for Board Structured engagement with key stakeholders to develop & establish Board Agree scope and forward work plan Learning by doing & Reality check impact of Board Review so Board ‘fit for purpose’ 2. Co-creating Board scope, purpose & ways of working 3. Learning by Doing 4. Testing the Board 5. Setting the Board’s Future Direction Mar/Apr ‘12

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