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Health & Safety Awareness

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1 Health & Safety Awareness
ALAN B. PARTNERSHIP LTD. Health & Safety Advisors Health & Safety Awareness Presented by Christopher Barraclough BSc TechIOSH To the North West Golf Club Managers’ Association Wednesday, February 12th 2014

2 Why does Health & Safety matter? Hazards in a Golf Club
Contents Who are ABP Ltd. Why does Health & Safety matter? Hazards in a Golf Club Risk Assessment Health & Safety Management Example issues Occupants’ Liability Course Safety

3 Who are Alan B Partnership Ltd?
Small, independent Health & Safety Advisory company. Alan and Christopher Barraclough. Technical members of IOSH. Based in Leeds and Clitheroe. Specialist H&S services to many golf clubs. Insight and experience. Helping golf clubs for over 18 years. Devise and share good practice. Practical and reasonable solutions. Provide a tailored, face-to-face service. Positive recommendations.

4 Who are Alan B Partnership Ltd?
Baildon G.C. Headingley G.C. Oakdale G.C. Ben Rhydding G.C. Heaton Moor G.C. Pannal G.C. Billingham G.C. Hesketh G.C. Rawdon Golf & Lawn Tennis Club Bingley St. Ives G.C. Saltburn G.C. Howley Hall G.C. Bradford G.C. Scarborough North Cliff G.C. Hull G.C. Burnley G.C. Scarthingwell G.C. Ilkley G.C. Castle Eden G.C. Shipley G.C. Keighley G.C. Cleckheaton G.C. Skipton G.C. Kirkbymoorside G.C. Doncaster G.C. South Leeds G.C. Lancaster G.C. East Bierley G.C. Teesside G.C. Lightcliffe G.C. Filey G.C. Temple Newsam G.C. Lindrick G.C. Forest Park G.C. West Bradford G.C. Malton & Norton G.C. Fulford (York) G.C. Whitby G.C. Moortown G.C. Ganton G.C. Wigan G.C. Nelson G.C. Garforth G.C. Withington G.C. Normanton G.C. Halifax West End G.C. Worksop G.C. Northcliffe G.C. Hanging Heaton G.C. Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs Yorkshire County Ladies Golf Association Northern Counties Golf Union England Golf - Woodhall Spa Golf Management

5 Why does Health & Safety matter?
Legal All employers must comply with health and safety law. Financial Costs associated with ill-health including sick pay, fines, damage to equipment, legal costs, over-time etc. Moral We want to minimize the risk of injury or ill-health to people we know and work with.

6 Electricity Work at Height Fire Machinery Noise Golfers Bar & Cellar
Hazards across the Golf Club Hazardous Substances Electricity Work at Height Food prep & service Fire Machinery Noise Vibration Golfers Bar & Cellar

7 Risk Assessment – The 5 step approach
Hazards Who & How Actions Record Review Manual handling Hazardous substances Electricity Slip, trips and falls Fire Noise Vibration Entanglement Over-turning PTO drive shafts Fuelling Etc… New Changed Improved Incidents Here and elsewhere Staff Members Visiting golfers Public Contractors Logbooks Certificates Risk Assessments Safe procedures Awareness Training Checks and inspections Information Protection (PPE)

8 Hesketh Golf Club - Safety Monitoring Planner 2013
Health & Safety Management Hesketh Golf Club - Safety Monitoring Planner 2013

9 Fulford GC Floorplan - Clubhouse March 2013
Fire Safety Survey – Fulford GC - Clubhouse FB W CO2 P Kitchen Dining Room Lounge Bar Member’s Patio Gents Locker Lockers Toilets Showers Dis. WC Lobby Main Entrance Ladies Locker Store Plant Staff wc Prep. Area To cellar To floor 1 floor 1 Sliding Doors Fulford GC Floorplan - Clubhouse March 2013 Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Call Point Emergency Light Fire Exit Sign Fire Extinguishers Fire System Key Fire Panel F Water Foam Carbon Dioxide Dry Powder Wet Chemical Fire Blanket Door Emergency Exit Gas stop Gas cylinders e Mains box Fire Exit sign - unlit Bottle Barrels Barrel Run Cellar Plan Defibrillator

10 Safety on the Course ‘Common law duty of care’ Civil law – spread of liability Visitors – Invited and Uninvited Visitors will be safe in using the premises for the purpose for which they are invited… OCCUPIERS’ LIABILITY ACT 1957 “Claims are about negligence and breach of duty. You are judged on your acts or omissions to prevent foreseeable danger. You are expected to act in a reasonable manner.” (J. Ross, GCMA magazine, Nov13) Risk assessment of the course Proximity Minimum Safety Envelopes and 15o zones. Public Rights of Way Adjoining properties and highways Safe routes – paths and steps Adverse weather conditions Buggy routes What can be done Signage Course safety sign Specific signage Temporary Incident monitoring Etiquette – Golfer awareness Review, Monitor and Inspect

11 Course Safety – Hazards

12 Course Risk Assessment – Minimum Safety Envelope & 15o Zone
Public rights of way G4 G9 T10 50 yards 70 yards 85 yards 250 yds 200 yds 150 yds 15o 200 yard approaches 15o

13 Course Safety Signs Aims Summary of main issues R&A Safety guidelines
HESKETH GOLF CLUB FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS, PLEASE BE ADVISED: FOG & LIGHTNING: In the event of an electrical storm, suspend play immediately & taken appropriate action. (Rule 6-8a applies). Shelters do not provide adequate protection from lightning. Do not continue play in fog/poor visibility, when you cannot see the clear distance of your intended shot. PUBLIC FOOTPATHS: HOLES 5, 6 AND 7. Priority must be given to members of the public. Players must not play shots until footpaths in range are clear. GREENS STAFF: Have priority at all times. Players should always alert greens staff nearby or ahead when they are about to make a stroke that might endanger them and wait for staff to move out of range. BUGGIES: To ensure the safety of all golf course users, buggy drivers are required to comply with the Club’s Buggy Policy and follow designated buggy routes at all times. Take particular care on slopes and around ditches and deep- sided bunkers. THE COURSE, ITS STEPS AND SURFACES may be slippery when damp or wet. Golfers must ensure to wear appropriate footwear to meet the prevailing conditions. Wherever possible, keep to covered areas of Footpaths & Steps. Take care on steep banks and when entering & leaving deep-sided bunkers. FIRST AID: Assistance is available in the Clubhouse. ALL ACCIDENTS MUST BE REPORTED TO THE HON. SEC. PLAYERS ARE REMINDED OF THE NEED TO SHOUT “FORE!” IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE FULL RANGE OF ANY WAYWARD SHOT ONTO ADJACENT FAIRWAYS •Players should not play until the players in front are out of range. •Players should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, pebbles, twigs or the like when they make a stroke or practice swing. •If a player plays a ball in a direction where there is a danger of hitting someone, they should immediately shout a warning. The traditional word of warning in such situations is “FORE!” •On hearing “Fore!” - Crouch, cover your head with your arms and count to 10. You are advised to carry a mobile phone to summon assistance in an emergency. RING 999 FOR AN AMBULANCE AMBULANCE ACCESS POINTS: Main Car Park, Greens Yard Course Safety Signs Aims Summary of main issues R&A Safety guidelines Sets expectations Displayed Locker rooms Visiting Parties Website 1st tee Other signs NOT TOO MANY! Spraying Bells & blind shots Public rights of way

14 By the 5th April 2014

15 Thank you Christopher Barraclough BSc (Hons) Tech IOSH
ALAN B. PARTNERSHIP LTD. Health & Safety Advisors Christopher Barraclough BSc (Hons) Tech IOSH Mobile: Phone:

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