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The Back Pain Show 2012

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1 The Back Pain Show 2012

2 Over 3.1 million Britons suffer from chronic, daily back pain..Back pain effects 17.5 million people in the UK >The #2 cause of time off work.80% of all adults experience back pain at some point in their lives >Costing employers £500m every year.Over 12 million GP consultancies >And £1.6 billion in treatment costs every year

3 Rising to meet the demand A massive back care industry.Specialist products >Chairs, beds, desks, clothing….Therapies & treatments >Acupuncture, chiropractors, orthopedics, osteopaths….Pain relief >Medications, supports, alternative medicine….Support >Charities, support groups, associations…

4 The gap in the market Where do sufferers meet carers?.No dedicated media >No magazines, events or newsletters.Nowhere for back sufferers to find relief >The information they need to improve their lives.Nowhere for companies with solutions to meet the market >Without wasting marketing spend in general media

5 Introducing.The only national event ‘for people with spines’ >Everyone living with back pain & related issues.A completely committed audience >Every visitor is actively looking for relief.A focused, high-impact marketing opportunity >In the national media spotlight

6 All about backs, only about backs.It’s not about being a victim. It’s about: >Understanding the back and how it works >Learning new ways to protect the spine & back muscles >Discovering the best treatments & exercises >Comparing the latest products & techniques >Sharing back care strategies & tips >Getting better by actively managing one’s own back care

7 A challenging, engaging experience.A day of advice, interaction and hands-on experience >Education – the latest thinking by top experts >Demonstration – of the new generation of back care solutions >Inspiration – new energy for the road to wellness >Innovation – the latest products, therapies, advice >Activation – getting involved in getting better!

8 If you can help, this is the place to prove it. >Meet your best prospects face-to-face – trust starts here >Build relationships – with active ‘leaders’ who tell friends & family >Educate the market – to better understand back care >Raise awareness – on a national media stage >Associate your brand with wellness – addressing the top healthcare issue >Sell products and services – to a highly motivated audience >Generate leads – for future sales efforts Help people feel better and get more from their lives!

9 For every company that can help If you offer: Chairs Beds Desks Support Equipment Treatments Therapies Pain Relief Clothing Shoes Exercise Kit Massage Tools Clinics Diagnosis Advice Health & Fitness Clubs… …and any other product or service that can help people manage and improve their backs.

10 Delivering the audience.A dedicated promotions campaign >Advertising in national, London and lifestyle media >Direct Mail to targeted lists >Public Relations targeting health editors & journalists >Inserts in key media >Online media including web banners, email campaigns and search engine sponsorships >Posters and leaflets in doctor’s surgeries, therapy centres, clinics, hospitals and clubs No back sufferer will miss the message.


12 The Opportunities Stand Package Prices: >Space Only £245+VAT per M sq (Include Space, show guide entry, press office support) > Shell Scheme £295+VAT per M sq (Includes Shell Scheme stand, show guide entry, press office support, carpet) >Sponsorship – We bespoke each high impact sponsorship package around your needs so please contact us directly to discuss your requirements > Show bag inserts Only £395 per 1000

13 The bottom line. Face-to-face interaction with thousands of back sufferers & carers The first marketing medium to deliver your target audience Two days of sales, marketing and education: where demand meets supply. The national media spotlight The opportunity to associate your brands with positive, professional care The only event where people can touch, try, learn, sample, experience, ask, discover and buy everything for their backs.

14 Join us!.High-profile sponsorship programmes >To meet your budget and achieve your goals.Cost-effective stand packages >Space only or shell scheme >Including everything you need to meet the market, face-to- face.Media & association partnerships >To spread the word to the right audiences

15 .Contacts Details:.Jill Gibson.Sales Manager.Tel: 01784 465450 Mobile: 07990816486.Fax:01442 86 90 90.E-Mail: Austen Hawkins.Director.Tel: 01442 289 920 Fax:01442 86 90 90.E-Mail: David McAllister.Event Director Tel: 01442 289 920 Fax:01442 86 90 90.E-Mail:

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