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2 AFRICAN VIRTUAL CLINIC PRESENTATION PRESENTED BY: ADELEYE TIMOTHY Extending the frontiers of health in world through the advancement of technologies

3 OVERVIEW In one way or another it is difficult and maybe even impossible to imagine future healthcare that are not supported by Information and Communication technologies. When looking at the current widespread diffusion and use of ICT in modern societies, especially Mobile– the so-called digital generation – then it should be clear that ICT will affect the complete healthcare process today and in the future.

4 Virtual Hospital represents a significant opportunity to change the way that medical care is delivered to over 1 billion of people and believes that through the implementation of an online virtual hospital which can offer some of the same consultation services as a conventional bricks and mortar hospital, every person in the world will be able to get diagnosed and treated by doctors hundreds of miles away using online and offline services from a computer, or mobile phone. were encouraging people to live life-long


6 With a youthful population, we know the importance of a strong and ICT Innovative health service, one that prepares our people the 21st centurys global healthcare knowledge and equips them with a 21st century assistance set. By inspiring, engaging, and igniting their imaginations, were encouraging our people to be life-long. WEB AND DESKTOP APPLICATION Online live chatting with volunteer Medical experts. Patients have advantage of a live 1-2-1 chat with medical doctors and/or the experts of distance to meets and chat on issue or questions that bother patients any anytime to cultivate excellent communications between patient and doctors to achieve ultimate wellness around the world. This live chatting also helps patient that are too shy to ask questions while in Hospitals. Comprehensive library of articles and patient guides covering common health topics ranging from special procedures to general wellness. This help patient to learn common things about wellness, get details information about anything regarding health and also learn simple ways to stay healthy. Have answers to frequently asked health questions (FAHQs). This help patient to see answers to some of their unanswered common health questions around community. Assess relevant health information e-(electronic)/on-line support groups. This gives patient the opportunity to team up with other patient and even health experts and talk health together in a live online forum IVR mobile audio counseling and SMS applications. This provides opportunity of live phone counseling for patient from their home or anywhere for experts live talk advice and SMS to receive daily health tips SMS alert directly on a mobile phone. Daily wellness SMS tips. This allows platform subscribers to receive some common or not known health tips directly to their mobile phones. Health forums and so much more functions. Web Health forum for people around world to team up and post questions and articles on any heath issue for public view. This allows upgrade to mobile IVR voice forum on health issues with partnership of some telecoms.

7 OUR VIRTUAL CLINIC ADVANTAGES People can seek counseling and medical assistance from anywhere and anytime People can study anywhere – everythings online Everything is there, 24/7 People can start any time People can seek help at any level of their problem People can pace their health however they want People can choose their support group patient free to work with a Doctor on any health challenge BENEFITS TO WORLD Catching them early Increasing in health facilities Raising health standard Reduce financial burden

8 OBJECTIVES OLD HOSPITAL VIRTUAL CLINIC Delivering care learning wellness Groups, classes individualized Time is fixed time is variable Cover issue understand key wellness Who and what Why and How Know things apply knowledge Doctors interests dominate Patient interests dominate Testing for accountability testing for wellness

9 Marketing Strategies Organization- we would invite organizations to come and put up their brand on the platform for sponsorship and to advertise their Health products and services to millions of users. There will be health questions on the opening page that will be required to answer to win different prizes as parts of our marketing strategy, testing the abilities of the people on wellness and encouraging them. Our Approach: Marketing of the developments shall be very aggressive from the onset and shall be the responsibility of sponsors using the following medium: Marketing via SMS Advertisement – placed on Radios, – Television and – Dailies to create awareness. Personal Contact. The fundamental principles in the act of effective persuasion shall be adopted. Marketing via Internet. This includes creating of online promotion through Facebook, Twitter and others Brochure. The description of the platform on the brochure will be clear and simple such that whoever is reading same will have a clear picture of what is being described. Newsletter. The upgrades will also be included in a quarterly Newsletters.

10 SPONSORS Organization We will be responsible for the overall management of the project and will ensure that all the professionals engaged to carry out the developments works towards the project plan. The benefits of this project to Sponsoring organizations cannot be over emphasized 1. The project that will increase the revenue of the Organization selling their brand to millions of people over the world 2. As a pioneers of such a worthy cause, attendant results of been the first will go a long way in making the organizations best with their products, which would help to acquisition and retention drive. 3. It effectively strengthens sponsors brand. 4. This serves as a way of giving back to the community through the development of wellness under the sponsoring CSR.

11 END Thank you and we believe that these will change health care delivery to the world


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