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Employability and graduate Development 01392 724493

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1 Employability and graduate Development 01392 724493

2 Aims of this session Preparation for interviews Typical interview questions Non-verbal communication Coping with different styles of interview

3 What is an interview? Getting an interview means that you are nearly there Interviewers want you to succeed – help them! It is not an interrogation but a chance to expand on your application form/CV How you come across is just as important as what you say Be enthusiastic and interested

4 Types of Interview Information based/life history Structured behaviour based (competency/strength)

5 What may happen…. A panel interview A technical interview A telephone interview A case study A group interview/discussion Several different interviews on the same day An unstructured interview

6 The best thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a period of worry and depression Sir John Harvey-Jones

7 Three important points for a successful interview: Preparation......... Job,Company, Motivation Preparation.. Impact,appearance, body language Preparation....... Questions, strengths competencies Any Weaknesses???? Plus The Magic Ingredient

8 RESEARCH : Job, Company, Motivation Market/Sector/Competition Plus Commercial and Current Affairs

9 First impressions….. What you wear is important! Many people believe decisions are made on: 55 % body language 38 % voice 7 % words

10 Body Language – donts Limp handshake Avoiding eye contact Folding your arms Fidgeting Leaning forward and sitting on the seat edge Looking out of the window Looking unhappy, bored, disinterested

11 Body Language – dos Firm handshake Open body language Smile Eye contact –with everyone Sense of humour-but be careful Relaxed and professional manner

12 Question types Information seeking questions – knowledge of the organisation your motivations arising from your CV or application form why do want this job? Behavioural questions competence strength Scenario or hypothetical questions

13 Examples of competency based questions Give me an example of when you influenced the work of others Describe a challenging project, activity or event which you have planned and taken through to its conclusion Remember the STAR technique

14 Structure your answers – the STAR format SITUATION- I was part of a sales team that was responsible for ….. TARGET/TASK- Customers were confused about the difference between …. ACTION – I questioned whether this would work and suggested that we try ….. RESULT – Positive feedback from customers showed that..

15 Strength Based Interviews Shorter questions designed to discover what you enjoy rather than what you can do. E.g Do you prefer starting or finishing a task? Back this up with an example of why you think this What do you enjoy most about your current role? Tip: Research the role and prepare strong examples of appropriate strengths & state why this is relevant to the role/organisation – employers will be looking for energy and enthusiasm in your answer

16 Surprise questions Who do you most admire and why? Is there a future for the European currency in Greece? Give me five uses for the colour red How would your best friends describe you? Tell us about a book you have just read Why did I ask you this question ? If you were a type of sweet or confectionary bar,what would you be?

17 Lets try a few questions ………

18 Questions Are we heading for a double dip recession? Tell me about a time when you have used your initiative to cope with changes ? What makes a successful day for you? Give me an example of when you have performed effectively in a team? How did you decide to apply to our organisation? Have you had to solve a complex problem and how did you approach this?

19 Your questions Training Promotion? Development /job content The future of organisation Avoid Questions answered in the literature Questions about conditions of service/pay

20 Tips on the day Help the interviewer Enjoy the interview The magic ingredient: Sparkle

21 Remember ….you dont get a second chance to create a first impression!

22 Useful resources EGD vidcast (on web site) – interview tips under the Jobs and Work section DVD – Making an Impact – available at Reed Mews Careers and Employment Guide The Interview Experience/mock interviews with employers (check web for details and dates) Appointment to see a Careers Consultant (Tel: 01392 724493)

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