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Open 4 Training & Development Support the lifelong learning and skills development of your employees.

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1 Open 4 Training & Development Support the lifelong learning and skills development of your employees

2 © Idox plc 2013 2 Welcome to the world of Open 4 Training & Development... >If your organisation has a mission to encourage greater take up of learning opportunities, then Open 4 Training & Development can help. >This innovative learning portal offers a simple yet cost-effective solution to enable you to support the lifelong learning and skills development of your staff. >Whether your employees are taking their first steps into training or want to gain new skills to boost their performance, Open 4 Training & Development is a one-stop- shop for training funding information.

3 © Idox plc 2013 3 Key Benefits Empowers your staff to take control of their own future and that of their families Allows users to search through thousands of funding opportunities Provides the opportunity for your staff to gain new qualifications and enhance their skillset Users have 24/7 access to the dedicated, up-to-date, online funding search tool Provides confidence that all forms of financial support on offer are covered and up to date Users can share their experiences using the interactive rating and commenting tools Provides analytical insight ensuring your training budget can be targeted where there is genuine need Demonstrates clearly to accreditation bodies that your organisation invests in staff development

4 © Idox plc 2013 4 Getting Started: Your Homepage >Open 4 Training & Development can be adapted to match your own branding, logos and colour schemes, enabling it to be seamlessly integrated into your existing websites and services. >The introductory text on the homepage can also be customised to meet your own needs. >You can upload bespoke content for your organisation in the Local Support section.

5 © Idox plc 2013 5 Gathering Users: The Registration Page >The registration page can be customised to capture any information about the portal’s users that you require. >All data can be collated and sent across to you as a comprehensive report, providing an accurate representation of which staff have been looking for funding.

6 © Idox plc 2013 6 Searching for Funding >There are various ways to search for funding opportunities via Open 4 Training & Development. >Staff can search according to subject, qualification or occupation. >The comprehensive search facility is designed to ensure that all users are able to source funding opportunities relevant to them.

7 © Idox plc 2013 7 Conducting a Funding Search >‘Funding Search’ searches are made by entering specific search criteria against a number of key questions.

8 © Idox plc 2013 8 Conducting a Funding Search >Once a user has answered all questions or conducted a Keyword Search (entering specific words or phrases), they simply have to click ‘Search now’.

9 © Idox plc 2013 9 Comprehensive Funding Results >Answering all of the questions on the Funding Search page will generate a results listing featuring funding programmes specifically relevant to that search. >In this instance, the Search Results page lists all the 88 funding opportunities that met the entered search criteria. >For each, users get a brief overview of the funding programme, allowing them to determine with ease whether that particular opportunity could be of interest.

10 © Idox plc 2013 10 Full Scheme Details at Your Fingertips >Full scheme details include: >an extended description; >key eligibility criteria; >details on application; >contact information; and >useful links and documents… …providing users with a sound understanding of each programme, allowing them to make an informed decision on proceeding with an application.

11 © Idox plc 2013 11 Additional Search Features and Resources >Options include: >Save Search – return to a particular search at any given time. >Save Selected Schemes – stay updated on programmes of interest. >Produce Report –create bespoke reports. >View Results By – view search results by ‘best match’, deadline, maximum value, funding body, etc.

12 © Idox plc 2013 12 Additional Search Methods: Browsing >Users can browse for funding in three key areas: occupation, qualification or by employment status. >This allows them to drill down easily between the different fields:

13 © Idox plc 2013 13 Saved Searches and Schemes >Users never have to conduct the same search twice. Saving time and resource, they can save both searches and individual programmes and view them at a later date in ‘My Favourites’. >Tailored email alerts can be set to inform a user when a search or programme has been updated or if a new one is added to the site, meaning they never miss out on a funding opportunity!

14 © Idox plc 2013 14 Producing Tailored Reports >Staff are able to produce bespoke reports by selecting any funding opportunities of interest and clicking ‘Produce report’.

15 © Idox plc 2013 15 Using Tailored Funding Reports >The reports are opened in Word format and contain the full scheme details of all of the funding opportunities selected. >They can be saved, printed, emailed and circulated as required.

16 © Idox plc 2013 16 Providing Local Support: Getting Your Own Initiative Online >Whilst your users are able to search through a repository containing thousands of funding opportunities, the Local Support section of your Open 4 Training & Development portal can be used to advertise your local funding information.

17 © Idox plc 2013 17 Data Capture Intelligence Tools >Statistical evidence captured from the portal allows you to monitor impact and measure success. It takes two forms: Regular statistical reports which advise on who is using the service and their areas of funding interest. User surveys which allow you to see whether successful funding applications have been made and demonstrating return on your Open 4 Training & Development investment.

18 © Idox plc 2013 18 Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! "Sandwell and Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust purchased Open 4 Training & Development as a resource to access funding to support staff with their learning and development needs. The programme allows all staff to search for funding on an individual basis. This allows access to funding streams that are not normally available / accessed by employers. Since the programme was installed other benefits which were not identified in the initial deployment have come to light. We have several staff whose employment status is deemed ‘at risk’. Open 4 Training & Development has provided access to valuable information about redundancy and redeployment in addition to providing access to funding opportunities. The Trust is also using Open 4 Training & Development to support local people who are accessing work experience and work placement programmes within the Trust. These people are accessing the programme and are gaining valuable information about funding opportunities to support their development or career pathway. As a Trust we are very satisfied with the Open 4 Training & Development resource and look forward to finding out what ‘other’ added value uses we can use it for over the duration of the contract.“ James Pollitt, Head of Learning and Development, Sandwell and Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust Our educational funding platform is a proven funding Search tool and is currently in use by a number of public Sector agencies, including: LSC, Skills for Justice, e-skills, Improve and Creative and Cultural Skills.

19 For further information, please contact: 0844 874 0739

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