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Waste Management External Supplier User Guide SciQuest USA, Inc 5433 Westheimer Ste 925 Houston, TX 77056 1-800-233-1121 1.

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1 Waste Management External Supplier User Guide SciQuest USA, Inc 5433 Westheimer Ste 925 Houston, TX

2 Table of Contents Getting Started Registration Checklist Business Information Business Biography Diversity Information Self Certification …………………………………………………………………….. 11 Business Insurance……………………………………………………………….…… 12 E-Business Readiness Profile Submittal Supplier Registration Confirmation Update Extended Company Profile Diversity News Change Password

3 GETTING STARTED To register on WM’s supplier repository, visit WM’s home page at Select the “About Us” link at the top of the page, then “Suppliers”; or select the “Suppliers” link at the bottom of the page home 3

4 4 Select the “register online” link.

5 5 It is mandatory to register before you can become a supplier of Waste Management. If you already registered, you can login with your ID and password. If not, select “Continue” to start your registration process with Waste Management.

6 REGISTRATION CHECKLIST The Registration Checklist will show a list of information that you will need to provide during the registration process. 6

7 BUSINESS INFORMATION Fill in your business information here. The required fields are in bold. If you missed any required fields, a message in red will show up at the very top of the page as a reminder. Create a unique user name and provide a valid address. The user will receive an with log in details after selecting the save and continue button. 7

8 BUSINESS BIOGRAPHY The business biography page is important for many reasons because it determines your small business eligibility. Eligibility is determined by three pieces of information, one being your primary NAICS code. Depending on which NAICS code you select, you may be subject to eligibility through “Number of Employees” or “Annual Sales”. The system will run the information that you have submitted up against a table to determine this. It is extremely important that you provide this information. WM will use these facts to provide reporting to the government. 8

9 Geographic Service Area Selection Select the link ‘Please click here to Select Geographical Service Area’. When the window below pops up please select a geographical service area. 9

10 DIVERSITY INFORMATION Under Diversity Information, you are providing certification information about your business. After you select a condition that is required to provide certification, the page will expand and allow you to upload a soft copy of your certification to the database. 10

11 It is also required that you submit at least one principal owner information. You will have to provide the name, title, address, gender, owner ethnicity and % ownership of this particular owner. 11

12 Self Certification Click on the hyperlink to open and print the Self Certification form, review the information on the form and make any necessary changes to the online form. Download the form again, sign it, and scan and upload to the Self Certification page or fax the document without a coversheet to the given fax number. 12

13 Business Insurance Select the insurance limits, expiration dates, and provider for automobile, commercial general of liability, and employer’s liability insurance. Upload the insurance certificate. 13


15 After you complete this step and submit all the information, you certify that all the information you submitted to Waste Management is accurate and any misrepresentation will disqualify you from participating as a supplier. PROFILE SUBMITTAL After you click “Submit Form” a profile summary page will show you an overview of all the information you have submitted to the system so far. If you need to go back to any section to edit the page, click on the Edit link next to the section title will bring your back to that specific page. 15

16 SUPPLIER REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION After you provide all the required information, you will reach the supplier registration confirmation page. If you are not able to reach this page, it means you haven’t completed your registration process yet. Since the system allows you to login and save your information, you should go back and make sure you have completed and submitted all required fields. 16

17 UPDATE EXTENDED COMPANY PROFILE This section is for you to upload files and images that are related to your company. You can also submit a description to further explain your products and services. 17

18 DIVERSITY NEWS On the Diversity News section, you can view the news Waste Management published for suppliers. Select “read” to see the whole article. These articles are listed under different expiration dates, so the articles will disappear over time. 18

19 CHANGE PASSWORD You are allowed to change your current/temporary password here. Select “Submit” to confirm the changes. 19

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