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How Will it Help Me Do My Job?

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1 How Will it Help Me Do My Job?
What is the Office of Environmental Management Enterprise Requirements System (EMERS)? How Will it Help Me Do My Job?

2 What Will EMERS Do? Translate requirements (Federal regulations, Orders, EM policies, Federal, state, and local laws) into procedures that are current, accurate, and relevant Provide an electronic delivery system for procedures and their supporting requirements Establish accountability and control

3 How Will EMERS Help Us? Identifies procedures and who uses them
Defines procedures from a user perspective Documents what we do, how we do it, and why Integrates support functions with mission elements Automates work tasks where appropriate Creates internal accountability

4 How Will EMERS Help Me Do My Job?
Provides simple and easy steps within procedures to execute work Ensures everything you need to perform a task is found in one place Shows how requirements flow-down to the working level Contains a directory of Subject Matter Experts

5 How Is EMERS Structured?
Work procedures are defined using requirements documents Requirements are owned by Management Systems Subject Areas contain specific work procedures Management Systems are broken down into Subject Areas

6 Management Systems… Define EM’s highest level operating and business processes Collectively describe how EM operates Translate external requirements into the information staff need to do their work Identify interdependencies between functions Reflect functional versus organizational alignment Define roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, and authorities (R2A2s) of HQ and Field, as they pertain to the Management System

7 EM Management Systems Budget and Financial Management
 Communications and Public Affairs  Environment, Safety, and Health  Facilities and Infrastructure  Financial Assistance  Human Resources Services Information Technology Legal Services  Contract and Acquisition Management  Personal Property Management  Project Management  Quality Assurance and Oversight  Real Property Management  Records Management  Requirements Management  Safeguards, Security, and Emergency Management

8 Subject Areas… Describe a work process that applies to a broad group of employees across EM Implement requirements related to that process Contain a collection of step-by-step work procedures to execute work Provide direct links to existing systems used in performing work

9 What are R2A2s? Roles – Functions individuals perform
Responsibilities – Obligations to ensure initiation, implementation, and/or completion of an activity Accountabilities – Defines to whom you are accountable for fulfilling a responsibility Authorities – Decision-making powers and controls

10 Who are EMERS Participants?
Management System Owners/POCs Process Experts Requirement Experts Business Process Improvement team members Users

11 Management System Owners…
Engage users in development of procedures Define Subject Areas and procedures based on requirements Present improved business processes/procedures to EM for approval Authorize deployment of procedures in EMERS Maintain their Management System Monitor and reinforce use of procedures

12 Subject Matter Experts… for Requirements and/or Process
Provide technical expertise Analyze and interpret requirements documents Draft any needed initial procedural flow diagrams based on requirements Participate on process improvement teams Resolve comments Maintain procedures and/or advise on requirements

13 Users… Volunteer for process improvement teams Review procedures
Follow appropriate procedures Recommend changes needed Provide feedback

14 How do Procedures get into EMERS?
Process ImprovementTeams are formed to develop procedures With EM approval, existing procedures that meet the needs of EM are made available online

15 How are Procedures Developed?
Organizations recommend representatives to participate on process improvement teams Process improvement teams analyze requirements to define the Subject Area scope and specific work procedures Process improvement teams develop implementing procedures through facilitated process improvement sessions

16 s will be issued by EMERS Operations when new Subject Areas are available or when procedures are changed From: EMERS Operations Sent: January 3, :08 PM Subject: New Subject Area on EMERS: Critical Decision Management The Critical Decision Management Subject Area is now available on EMERS. This Subject Area provides the steps for completing Critical Decisions for both Major Systems Projects and non-Major Systems Projects. The document can be viewed from this hyperlink: Point out this is a typical that would notify SC staff that new stuff is available This is a demonstration – not approved guidance

17 Potential EMERS Subject Area: Safeguards and Security Oversight Activities
Who can help if you have questions? When was this Subject Area Effective? Draw some lines to point out the SME, the effective date This is a demonstration – not approved guidance

18 Potential EMERS Subject Area: Safeguards and Security Oversight Activities
Access the procedure by clicking on the link: Procedure Content summarizes the Subject Area procedure Draw some lines to show the procedural steps one has to follow This is a demonstration – not approved guidance

19 Access related documents or forms in Section 3.0 of the Subject Area
Potential EMERS Subject Area: Safeguards and Security Oversight Activities Access related documents or forms in Section 3.0 of the Subject Area This is a demonstration – not approved guidance

20 Potential EMERS Subject Area: Safeguards and Security Oversight Activities
Requirement listing in subject area is database-driven: changes in the requirement trigger review of procedures.

21 Potential EMERS Subject Area: Safeguards and Security Oversight Activities
Reference list in subject areas -- with embedded links -- provides centralized source of information

22 How will I be informed of EMERS activities?
Your Point of Contact* EMERS home page* s from Team Lead (Celinda Crawford) Staff meetings Special EMERS internal communications (e.g., content lead communications) *See last slide for link

23 Comments or Questions? Contacts: Celinda Crawford (EMERS IPT Lead)
Tim Harms (EMERS Project Manager) See the prototype web page at for info and Contact List

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