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An introduction to PSNC Representing NHS Community Pharmacies August 2013.

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1 An introduction to PSNC Representing NHS Community Pharmacies August 2013

2 About PSNC Established in 1976 Recognised by the Secretary of State for Health as representative of community pharmacy on NHS related matters 11,400 pharmacies in England with NHS contract fund PSNC through levies paid to their Local Pharmaceutical Committee Close working relationship with Community Pharmacy Wales

3 PSNC’s role To promote and support the interests of all NHS community pharmacies in England This includes: – working with DH and NHS England to negotiate the contractual terms for the provision of NHS community pharmacy services – lobbying and influencing parliamentarians, policy makers and other relevant groups – operating the Prescription Audit Centre which audits the prescription processing activities of the NHS Business Services Authority

4 PSNC’s role To work closely with Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs) to support their role as the local NHS representative organisations – advice on service development, commissioning and contracting – guidance for LPCs – training sessions and events for LPC members – advice on managing local issues and challenges

5 The Committee The Committee is comprised of 32 members: A non-executive Chairman 13 elected regional representatives 12 nominated by the CCA 3 nominated by non-CCA multiples 2 nominated by the NPA 1 nominated by CPW

6 Committee meetings Six meetings a year Held around the country to allow liaison with LPCs Agendas and minutes are published on the website Four sub-committees: – Funding and Contract – LPC and Implementation Support – Resource Development and Finance – Service Development

7 PSNC Team PSNC’s policy and support teams are based in King’s Cross, London – Policy team (9) – Information team (5) – Margins survey team (4) – Other support team members (4)

8 Sue Sharpe Chief Executive Officer Shine Daley PA to the CEO Zoe Smeaton Communications Manager Alastair Buxton Head of NHS Services Barbara Parsons Head of Pharmacy Practice Komal Patel Head of Support Services Daniel Ah-Thion Information Officer Emily Petch Information Officer Melinda Mabbutt Information Officer & Website Manager Katerina Owen Information Officer Tim Shaw Information Officer Steve Lutener Head of Regulation Mike Dent Head of Finance Romali Wickramasinghe* Finance Officer Yulia Hladio Accounts Assistant* Jack Cresswell Business Analyst Jubril Balogun Margins Survey Supervisor Kaylie Howell Margin Survey Officer Michael Digby Margin Survey Officer Gloria Frempong Margin Survey Officer Mike King Head of LPC and Contractor Support Harpreet Chana Head of Pricing Nicole Shersby* PAC Manager David Wellbrook Supervisor PAC team Organogram * - part time

9 Negotiations PSNC is responsible for national negotiations with DH and NHS England (and NHS Employers): – Agreeing the terms and conditions of the NHS community pharmacy contractual framework – Agreeing the overall funding and distribution of funds – Detailed negotiation around reimbursement for individual products (Drug Tariff)

10 NHS Funding Reimbursement – for items dispensed against a prescription (includes cost of containers, cost of medicines, additional costs such as posting or packaging costs) – cost is re-charged to CCG’s budgets Remuneration – financial reward for providing pharmaceutical services – paid as fees and allowances – cost is charged to NHS England (bar funding from retained purchase margin)

11 Communications networks Website Email news to contractors/subscribers and LPC members Community Pharmacy News Events

12 Q&A

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