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4 th Bi-Monthly Regional ALS Conference Host : Division of Malabon City August 2, 2013.

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1 4 th Bi-Monthly Regional ALS Conference Host : Division of Malabon City August 2, 2013

2 National UPDATEs And Concerns FELICINO C. TRONGCO Asst. Chief, ALS Division

3 Field Operations Programs/ Projects ActivitiesStatus 1. DepED Services Delivered by ALS MTs & DALSCs Downloading of Allowances (Teaching Aid & Transportation Allowance) Approved Memo re: downloading of funds (April 10, 2013) Awaiting for the approval of SARO vis- à-vis the revised breakdown/ allocationrevised breakdown/ allocation DBM released 300 new items for MTs (Jan. 11, 2013) Issued DepED Order #19, s. 2013 re: Revised Guidelines on the Provision of Teaching Aid & Transpo Allownaces 2. Services Procured by DEpED for Various ALS Programs Small Private Organization Downloading of learning funds per contract Approved memo re: downloading of funds on April 10, 2013 Approved SARO Literacy Volunteers (AGAP) Downloading of funds for stipend, transportation & teaching aid Approved memo re: downloading of funds on April 10, 2013 Approved SARO Increased the number from 719 to 911AGAPs

4 Support To Operations Programs/ Projects ActivitiesStatus 3. Learning Resources Development, Translation, Digitization, and Production Evaluation of the translated (35) modules Accomplished (10 days workshop - TICC, Tagaytay City on May 14-24, 2013) Finalization of the translated (59) modules Accomplished (10 days workshop - GSP, Tagaytay City on May 27-June 7, 2013) Validation of the BRAILLE materials (17 BLLM) Accomplished (Pasay on July 1, 2013) Finalization of BRAILLE (17 BLLM) Finalization is on-going in coordination with Printing for the Blind

5 Support To Operations Programs/ Projects ActivitiesStatus 4. Learning Resources Development, Translation, Digitization, and Production Revision of Digitized modules (A&E modules) Awaiting for the approval of memo by Usec. Varela Training on ALS On-line Learning/ALS Virtual CLC Implementors (Pilot Implementation) Awaiting for the approval of memo by Usec. Varela

6 Support To Operations Programs/ ProjectsActivitiesStatus 5. Management Information System Development & Program Installation Development of ALS eMIS (4 major activities) Awaiting for the approval of memo by Usec. Varela Distribution of laptops in partnership with ICTU cum Training Approved memo on July 5, 2013 (4 clsuters) Luzon 1 - DAP Luzon 2 - DAP Visayas - ECOTECH Mindanao - Davao Finalization of MIS Forms (from 5 forms to 3 forms) Disseminated to the ALS Field Implementors (on-going utilization)

7 Support To Operations Programs/ Projects ActivitiesStatus 6. Program Monitoring and Evaluation (Kumustahan) Revision of M&E Forms Orientation- Training on the Utilization of the Revised M&E Forms Translated the M&E Forms into English version and submitted to the World Bank Awaiting for the approval of Usec. Varela

8 Support To Operations Programs/ Projects ActivitiesStatus 7. Capability Building Program Enhancement on the New Strategies & Techniques in Teaching ALS (Different Modalities (781 MTs/DALSCs) Awaiting for the Approval of Usec. Varela Special Encounter with ALS for School Heads (1,230 + 320 = 1,550) Awaiting for the Approval of Usec. Varela Fostering Partnership with LGUs for the Sustainability of the ALS Mobile Project (64 pax) Awaiting for the Approval of Usec. Varela Orientation-Training on ALS for SPED Teachers Handling Visually- Impaired & Hearing-Impaired Learners (50 LFs) Awaiting for the Approval of Usec. Varela Basic Course for newly ALS Literacy Volunteers (917) Awaiting for the Approval of Usec. Varela (c/o Continuing Budget)

9 Programs/ Projects ActivitiesStatus 8. Advocacy and Social Mobilization Production/Printing of IEC materials (tarpaulin- banner) Approved & funds downloaded already - P7,650/div Development & Reproduction of IEC Materials (Fact Sheet and additional IEC Materials) Awaiting for the Approval of Usec. Varela Printed & distributed brochures (16), abridged brochures (16), posters (15), banners (17) Printing of Coffee Table Book On-going printing Search for the Most Outstanding ALS Implementors (MTs, DALSCs, ES I) Shortlisted 5 finalists per category On-going on-site validation Community Town Meetings, Immersion Activity of Local Government Units (Luzon Group)

10 Programs/ProjectsActivitiesStatus 9. Research & Development ALS Mobile Library, FBLP, ALS-PWD Initial/Expansion Implementation of ALS Mobile Library, FBLP, ALS-PWD Awaiting for the Approval of Usec. Varela SEED Expansion of SEED Implementation (13 sites) Development, Validation & Finalization of Materials- Environmental Issues (20 mat.) Awaiting for the Approval of Usec. Varela

11 Support To Operations Programs/ProjectsActivitiesStatus 10. Other Projects A D O N S ALS Champions Recognition of ALS Partners thru Certificate of Commendation Released 512 Certificates of Commendation On-going Functional Literacy Test (FLT) Revision of FLT Distributed revised FLT (hard copy) Disseminated thru email (BALS Facebook Account) Translation of FLT Submitted translation to WorldBank as reference (Impact Evaluation) ALS Lingap Kalikasan Coordination of Activities with SHN Issued Advisory re: Continuation of ALS Lingap Implementation

12 Support To Operations Programs/ProjectsActivitiesStatus 11. Other Projects A D O N S National ALS Convention Preparation of Issuance Prepared & facilitated the approval of DepED Memo # 23, s. 2013 On-going Menu of ALS Needs Gathering of data On-going (53 Divisions submitted) Success Stories Gathering of success stories of ALS learners Submitted to the Office of Communication Unit (selection for publication in the EducNews) On-going gathering of success stories for ALS Field Implementers (MTs, DALSCs, Supervisors) for submission to the Office Communication Unit

13 Programs/ProjectsActivitiesStatus 12. Coordinating Activities with Other Partners A D O N S ALS On-Line Learning (Prime Logic Corporation) Training on ALS On- Line Learning/Virtual CLC Implementers (pilot-50) Awaiting for the Approval of Usec. Varela eLibrary ( Thistle, Inc.) Access to eLibrary MOA signed between DepED & Thistle, Inc. re: provision of free use of Electronic Library Cards (Encyclopedia Britannica Online ) to ALS learners KCH Lite Packages ( Knowledge Channel ) Acquisition & Utlization of KCH Lite Packages for ALS Mobile Teachers Facilitated the activities re: distribution of 20 KCH Lite Packages to 20 MTs

14 Support To Operations Programs/ProjectsActivitiesStatus 13. Coordinating Activities with Other Partners A D O N S ALS APP ( Smart Communications, Inc. ) Uploading of ALS Materials in the Tablet Awaiting for the Approval of MOA re: utilization of ALS APP Infoboard for ALS ( Smart Communications, Inc. ) Dissemination of Information/updates On-going Installation of ALS CLC (Cebuana Lhuiller, Inc) Environmental Scanning Identified 8 priority sites from 8 Regional Project Sites

15 Support To Operations Programs/ProjectsActivitiesStatus 14. Coordinating Activities with Other Partners A D O N S Impact Evaluation Study on ALS (World Bank) Conceptualization of the Study Development of instruments/tools Conducted environmental scanning in Region XI Validated instruments/tools in Region IVA Revision of instruments/tools Completion of data requirements (2010-2012) Pilot implementation in NCR, III and IVA

16 DIVISION Elem. Takers Elem. Passers %Sec. Takers Sec. Passer % % Com- bined Above Nat’l / Below Nat’l. CALOOCAN3567521.06209264630.8829.45-14.63 LAS PIÑAS541527.789.0832635.9035.45- 8.63 MAKATI1083027.7895244146.3244.18+0.1 MALABON591627.1281228434.9834.44-9.64 MANDALUYONG671217.9151416532.1036.12-7.92 MANILA40712229.984002186346.5545.05+0.97 MARIKINA29931.03138775454.3653.88+9.8 MUNTINLUPA1722112.21122144036.0433.09-10.99 REGIONAL % NATIONAL % 24.56 31.15 39.86 45.82 38.39 44.08 -5.69 Results of 2012 A & E Test Results of 2012 A & E Test

17 DIVISION Elem. Takers Elem. Passers %Sec. Takers Sec. Passers % Com- bined Above Nat’l / Below Nat’l. NAVOTAS 1121614.2952518835.8132.03-12.05 PARAÑAQUE 1952412.31119235229.5325.29-18.79 PASAY 1243528.23141978655.3956.82+12.74 PASIG 1081816.67147050034.0118.50-25.58 QUEZON CITY 48112024.954656154333.1532.37-11.71 SAN JUAN 31619.3531411937.9036.23-7.85 TAPAT 1221411.4811.6249242.3439.41-4.67 VALENZUELA 601830.0094236738.9638.42-5.66 Regional % National % 24.56 31.15 39.86 45,82 38.39 44.08 -5.69

18 3. Installation of Knowledge Channel Educational Video Materials Concerns & Updates : DIVISIONLaptopsE-Lab / DesktopsTOTAL CALOOCAN14 LAS PIÑAS171 dt18 MAKATI371 lab / 12 dt49 MALABON233 labs / 35 dt38 MANDALUYONG12 MANILA345 labs / 44 dt83 MARIKINA64 lab / 71 dt81 MUNTINLUPA391 lab / 18 dt58 NAVOTAS211 lab / 11 dt33 PARAÑAQUE412 lab / 10 dt53

19 3. Installation of Knowledge Channel for ALS Educational Video Materials Concerns & Updates : DIVISIONLaptopsE-Lab / DesktopsTOTAL PASAY16 PASIG61 lab / 4 dt11 QUEZON CITY491 lab / 11 dt61 SAN JUAN44 TAGUIG/PATEROS204 lab / 53 dt77 VALENZUELA141 lab / 9 dt24 TOTAL30424 labs / 265 dt569

20 NCR Hosting of the Benchmarking Activity of School Administrators and ALS Implementers from CARAGA Region TERESITA D. GUEVARRA Education Supervisor II

21 1.No. of participants : 40 Schools Administrators / ALS Implementers Date : Aug. 16, 17, 18, 2013 Activity: Benchmarking thru site visits, interview – Date Division Aug. 16, 2013 Muntinlupa City [Billeting] Aug. 17, 2013 Taguig City & Pateros Aug. 18, 2013 Pasay City Other Participants : ES Is [13], ES IIs [4] Grouping : Muntinlupa Cluster Taguig / Pateros Pasay City Benchmarking Activity :

22 Meals - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, a.m. & p.m. snack [ 50 x 350 x 3 ] = P 52,500.00 Tokens - [250 x 40] 10,000.00 Contingency= 10,000.00 Total := P 72,500.00 16 = P 4,500 per Division Proposed Budget :


24 DivisionSchool/Registration/Testing Center Division Test Registration Officer Caloocana.Caloocan High School Extension Testing Center b. Caloocan City Jail c. Camarin HS Dela Paz Retirado Las Piñasa.Las Piñas NHS Extension Testing Center b. BJMP Las Piñas Mrs. Rebecca Tayangona Makatia. Pitogo High SchoolRosalinda T. Sta. Teresa Malabona. Malabon National HS b. BJMP Brgy. CatmonMr. Kenneth See Mandaluyonga. Mandaluyong ESMrs. Myla B. Ramirez Manilaa.Jacinto Elem. School b.P. del Pilar Elem.School c. Sta. Ana Elem. School Rainmiel Robles/Merly Japone Leticia Fulay Wilfredo Villagracia Salome Recto/

25 Marikina a. Marikina E.S. b. Sta. Elena H.S. Extension: c. Marikina City Jail ILALAP Ms. Jocelene Parungao Angelo E. Libuton LALAP Muntinlupa a.Pedro Diaz H.S. Extension Testing Centers: b. Max.Compound BUCOIR-NBP(Poblacion Muntinlupa) c. Medium Compund BUCOR NBP (Poblacion) d. BJMP (BJMP Tunasan) Lerma Galang TRO PGI Eduardo M. Cabuhat Mrs.Malou Pastrana J/Supt. Nestor V. Velasquez Sr. Dsc Navotasa.Navotas Elem. School b.Navotas City Jail Mrs. Violeta Crampatana Parañaquea.Parañaque National HS Extension Testing Cntr BJMP–Parañaque City Roselle Tresvalles Pasaya. Pasay City ALS CLCMrs. Ma. Laurence Baes

26 Pasiga.Pasig ES Extension Testing Center b. Pasig City Jail Catherine Penetrante Christine Vanzuela Quezon Citya.San Francisco High School b.Lagro High School c.Don A. Roces Sr. H.S. d. New Era University Milagros Gobungin/Rebecca Kalaw Marivic Ruedas Dennis Mañio Alma Orosco San Juana.Pinaglabanan Elementary School Mengote

27 Taguig/Paterosa.Upper Bicutan Elementary School Extension testing Centers: a.DOH-Camp Bagong Diwa-Taguig City b.Taguig City Jail-Camp Bagong Diwa c.Metro Manila District Jail-Bagong Diwa d. Special Intensive Care Area Faculty (SICA JAIL) e. Pateros Municipal Jail Mrs. Clarissa Senosa Caloocan Citya.Caloocan High School Extension Testing Center a. Caloocan City Jail Dela Paz Retirado


29 29 Total Number of Mobile Teachers Male: 25 Female: 73 Total:98

30 30 Total Number of District ALS Coordinators Male: Full time 3 Part time 13 Female: Full time 22 Part time 39 Total: 77

31 31 Total Number of AGAP Volunteers Male: 15 Female: 33 Total: 48

32 32 Total Number of Instructional Managers DepED: Male 88 Female 322 Partner: Male 41 Female 170 Total:621

33 33 Total Number of Service Providers DepEd : 8 Partner : 54 Total: 62

34 34 Total Number of CLCs DepEd: 430 Partner: 297 Total: 727

35 35 Data on DepEd Delivered BLP:350 A&E Elementary: 2,004 Secondary: 1,1703 Total: 13,707

36 36 Data on DepEd Procured BLP: 412 A&E Elementary: 757 Secondary: 3,351 Total: 4,108

37 37 Data on Non-DepEd BLP: 142 A&E Elementary: 2,055 Secondary: 7,654 Total: 9,709

38 38 Education behind Bars 1,852 Special Programs & projects BPOSA 808 ALIVE 162 e-Skwela 1,896INFED 3,629 AFLEP 51 AGAP 802 ALSPWD 62

39 39 Grand Total 33, 909

40 40 The Changing Ecology of Learning: ICT in Education ROGER R. MORALLOS Regional ALS Coordinator

41 “ Diversity has become the norm among the students in the classrooms of today” (Johnson, 1990) Languages Families Cultural backgrounds Economics Experiential background

42 Student Diversity Aptitude Achievement Interest Motivation Needs Ability

43 Paradigm Shift in Education: Curriculum Traditional Major focus on content Content acquisition Lock step progress Evolving Content & process balance Learning to learn Continuous progress

44 Instruction Traditional Teacher-centered Single textbook Single instructional approach Passive learning Evolving Child-centered Resource-based learning Multiple approaches to instruction Active learning

45 Environment Traditional Competitive System level management Supervision of learners Hierarchical structures Evolving Cooperative School-site management Empowerment of learners Professional/collegial structures

46 Students need to become … Independent Active Self-organizing Responsible Empowered

47 Brain Research Confirms what teachers have always known: No two children are alike. No two children learn in the identical way. An enriched environment for one student is not necessarily enriched for another. In the classroom we should teach children to think for themselves. --Marian Diamond

48 Differentiation is a philosophy that enables teachers to plan strategically in order to reach the needs of diverse learners in the classrooms. is a philosophy that enables teachers to plan strategically in order to reach the needs of diverse learners in the classrooms.

49 ICT in Education “ Whereas once the learner was in a desert of ignorance looking for a wellspring of knowledge somewhere, now the student is overwhelmed in an ocean of information around them. This changes the role of research, the role of teaching, and indeed the very process of learning.” “The role of the teacher must change from a source of information, or even a channel or a path to the wellspring in the desert, to one of being a fellow passenger in the same boat on the ocean of information, helping the student sort out and make sense of the information all around them” Ordonez, 2002 49

50 The UNESCO World Education Report (1998) “New technologies challenge traditional concepts of both teaching and learning, and by reconfiguring how teachers and learners gain access to knowledge, have the potential to transform teaching and learning process” 50

51 21st Century Skills 51

52 Overview: Computers at Schools 52

53 Evolution of Computers at Schools Desktops (1980s) Laptops (early 2000s) Netbooks (2009~) Smart phones (mid 2000s) Tablet PCs (2010~) 53 New devices with greater mobility and better display

54 Approaches to Computers at Schools 54 Computer labs 30-40 computers per lab, several labs per school Computers in all classrooms Classrooms (5-10 computers per classroom) One computer per teacher 1:1 computing One computer per child

55 Governance/Financing of Computers at Schools 55 Government initiatives Malaysia: Smart Schools Singapore: Future Schools Australia: National Secondary School Computer Fund Korea: e-Book Private Sectors Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, etc NGOs Computer Aid International (UK) Open Society Institute (USA) Overseas Development Aid Chinese government to Laos and Mongolia Spanish government to Cambodia USAID to ASEAN

56 Tablet PCs and 1:1 Computing 56

57 Tablet PCs in the Market Renowned brands ( Apple iPad, HP slate, Dell streak, Samsung Galaxy, etc, Cost: USD200-600) Tablet PC from India (Sakshat Tablet, Cost: USD35) Tablet PC from China (iPed, in-Pad, lifesPad, etc, Cost: USD 40-200) Tablet PC from Philippines (eRizal tablet, DOST robust tablets, Cost: USD 70) Tablet PC from Thailand (by Forth Co. Cost: USD100). 57

58 Criteria for Tablet PCs 58 Policy perspectives Value for money Sustainability Technical compatibility User perspectives Ruggedness Sunlight readability Technical Compatibility Battery life

59 Opportunities vs. Challenges 59 Opportunities Inexpensive Light and mobile Learn anywhere and anytime Challenges Maintenance Contents & applications Human resources and capacity Child safety/risks

60 Different Deployment Approaches at a Glance 60 Primary level Thailand (tablet pc) OLPC (yr 6-12) Secondary and Primary levels Portugal (laptops), Hong Kong (iPad) Malaysia (desktops) Secondary level Australia (Yr 9-12) (school choice) Singapore (iPad) Maine, USA (laptops) Post- secondary India (tablet pc)

61 Lessons Learnt Smart policy and strategic planning is needed. Sustainability: Hardware: Maintenance Software: e-Contents & teacher education Indicators to measure success: Shifting from infrastructure to pedagogical success - learning outcomes

62 ICT and Learning Outcomes

63 Comparison of ICT Utilization and Student Achievement

64 Access to ICT and Student Achievement Source: PISA 2003 Data Analysis. 70 80 90 60 50 400 550 450 500 U.S. Turkey Korea Japan Italy Greece Hungary Slovak Re. Mexico Poland Portugal Iceland Finland New Zealand Ireland Sweden Canada Belgium Germany Australia Austria Denmark Switzerland Percentage of Student Using Computer at Home Achievement of Problem Solving R =.76

65 Use of Computer at HOME & Math Performance Source: Are Students Ready for a Technology-Rich World?, What PISA Studies tell us, OECD(2006)

66 Length of time using computer and math performance Source: Are Students Ready for a Technology-Rich World?, What PISA Studies tell us, OECD(2006)

67 ICT in Teacher Training 67

68 Inclusion of ICT in Initial Education of All Teachers Source : Eurydice (2003) Primary Education General lower and Upper Secondary Education

69 In-Service ICT Teacher Training in South Korea ICT Literacy Course Basic ICT Use Course ICT Advanced Course ICT Leadership Course Training Level Information search and use of ICT tools ICT-based problem-based education Creative lesson planning for ICT use Creative lesson planning for ICT use Teaching with ICT for developing thinking skills Teaching with ICT for developing thinking skills Building a 21st century school Building a 21st century school Leading innovation Leading innovation Peer coaching course on ICT use School teachers School CEOs Target Audience Teachers’ career stages (from induction to retirement)

70 Teacher Capacity Building for ICT- Pedagogy Integration 70 Applying productivity tools Emerging Applying Infusing Transforming Specializing in the use/design of ICT Understanding how and when to use ICT Learning how to use ICT in subject teaching Becoming aware of ICT Creating & managing ubiquitous & interactive e-learning environments Facilitating blended learning within or across subject areas Enhancing traditional teaching (a) Stages of ICT usages (b) Pedagogical Usages of ICT Shift of training focus From ICT literacy to ICT-Pedagogy Integration Help teachers develop from emerging stage to transforming stage Singapore: MP3 Provides practice-based professional development to enable teachers to plan and implement ICT enriched student-directed learning activities “ICT mentorship” and “professional learning communities”

71 Teacher Education for ICT in Ed Curriculum development for ICT- integrated curriculum for pre- service teachers (Next Generation Teachers, 2009-2011, Japanese Funds-in-Trust) Facilitating ICT-Pedagogy Integration for in-service teachers (2010-2012, Korean Funds-in-Trust) 71 Curriculum Development Leadership: Deans Forum Teacher Capacity Building

72 ICT in National Curriculum 72

73 73  Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam Integrated into all subject areas and is perceived as one of the key enablers to engage students in their learning Still considered as a tool rather than a pedagogical agent  Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand Used only in discrete subjects and most of the use of ICT is within the ICT unit or course. (e.g. In Thailand, the use of ICT in schools is mainly in the Career and Technology course, recently introduced the tablet to Grade 1)  Timor Leste and Lao PDR Only those schools in pilot projects have some basic ICT application training for both students and teachers Source: SEAMOE(2010) ICT-related Curriculum in Southeast Asia

74 Facilitating ICT-Pedagogy Integration KFIT project (2009-2011) To develop HOTS Project-based Telecollaboration 3Is: interdisciplinary, Inter-schools, inter-cultural 74

75 Assessing 21 st Century Skills 75

76 Inquiry and 21 st Century Skills Explore Question Investigate Explain Connect Communicate Evaluate Information literacy Technology literacy Critical thinking and reasoning Collaboration Self direction 76

77 Components of Formative Assessment Students have clear picture of learning targets Students received feedback Students engaged in self-assessment Provide understanding of specific steps students can take to improve 77

78 21 st Century Assessments Support a balance of assessments Emphasizes useful feedback on student performance Require a balance of formative and summative assessments that measure students mastery of 21 st Century skills 78

79 Taking diverse needs and e-readiness of each country into consideration Evidence-based advice for policy makers ICT to support transforming pedagogical paradigm: Requires harmonization between curriculum, pedagogy and assessment 79 Lessons Learned: Toward ICT-Enhanced Education for AllLesson Learned: Towards ICT-Enhanced Education for All

80 Thank You !

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