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Solar Roadways A Real Solution To Meet Social, Economic, Engineering, And Environmental Issues Of Today.

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1 Solar Roadways A Real Solution To Meet Social, Economic, Engineering, And Environmental Issues Of Today

2 What Is Solar Roadways?

3 What Multi-Faceted Problem Does This Integrated Idea Address? As the world faces energy, infrastructure, and environmental crisis, there is a growing demand for energy-efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly technology; Solar Roadways is an integrated and real solution to the socio-economic, engineering, and environmental issues of today.

4 Sociology Sociology is the study of society and how it shapes people. More specifically, sociology studies human development, structure, behavior and organization. Sociologists also study how limited access to resources can affect a society’s reactions under those circumstances.

5 Society and Technology Sociology shows that when societies are faced with issues of economic and environmental consequence, technology is improved to meet this growing social demand for more efficiency and sustainability. Technology is an invaluable resource that people use every day. Some technology, like cars, can be controversial as to whether it is beneficial or harmful to society.

6 Society and Technology Green technology allows alternatives to completely outlawing the use of automobiles, and instead offers other options (Adam, n.d.) Green technology can also be useful in 3rd world countries, to help alleviate poverty by creating a sustainable environment and cheap access to subsidized electricity (Bindra, 2009) Society depends on technology for communication and transportation. It helps fulfill our economic needs, supplies power, and many say it provides jobs. Green technology is said to create employment and wealth (Adam, n.d.)

7 Economics Economics is a social science concerned chiefly with description and analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services

8 Economics and Technology Economics shows that more efficient is less costly and efficiency beyond need can produce a surplus or a savings. Here are some figures to consider: There are enough roadways and paved surfaces in the lower 48 states to produce almost 14 trillion kilowatt hours of electricity ( If all cars were electric, the US would consume 5.1 trillion Kwh

9 Economics and Technology If all of this electricity, in addition to what is now produced from clean technologies, were sold at fair market rates, the United States could generate $2.2 trillion dollars a year, not counting the revenue generated from internet, water lines, etc. built into the roadway ( This could pay off the national debt in less than 10 years, and eliminate the trade deficit ( and

10 Engineering Engineering is the practical application of mathematics and scientific principles for the development of tools for human use. Specifically, Civil Engineering is the application of engineering to the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of public works such as bridges, roads, and dams.

11 Engineering and Technology Recent report from Geneva International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). The most serious infrastructure issues discussed include urbanization and population growth, climate change, and carbon emissions (Cardno, 2009) Engineering shows that planning focus is shifting from finite material based engineering to sustainable or green engineering to meet infrastructure and social needs.

12 Engineering and Technology Civil Engineering focus has changed from maintaining structures that use up finite resources (concrete, steel, etc.) to proposing that new ideas are needed to create a new infrastructure that is self sustaining and can provide water, electricity, communication, and transportation (Shuster, 2009)

13 Environmental Studies Environmental study is the study of the interactions between humans and the environment around them. This combines the study of how humans interact with the environment and how the physical environment has evolved and continues to evolve in the present.

14 Environmental Studies Industrial activities of the past half century have created serious ecological problems (Shrivastava, 1995) Solar roadways produce “green energy” Pave the way for new forms of eco-friendly innovations This will require transformation of corporations, their products, production systems, and management practices

15 Environmental Studies As a source of new product ideas and material/energy conservation, such as solar heaters and electric cars, green technology can create and expand market demand (Shrivastava, 1995)

16 Solar Roadways This technology answers the following questions that define a problematic today: How to meet public demand (Sociology) How to do more with less (Economy) How to build something sustainable and of value(Engineering) How to have a smaller impact or positive impact on the environment (Environmental Science).

17 Still Not Convinced? Well, Let’s look at our past, present, and hopes for the future with this video. Enjoy!

18 Sociology Bindra, S., & Hokoma, R. (2009). Meeting the energy challenge for sustainable development of developing countries. Proceedings of World Academy of Science: Engineering & Technology, 51716-721. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database. Adam, Barbara, & Kutting, Gabriella (n.d.). Time to reconceptualize `green technology' in the context of globalization and international Relations. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Sciences; Sep95, Vol. 8 Issue 3, p243-259, 17p. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database. Economics Engineering Shuster, L. (2009). Report Urges New Framework for Planning Critical Infrastructure. Civil Engineering (08857024), 79(6), 20-21. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database. Cardno, C. (2009). Global Infrastructure Issues Detailed in fidic Report. Civil Engineering (08857024), 79(12), 32-33. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database. Environmental Studies Shrivastava, P. (1995). Environmental technologies and competitive advantage. Strategic Management Journal. 16, 183-200. References

19 Kadee Bono-Sociology and necessary Devil’s Advocate Mark Krueger-Engineering and creative Junichi Nakishage Joe Norris-AV and Economics Hector Perez- Justin Taylor-Economics, original idea, and co-conspirator for video Ryan Uran-Sociology and 3 rd World Sociology Susan Paige Vinson-AV Creator and presenter, Task coordinator, Research integration, and Co- conspirator for videoo conspirator of video, Engineering and Environmental Studies Collaborators

20 Photography and Music Taken from: content/uploads/2010/11/will_the_grid_survive_recharging_your_electric_car_small.jpg Roadway-is-Put-Togeth.jpg content/uploads/2010/11/will_the_grid_survive_recharging_your_electric_car_small.jpg Roadway-is-Put-Togeth.jpg References

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