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The Structure & Dynamics Of Local Governments In USA.

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1 The Structure & Dynamics Of Local Governments In USA

2 USA have 2 levels of government above the local level - Government of 50 states - Federal National Government via Constitution of United States Typically each state has two separate tiers: - Counties - Municipalities Some states have further division of Counties into Townships This division is based on & reflects the population density

3 There are special purpose local governments as well 10 th amendment to the US Constitution makes local government under state rather than federal government

4 1)County Governments 2)Town or Township Governments 3)Municipal Governments 4)Special-Purpose Local Governments

5  Backed by State Constitution & Statutes  All states are divided into counties for administrative purposes  Areas and cities without Counties operate under a Municipal Government

6  Backed by constitution & statutes of 20 states  Generally based on geographical subdivision of a county  For a defined area  Also formed merely because of historical circumstances

7 Backed by states constitution & statutes Provides general government for a defined area Generally corresponding to a population center of a county May be very small or very large

8 SCHOOL DISTRICTS Provides public elementary, secondary, and/or higher education Have sufficient administrative & fiscal autonomy SPECIAL DISTRICTS Authorized by state to provide only one or a limited number of designated functions “Districts”, “Boards”, “Commissions”, etc. Maybe for an interstate compact also, serving areas of multiple states


10 Counties Cities Towns Villages Separate entities for Schools & Fire Districts Selected by the residents & approved by the state; not by the population or area.

11 Can make ordinances (local laws) 58 Counties Only ONE Municipal Entity called “City” Never had Villages & Townships Thousands of Special Districts local governments

12 REVENUE ℓTaxes ℓDirectly from federal government ℓInsurance Trust ℓLoans ℓCharges from higher education institutions & hospitals EXPENDITURE ℓEducation ℓUtility ℓPolice & Fire Department ℓInterest on debt





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