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CEEP Annual Work Programme 2012 Update and Outlook Meeting of the General Assembly Brussels 15 May 2012.

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1 CEEP Annual Work Programme 2012 Update and Outlook Meeting of the General Assembly Brussels 15 May 2012

2 Structure of Presentation Political context Political vision Priorities in 2012: SGIs Priorities in 2012: Social Dialogue “TO DOs” 2

3 Political context EU still in crisis despite slow recovery announced by Spring forecast 2012-2013 –Increased EU framework for economic governance: European Semester, “Six Pack”, Fiscal compact... + involvement of European Social Partners New equilibrium to be found after elections in France and Greece. –Pact for growth and discussions on the European Social Model are/will be on the agenda It’s time to act! –Opportunity for a new positioning of CEEP as THE engine of the European Social Model through innovative, competitive and modern public services. First step: CEEP message ahead of Summit of Heads of State and Government in Brussels 28-29 th June 3

4 Political vision Acquis + and beyond Position CEEP as leader on discussions on the European Social Model Build a long term vision on SGIs Based on the work started beginning of 2011 on the occasion of the Single Market Act Interpreting the EU legal framework for SGIs providers (after the changes in the Lisbon Treaty) Create a 2 level message (scientific/generally accessible) and disseminate it as THE reference for SGIs in Europe Acquis + approach = the backbone of CEEP strategy in the coming months...and beyond 4

5 Priorities in 2012: SGIs Public procurement and concessions: ensuring an adequate legal framework and legal certainty Clear recognition of the freedom of authorities to organise the provision of SGIs Proper definition of the scope of both initiatives Better definition of in-house/full recognition of public- public cooperation Flexibility and simplicity for an optimal use of the tools (avoiding additional burden) →An argument to promote the CEEP-CSR label against compulsory social criteria in public procurement CEEP positioning as the “pragmatic partner” is paying back 5

6 Priorities in 2012: social dialogue Working Time Directive: failure of negotiations is not an option. Credibility of European Social Dialogue is at stake. Public Services Employers are the key to the solution Occupational Pensions: the freedom of employers to organise occupational pensions without additional financial burden must be preserved Youth Employment: CEEP must do its homework to build up the case of Public Services Employers as promoters of high quality youth employment 6

7 Our “TO DOs” Redefine CEEP’s corporate image Further develop CEEP Communication tools –Externally to EU Institutions and CEEP Partners –Internally to CEEP members Concentrate on transversal issues while profiting from sectoral expertise: –Intensify the link between cross-sectoral and sectoral social dialogue, use sectoral evidence to support lobby on transversal issues, prevent splitting up of public services by creation of a new set of sectoral social dialogue committees without CEEP New and more members: essential for finances, vital for representativity!

8 8 Structure for action DK CYIRLGRLTITLV LE Conference CEEP-CSR awarding 2012201320142015 Dissemination CEEP work on Acquis + : participation in defining the European Social Model We are here! LE Conference 2013: IRL, LT 2014: GR, IT 2015: LV, LUX 2016: NL, SR 2017: MT, UK 2018: EST, BG 2019: AT, RO 2020: FIN LE Conference “Acquis +” event CEEP Congress

9 CEEP: Serving the public More than 500,000 enterprises in Europe contribute to more than 26% of EU27 GDP 9


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