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StaffShare Limited is a Social Enterprise Company WELCOME © Copyright StaffShare Limited December 2010 StaffShare and The Skill Exchange are registered.

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1 StaffShare Limited is a Social Enterprise Company WELCOME © Copyright StaffShare Limited December 2010 StaffShare and The Skill Exchange are registered Trade Marks of StaffShare Limited

2 Welcome to our SkillMembers. This short presentation will help introduce you and your colleagues to our on-line Skill Exchange services. To follow this process live, ‘login’ and go to your Account. T H E S K I L L E X C H A N G E T H E S K I L L E X C H A N G E

3 Login and go to your Account

4 How to create a Profile ? 1. From log in /your ‘Account’ area select ‘Candidate upload form’. This opens and creates a new ‘Profile’. Compete all details as requested. There are help notes on most sections. 3. Selections are purposely wide to allow for general matching in ‘search mode’- try to select ‘best fit’ from the standard drop down choices. Use free text where available Select Candidate Upload Form 2. Add an ID / Ref. for the Candidate NB - no name/ gender or personal details or the name of the Company /Employer must be included.

5 5. ‘Past experience’ can include past employer co. names and specific details where they demonstrate the candidate’s experience and past roles. 4. Complete all relevant boxes- use the drop down ‘search criteria’ to present the candidate within the selected fields. In free text sections, do not use ‘He’ or ‘She’, do not mention the present Employer /Company name or exact Job Title …..and please check your spelling!

6 6. ‘Key Competencies’ are a great way we can help guide potential employers to value skills and abilities. Select descriptions from one or more that may suit the candidate – there are standard descriptions, but you can easily add / edit your own comments if appropriate. 7. ‘Salary Groups’ are a general salary range guide –select a salary scale of candidate in present role. ‘StaffShare Salary offer’ gives a broad, general idea of the likely Annual Secondment fee required for this candidate (we recommend about 50% less than actual contracted salary)

7 8. ‘ShareMember Exclusions’ are a way to avoid your close competitors seeing your candidate’s CV or accessing more details of your Company or organisation. Use actual ‘common’ names of any organisation you wish to exclude and separate with a semi-colon (;) 10. ‘Hit GO’ to save this Profile- see it in Candidate List Note - every new Profile saved is automatically given a StaffShare unique reference-using your initials and a No. (e.g. RS001-0001) 9. The candidate ‘CV’ can be added now (browse to a file on your PC) if you have one prepared (make sure present company name, candidate name, gender or age ARE NOT included). OR specify here who will Edit/ complete the on-line CV -if it is YOU – leave blank (it will be sent back to you anyway.)

8 The Profile is completed! The ‘Profile’ you have created now has a unique reference and is saved within the on-line computer system - forming the first part of the Secondment Candidate’s full ‘CV’ - a much larger, more detailed document- called the full CV. A Candidate’s CV can only be seen/downloaded by a registered ShareMember, after being purchased on-line. The StaffShare CV is an electronic document (eForm) and covers the Candidate’s role and skills in more detail than the Profile and includes the present Employer’s Company name, exact workplace location and contact details - so a potential new Employer can follow up an enquiry / arrange an interview through the present employer’s representative- that’s you! All created CV’s are ‘live’ and can easily be removed, added to or amended at any time – but only by you (The SkillMember) from within your logged in ‘Account’ area of StaffShare. NB All /any changes must be saved. It is vitally important that you keep your CVs accurate and current.

9 Introduction to our CV process StaffShare will save any changes you make to the Profile you have created and, if you selected that action, will send an e-mail to the employee (or another person) allowing them to create the CV details using an on-line managed system- accessible from any personal computer (from home or office, 24/7). Please note: No CV can be added to the SkillGallery database until it has been authorised / uploaded by the SkillMember. You may wish to complete the CV yourself, in which case the following slides cover this function. The StaffShare CV is an on-line electronic form (eForm) and has continuous and close connections to the StaffShare database- any changes made and saved by you are automatically ‘built-in’ to the CV which is added, saved and available to purchasers as a Microsoft Word doc. (in the most popular version) and a PDF file. Although StaffShare does not collect Candidate personal data, all StaffShare records and data is stored within the EU and is highly secure and regularly duplicated across two separate servers for Member security and safety. UK Data Protection legislation is applied to all StaffShare data under EU rules and data management levels are encrypted and set at ‘highly confidential’.

10 How to complete a CV ? Creating and sharing a new CV At the end of each created Profile there are three ways to create /upload a Candidate’s secondment CV: 1.You upload a previously (manually) prepared* CV on file for this Candidate- as a Word or PDF file (or both). 2.You nominate ‘someone else’ as ‘Editor’ to create the CV: a)You can add the contact details of the Candidate- so an email is sent asking them to use a link to go and complete the CV on-line. b)You have specified ‘someone else’ (e.g. Dept. Manager /HR Manager) to create/edit the CV- so an email is sent to that person to complete the CV on-line. c)You wish to complete the CV now or later as Editor. Either leave this blank or add another /alternative e-mail for yourself. You will receive an e-mail and link to carry this function out. 3.If nothing is added to the Editor box then you automatically receive the ‘CV ready to Edit’ email (as in 2c.). * we recommend, if you choose to use your own or existing CVs, you consider transferring data to our CV Template for manual use (in MSWord) - blank copies available in Member Resources. NB. Where use is made of your own /existing formatted Employee CVs or draft /manual CV Forms, StaffShare cannot then provide on-line updating, alteration or amendments. In such cases, all data /CV changes must be manually carried out by you and your HR team. In all cases where StaffShare CV eForms are not used, can we ask you to please remove name, gender, personal details of candidates and to ensure the name and contact details of the Employer’s representative are included on the CV.

11 How to complete a CV ? Completing a StaffShare eForm CV The StaffShare CV is an ‘eForm’ (electronic FormBuilder) and operates entirely on-line. It is partly completed automatically by the initial ‘Profile’ information already saved on file (e.g. from the profile creation). There are many sections that can be added to and expanded considerably to add dimension and detail to the Candidate’s wider profile, applied skills, past experiences and roles and overall skill description /overview. Every CV eForm can be added to, altered and updated – using ‘Save’ functions for each change during this Edit process. ONLY once completed the ‘Editor’ must submit the CV to the SkillMember for authorisation – the StaffShare eForm system automatically sends the CV back to you for your sign off.

12 The StaffShare eForm has Blue boxes for the Candidate /‘Editor’ to add detail where appropriate- there are guide notes at the back of every CV eForm. Grey boxes are for SkillMembers /authorised HR personnel ONLY-covering the Candidate’s Ref.No., Company contact detail, and salary levels. The StaffShare eForm allows Editors to add as much detail and information as they wish to a series of set descriptive sections - Blue boxes. The end sections (Grey boxes) are areas for final authorisation by the SkillMember who represents the Employer Company submitting the Candidate for Secondment. The StaffShare eForm has a series of simple guidance notes at the back – related to each section of the eForm - Editors should read and refer to these notes in the CV creation process. At the end of any part or full completion always close /SAVE new changes /data. Only when completed should the CV be sent back to the SkillMember- this is a simple, automated service.

13 How to complete a CV ? Authorisation & Upload of eForm CV The eForm CV always returns to the SkillMember for final completion and authorisation. The Grey boxes must be completed with current /required salary Ranges and Contact data- the name and contact details of the SkillMember and a Second/ Alternative contact who can manage any enquires over this candidate’s secondment (in the event of the SkillMember being busy, off- site, ill or on vacation). Once the CV has a final check for accuracy, spelling, current details added and been authorised (in Box 20) it can be SAVED, and submitted electronically to the StaffShare Database. A Word and PDF document will be created automatically and added to the ‘Profile’ in Listed Uploaded Candidate- linked to its relevant Profile. An email alert is sent to the SkillMember on completion.

14 Amending a CV ? Once completed and saved in the database any Profile or CV under control of the SkillMember can be accessed and reviewed totally. Refer to the view in ‘List Uploaded Candidates’: 1.The ‘open’ Profile is displayed and this can be changed now- hit GO to save changes. 2.Select to View CV as a Word or a PDF document. 3.Remove the CV in Word or PDF if wanted. 4.Upload a manual CV document if required. 5.View current CV to amend /update eFormBuilder as required- saving changes automatically re-creates new Word and PDF documents. A unique Reference Number is built automatically once a Profile is creates and saved. (using your personal initials and No. –SS001- and the next sequential Profile number 0016). This reference is also applied to the supporting CV. The reference YOU add appears here.

15 Summary of the Profile & CV We hope this presentation has helped explain the processes behind creation of a StaffShare Profile and the Full CV using our unique and proprietary eFormBuilder system. In summary then: The Profile 1.Members can easily create, alter and update all Profiles. 2.Every new Profile triggers a new CV. 3.Every Profile saved automatically gets a unique reference added by StaffShare (and this transfers to the CV) -e.g.RS001-0016 The CV 1.Members select who will create the on-line CV (or they automatically become the person to do so). 2.CVs can be created by a nominated ‘Editor’ in part or in whole at any time from any PC-using the unique /direct link provided to them by the eForm system. 3.Once CVs are completed they automatically trigger an alert to the SkillMember. 4.Only the SkillMember can authorise and publish CVs on-line. 5.Any CV under control of a SkillMember can be amended or deleted at any time and new Word /PDF docs are automatically created. 6.It is the SkillMember’s responsibility to manage their organisation’s CVs and keep them current, accurate and honest, and delete them if the employee is no longer available for Secondment.

16 ...and the Result? Quite simply, ShareMembers (buyers) can search the skills they need, (by industry sector, level and location). The Profile you created helps identify interesting candidates for Secondment. The Profile /search / viewing /sharing is a totally FREE 24 / 7 on-line StaffShare service available to anyone. Only once Registered, can a ShareMember purchase the CV of one or any number of interesting candidates at just £20.00 plus VAT each to make a closer and thorough consideration as a potential new employee. Interested Employers will contact the SkillMember- using the contact details found on each purchased CV.

17 Thanks – now try it out! For more information or help SkillMembers should contact: StaffShare is a Social Enterprise Company © Copyright StaffShare Limited December 2010 StaffShare and The Skill Exchange are registered Trade Marks of StaffShare Limited.

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