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European Commission, DG EAC

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1 European Commission, DG EAC
Stimulating University-Business Cooperation Peter Baur, EAC.C2 16 September 2011 European Commission, DG EAC

2 University – Business Cooperation
Plan Political context (EU 2020 and flagship initiatives) University-Business Forum(s) and U-B Communication In the pipeline European Commission, DG EAC 2

3 Smart Growth Sustainable Growth Inclusive Growth
Europe 2020 Strategy 7 flagship initiatives Smart Growth Sustainable Growth Inclusive Growth Innovation « Innovation Union » Climate, energy and mobility « Resource efficient Europe » Employment and skills « Agenda for new skills and jobs” Education and employment « Youth on the move » Competitiveness « An industrial policy for the globalisation era » Fighting poverty « European platform against poverty » Digital society « A digital agenda for Europe » 3 3

4 Education and Training 2020
Europe 2020 – E&T 2020 Education and Training 2020 Strategic framework for Open Method of Coordination in E&T Four key areas * Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality * Improving the quality and efficiency of education and training * Promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship * Enhancing creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship, at all levels of education and training 4 4

5 University – Business Cooperation
Plan Political context (EU 2020 and flagship initiatives) University-Business Forum(s) and U-B Communication In the pipeline European Commission, DG EAC 5

6 University – Business Cooperation
Modernisation agenda for Universities (Commission Communication 2006) Break down the barriers around universities in Europe Ensure real autonomy and accountability for universities Provide incentives for structured partnerships with the business community Provide the right mix of skills and competencies for the labour market Reduce the funding gap and make funding work more effectively in Education and Research Enhance Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity Activate Knowledge through interaction with society Reward excellence at the highest level Make the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area more visible and attractive in the world. European Commission, DG EAC

7 University – Business Cooperation
Societal Agendas/ expectations of HE Widening participation/access Sector Skills Employability LLL Economic growth Competitiveness Knowledge Transfer Innovation Teaching Research Graduates and post graduates High education targets Learning programmes Intellectual capital Academic research International research base New knowledge World Class Knowledge Base Academic Dr. M. Wedgwood, Manchester Metropolitan University European Commission, DG EAC

8 University – Business Cooperation
Partnership between HE and Business: University-Business Forum provide a platform for a structured dialogue between the stakeholders allow for exchange, discussion, sharing of good practice and mutual learning European Commission, DG EAC

9 University – Business Cooperation
University – Business Forum (28-29 February 2008) Thematic Forum « Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning » June 2008, Brussels Thematic Forum « Curriculum Development and Entrepreneurship » October 2008, Tenerife Thematic Forum « Knowledge Transfer; Intellectual Property Rights » - 7 November 2008, Brussels University – Business Forum (5-6 February 2009) European Commission, DG EAC

10 University – Business Cooperation
Communication of the Commission A new partnership for the modernisation of universities: the EU Forum for University-Business Dialogue (Com(2009) 158 final; 2 April 2009) Governance Curriculum Development Entrepreneurship Mobility Knowledge Transfer Lifelong Learning European Commission, DG EAC

11 University – Business Cooperation
Thematic Forum « U-B Cooperation and NSfNJ » October 2009, Dublin Thematic Forum « U-B Cooperation - Opening-up to non-EU countries», 3-4 December 2009, Brussels (ETF) Thematic Forum « U-B Cooperation and the current crisis », 2-3 February 2010, Brno Thematic Forum: School-Business Cooperation, March 2010, Brussels 3rd University-Business Forum, 4-5 May 2010, Brussels European Commission, DG EAC Slide 11 11

12 University – Business Forum
U-B Forum in Brussels on March 2011 People Knowledge, skills, competences Entrepreneurial attitude Institutional Entrepreneurial University Lifelong Learning University Regions and beyond U-B Cooperation and the Smart Specialisation Agenda U-B Cooperation – global perspective European Commission, DG EAC Slide 12 12

13 University – Business Cooperation
Governance Need for appropriate governance models at national, regional and institutional level Need for appropriate incentives Commitment at the highest level - leadership European Commission, DG EAC

14 University – Business Cooperation
Curriculum Development (Design and delivery) Involvement of Business in curriculum development will ensure closer linkage to the needs of the labour market. It will help to ensure that graduates have the knowledge, skills and competences they need to be successful on the labour market. Student learning is enriched and prepares them for future employment as they gain exposure to live problems and solutions through the curriculum and placements. European Commission, DG EAC

15 University – Business Cooperation
Entrepreneurship Professors, researchers and students have a poorly developed entrepreneurial mindset in Europe that results in few spinouts and new businesses. The challenge for higher education is to provide learning environments that stimulate independence, creativity and an entrepreneurial approach to harnessing knowledge. Universities have to get more entrepreneurial European Commission, DG EAC

16 University – Business Cooperation
Mobility Mobility between the two worlds should get a normal feature. We should see many more HE students undertaking internships in companies, working on real problems of companies and working in cooperation with companies on common projects. We should also see many more researchers and professors "on the move" – and on the other side company staff should get more frequently involved in the delivery of study programmes. European Commission, DG EAC

17 University – Business Cooperation
Plan Political context (EU 2020 and flagship initiatives) University-Business Forum(s) and U-B Communication In the pipeline European Commission, DG EAC 17

18 University – Business Cooperation
Data collection Call for tender: Study to get a better understanding of U-B Cooperation in EU MS + CC + EEA Similar study by ETF on neighbourhood countries Identification/description of examples of good practice/case studies European Commission, DG EAC

19 University – Business Cooperation
Upcoming events Thematic Forum in Enschede (NL) in cooperation with the university of Twente 5th University-Business Forum in 2012 European Commission, DG EAC

20 University – Business Forum the University-Business Forum
« Operationalising » the University-Business Forum Pilot Action proposed by the European Parliament Part of Agenda for News Skills and Jobs and Innovation Union flagship initiative Partnership involving businesses and industry, education and training institutions New curricula, new courses and new ways of delivering education Knowledge Partnerships/Alliances European Commission, DG EAC Slide 20 20

21 University – Business Cooperation
Partnership in EU programmes Partnership between the worlds of education and work – a priority under the next generation of EU programmes European Commission, DG EAC

22 University – Business Cooperation
Internet: Mail: European Commission, DG EAC

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