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Standard Grade PE Gymnastics

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1 Standard Grade PE Gymnastics
Force & Levers Miss Morton

2 What is force?

3 …a push or a pull on an object
The direction of the force effects movement

4 When the starting gun fires, in which direction will the sprinters force be applied?
The sprinter will push back against the blocks and travel forwards. The blocks (which are secured to the track) ‘push back’ with exactly the same force.

5 “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”
Newton’s Third Law! “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” e.g

6 How does this effect gymnastics?
Where is the force?

7 The bigger the force you apply the further you will travel…
How does this relate to the aspects of FITNESS? Strength--is the maximum amount of force a muscle can exert in one single force The amount of force depends on the size of the muscle. The larger the muscle, the stronger it is.

8 Leverage The golf club acts as a lever. The longer the lever, the faster the club head will be able to travel.

9 How do you use your levers in Gymnastics?
Headspring A gymnast keeps her legs straight during a headspring to increase the speed of the movement

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