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SENIOR PARENT NIGHT August 29, 2013. Guidance Counselor Info 737-6800 Mr. Chris Adams, Senior Counselor Mrs. Tonya Harrington.

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1 SENIOR PARENT NIGHT August 29, 2013

2 Guidance Counselor Info Mr. Chris Adams, Senior Counselor Mrs. Tonya Harrington College & Career Readiness

3 Current Information… Mr. Adams’s website: NDEX.html Or: Go to CHHS home page> Academics>Guidance>Chris Adams Information on Scholarships, Open Houses, Special Programs, and other senior events

4 REMIND 101 NOTIFICATIONS Text message service for either Senior Class information or Scholarship/College information College Information to (703) or messages, send to Senior Class Information to (703) messages, send to

5 What Have We Done So Far? What’s next? Will meet the week of September 3rd to cover: Graduation requirements Transcript review Brief college information overview Will meet again in September to cover: College visits, applications & ACT Hand out the Getting In books to all seniors with information on all KY colleges, universities, scholarships and financial aid

6 To-Do List for the Fall Re-take the ACT Begin exploring colleges that you are interested in attending Check websites Schedule College Visits Attend College Fairs Be aware of admission and scholarship deadlines

7 ACT Register online at Next test dates: Oct 26 (deadline Sept 27) Dec 14 (deadline Nov 8) Seniors should take the ACT NO LATER than Dec ECTC hosts ACT Prep Workshops ($39 a class) Registration forms are available in the guidance office. Online study resources at Fee waivers are available for students who receive free or reduced lunch

8 COLLEGE FAIRS Next college fair is at Central Hardin High School on Sept. 23 from 6 -8 p.m. Most all KY colleges and some out of state colleges attend Military branches will attend Financial Aid Workshops 6:30 & 7:30 GREAT for seniors (and juniors)!

9 College Visit Policy CHHS allows two visits per student per school year. The policy, as it reads in the Parent/Student Handbook, is as follows: Visits may not be made during the last two weeks of school, statewide assessment, or final examinations. “A senior student may take two (2) college visits that do not count as absences from school. Requests to use a “College Visit Day” must be made in the Guidance Office at least two weeks prior to the visit. Students are to pick up a form that is to be signed by their guidance counselor as well as an official at the college. Students are responsible for any missed work. Visits may not be made during the last two weeks of school, statewide assessment, or final examinations. The student does not need to inform the Guidance Office or obtain approval for college visits made on a school break or on a weekend.” REMEMBER TO SEE Mr. Adams BEFORE THE VISIT! The policy says 2 weeks, make sure it is at least 1 week, please!

10 FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid Cannot file FAFSA until January 1, 2014 You will need your state and federal income tax info FAFSA must be filed online at Can apply for PIN now DO NOT pay to file your FAFSA form. There are sites out there that try to scam students and parents. The REAL thing is FREE!!!

11 College Cost & Planning Report Free service provided by KHEAA to all high school students Students can access this from their KEES account (more info on next slide) Click on “College Cost & Planning Report” > Register for a student account at > Input student demographic info & parent’s financial info > SUBMIT! Within a few days, a personalized online report will be available with college comparisons, costs, financial aid estimates, etc. They will mail the report if the student calls the number that is provided and requests a copy by mail

12 KEES Account Must register for a ZIP Access to access your KEES account at Receive $money$ for GPA + ACT Money directly transfers from KEES to the KY college The money does not go to the student’s college account until the student is admitted, enrolled and in attendance Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in college to keep all their $$, 2.5 GPA cuts their KEES by 50%; below 2.5 and they lose their KEES $$

13 Scholarships Types Academic—colleges & universities Local—businesses and organizations KEES—administered by Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) National—can be located on websites such as Athletic –given by colleges & universities Students are responsible for applying for these and for requesting transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc. CHECK MR. ADAMS’S WEBISTE REGULARLY!

14 What are colleges looking for? GPA+ACT Rigorous curriculum Rank in class Involvement in activities (clubs, sports, organizations) ESPECIALLY leadership roles Volunteer experiences THE WELL ROUNDED STUDENT!

15 NCAA & NAIA Clearinghouses Students planning to play sports at the college level must register with the agency to which the college belongs NCAA: NAIA: There is a processing fee (Free/Red. lunch are eligible for waiver) For NCAA, students must send scores directly to NCAA when registering for the ACT Students need to notify Mr. Adams or Mr. Bauer that they are registering with NCAA or NAIA.

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