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The Internet Trap PTO General Meeting March 12, 2014.

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1 The Internet Trap PTO General Meeting March 12, 2014

2 The Internet Trap PTO General Meeting March 12, 2014 A discussion of the problems young people encounter with social media and how they are more likely to get themselves into trouble by their own actions than they are to encounter a sexual predator...even though those odds are high enough. Presentation geared toward educating parents about social media software programs and what the kids are using them for so they can become more actively involved in their children's social media experience and help better protect them.

3 AGENDA – JANET McMillan, PRESIDENT 1.Welcome 2.2014-15 PTO Board Elections 3.Voting 4.Treasurer's Report 5.Principal Slides 6.Tom Wagner, CPS-Police Officer


5 Key FundraisersTo DateTarget % to Target Kroger Plus Cards $ 13,127 $ 16,00082% PTO Membership $ 15,392 $ 18,00086% Box Tops $ 1,214.54 $ 2,00049% IH PTO Treasurer Report

6 Actively Supporting the following… Crystal Clear Spring Fling Chess Club Indian Hill Performing Arts Club Senior Week (already!?) IH PTO Treasurer Report

7 Recent Fundraisers EventOur Target Spotlight (PS-ES) Goal Achieved!! $4,800 $4,800 Donated to the Arts and Music Departments of IH PS and ES (71% Increase over Last Year) Power of the Pen (MS) $500 $500 (Inaugural Event) Spring Fling $ 7,500 $13,827 $ 7,500 (Budget) - $13,827 Expected! $14,827 $14,827 Collected $5,000 $5,000 Estimate Pre-sale $6,000 $6,000 Estimate Expenses

8 Events Updates, Thanks & The Internet Trap Antonio Shelton, High School Principal Josh Kauffman, Middle School Principal Melissa Stewart, Elementary School Principal Jim Nichols, Primary School Principal Officer Wagner, PFC

9 Antonio Shelton, HS Principal SPECIAL RECOGNITION & THANKS TO... Parent Volunteers for a terrific JUNIOR DAY Sponsorship! We served lunch for over 175 Eleventh Grade Students during this great proven program. All of the parent volunteers who helped make this year’s PowWow a great success. Suzanne Beck and all PTO volunteers that contributed to Bus Driver Appreciation Week. Jennifer Lightcap, and all volunteers, who contributed to a successful Powder Puff Fundraiser! Monique Sewell and Marianna Renfro for hosting The Odd Couples Dance this past Saturday night. LOOKING AHEAD Principal’s Coffee for HS/MS April 9, 2014 Teacher Appreciation Week April 21-25, 2014 Student/Faculty Blood Drive April 16, 2014 Spring Musical, “Pippin” April 24-26, 2014

10 Josh Kauffman, MS Principal Thanks to… PTO Capital Grants – Learning Commons Furniture “We Are and Always Will Be Braves”

11 Josh Kauffman, MS Principal Upcoming Dates June 3 – 2014/2015 Kickoff (Includes current 5 th Graders!) June 5 – 8 th Grade Graduation @ 10:30am June 5 – 5 th Grade Welcome to IHMS “We Are and Always Will Be Braves”

12 BIG Thank You’s: Val Cathy for Bus Driver Appreciation Week Jaime Goldstein & Heather Morris for the fun and laughter had by all at Spring Fling Cindy Tramontana for successful Spring Fling Bake Sale Amy Lococo for successful Spring Fling Book Sale Upcoming Events/Reminders: March 24-31 Spring Break April 16 ES/PS Principal Coffee @ ES 9:00am Melissa Stewart, ES Principal

13 Jim Nichols, PS Principal A Special Thanks to our Chairs & All of Our Volunteers: Bus Driver Appreciation Week – Val Cathay Spring Fling – Dana Bridge, Jaime Goldstein and Heather Morris Book Fair – Jessica Folke, Michele Guttman and Andrea Heekin Upcoming Dates: PS/ES Principals’ Coffee – Wed, April 16 at 9 a.m. at Elementary School Staff Appreciation Week – April 21-25

14 Caught in the Web... Don’t let it Happen to you!

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