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INDIAN HILL PTO Contact Room Parent Training Friday, August 23, 2013 Dana Bridge, ES Director Allison Kahn, PS Director.

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1 INDIAN HILL PTO Contact Room Parent Training Friday, August 23, 2013 Dana Bridge, ES Director Allison Kahn, PS Director

2 2 Agenda Introductions – PTO Board PTO Membership & Kroger Cards PS & ES PTO “Boards” Classroom Parties Room Parent Structure Contact Room Parent Responsibilities Class Fees Assistant Room Parent Responsibilities

3 3 Introductions – PTO Board President: Janet McMillan Vice President: Toni Nevins Treasurer: Joel Dunahoe Capital Grants: Nancy Aichholz Communications Chair: Kelly Thibodeaux Communications Secretary: Rebekah Travis Membership Chair: Cathy Levalley-Norwell High School Director: Jim Waltman Middle School Director: Megan Joy Elementary School Director: Dana Bridge Primary School Director: Allison Kahn

4 4 Empowering the IHPTO Join IH PTO Your membership dues directly fund IH PTO programs such as author visits, speakers/assemblies, field trips, capital gifts, fine arts, academic recognition, building enhancement, parent coalition, Pioneer Days, Spring Fling, Canteen, Holiday Market, Spotlight… and so much more! Receive a Member Benefit Card for Joining!! Contact Cathy LeValley-Norwell, with any questions!

5 5 Register Your Kroger Card –Spread the word! –Kroger has made it easy for IH PTO to earn money, just by using your Kroger Plus Card! There is nothing to do, but register your Plus card once! No more reloading a gift card! –Encourage your family, grandparents, and friends to enroll and/or re- enroll their Kroger Plus card to support IH PTO –NPO #80244. –Go to –Contact Cathy LeValley-Norwell, with any questions! Empowering the IHPTO

6 6 PS & ES PTO “Boards” PRIMARY SCHOOL  Director: Allison Kahn  Program Chair: Mandy Longbottom  Kindergarten Rep: Diane Sichel  1 st Grade Rep: Stephanie Miller  2 nd Grade Rep: Lisa Schneider ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  Director: Dana Bridge  Program Chair: Mona Helmy  3 rd Grade Rep: Amy Church  4 th Grade Rep: Michele Guttman  5 th Grade Rep: Tami Lanham

7 7 Classroom Parties 4 Parties: 1.Halloween 2.Winter 3.Valentine’s Day 4.End-of-Year Food – one food item and one beverage per party  Must be preapproved by teacher!

8 8 Room Parent Structure 1 Contact Room Parent per class 3 Assistant Room Parents per class

9 9 Contact Room Parents Guiding Principles: –Communication –Fairness –Inclusion –Positivity  YOU are an “ambassador” for the classroom, the grade, the school & the district  For new families, you might be one of the first school “representatives” they interact with

10 10 Contact Room Parents Key Responsibilities: 1.Attend Contact Room Parent Training – done! 2.Contact Teacher Introduce yourself Understand the teacher’s expectations for parent involvement (dates and times, # parents needed, …) –Parties –Field Trips –Classroom volunteers Provide her with “Getting to Know You” sheet Request five minutes at Meet the Teacher Night to introduce yourself and get volunteers 3.Contact Assistant Room Parents Introduce yourself Find out which classroom party they want to host

11 11 Contact Room Parents Key Responsibilities (cont’d): 4.Attend Meet the Teacher Night Introduce yourself and three Assistant Room Parents Explain teacher’s needs and gather volunteers Distribute Volunteer Opportunities Form & PTO Membership Form Collect names, phone numbers and email address for class roster Collect Class Fees (envelope provided in your CRP folder) Discuss PTO Membership & Kroger cards

12 12 Meet the Teacher Nights PRIMARY SCHOOLELEMENTARY SCHOOL Each grade is a different night: Kindergarten: Sept 12 th 1 st Grade: Sept 3 rd 2 nd Grade: Sept 10 th All three grades are the same night: August 28 th Format and timing the same: Principal Nichols and other introductions in Auditorium 6:00 – 6:20 p.m. Time in classroom with teacher 6:20 – 7:30 p.m. Parents can choose between 2 time slots: 5:00 – 5:20 p.m. Special Services 5:30 – 6:10 p.m. 3 rd Grade & Special Services 6:15 – 6:55 p.m. 3 rd, 4 th & 5 th Grades 7:00 – 7:40 p.m. 4 th & 5 th Grades

13 13 Contact Room Parents Key Responsibilities (cont’d): 5.Follow-Up After Meet the Teacher Night Create class roster and email to class and teacher Email teacher and parents volunteer assignments 6.Send Reminders ~ 1 month prior to each of the 4 classroom parties, contact the teacher & Assistant Room Parent in charge of the party to: –Confirm date and time of party –Reiterate list of volunteers –Remind them of reimbursement policy –Make sure they gain preapproval of food item from teacher Several weeks before each field trip, contact the chaperones to confirm they can still attend and provide additional information as needed (e.g. appropriate attire, …) 7.Periodic Correspondence Introduce new children and families to the class Email the class highlighting upcoming school or district events Forward emails from PTO officers or class reps requesting volunteers or promoting upcoming events

14 14 Class Fees Nominal Amount (typically $5) –Note: 4 th grade collects $10 ($5 goes to Pioneer Days) & 5 th grade collects $15 (≥$10 for 5 th Grade Celebration) Use: pay for food/drink, party supplies or activities Prior to each of the four parties, parents who have volunteered to help at the party should be reminded that they can request reimbursement (up to $10 per family) Money left over at the end of the year can be used at discretion of class parents: –Pizza at End-of-Year party –Teacher gift –Classroom gift If ask for additional funds for teacher or classroom gift, keep the amount reasonable (under $20)! Tax exempt Contact Room Parent Finance Sheet

15 15 Contact Room Parent Finance Sheet Contact Room Parent Finance Sheet should be used by each Contact Room Parent to keep track of all monies collected from or reimbursed to classroom families Each of you has a white envelope in which you can keep collected funds At the end of the year, sign and date sheet and give to PTO Treasurer Joel Dunahoe along with all receipts

16 16 Assistant Room Parents Attend Meet the Teacher Night Host one classroom party: –Remind volunteers of assignments –Recruit additional volunteers if needed –Gain preapproval of food item from teacher Assist teacher and Contact Room Parent as needed

17 17 Thank you for volunteering! Contact us with questions: Dana Allison

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