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GECDSB Kindergarten Registration 2014

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1 GECDSB Kindergarten Registration 2014
Nick Arundine – Colchester North Public School Shawn Dufour – Harrow Public School Kris Marentette – Mount Carmel-Blytheswood Public School

2 What are The Details? Dates: February 10 – 21, 2014
Open House Events : Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 starting at 5:30 pm *NEW* A Day in the Life Events : Thursday, February 13th, between 10 am and 2 pm. Parents and caregivers are welcome to tour each school during regular hours of operation to get a sense of everyday life. Child must be age 4 before December 31, 2014 for JK and age 5 before December 31, 2014 for SK What are The Details?

3 Most schools are busily preparing for the February 12th evening.
Although each school places its own special touches on this night, all staff are encouraged to be a part of the evening’s events. The registration and open house takes a lot of pre-planning which begins with encouraging parents and caregivers to attend through advertising. The open House events

4 HOW do schools spread the word?
Each school has its unique way of spreading the word. Here are some ideas from around the system. 1. Additional signage us arranged in high traffic area 2. Our Board’s public relations officer does a great job with promoting Scott Scantlebury. 3. Many schools have an information and welcome message on their phone system. 4. Most schools have this advertised on their outdoor school sign if available. 5. Staff are encouraged to spread the news using word of mouth. 6. Information is included in school newsletters or brochures that are sent home. 7. Often times letters sent home directly to families. 8. Families encouraged to share flyers with other families in their neighbourhood who have small children. 9. Sometimes local childcare centres are asked to display posters advertising the registration information. HOW do schools spread the word?

5 HOW do schools spread the word?
10. School office staff sometimes approach all classrooms and ask students who has siblings at home that would be of age to register for JK. 11. Posters are displayed in Doctor’s offices. 12. The school and Board websites are used to advertise. 13. Some schools use the Synervoice phone call out program to advertise. 14. Some local businesses with outdoor lit signs have been kind enough to add information to their sign (e.g., Joses in Leamington) 16. Public board secondary schools also advertise on their outdoor signage. 17. Many secretaries keep detailed lists of students born in each year and use this list to make personal phone calls to parents and caregivers. HOW do schools spread the word?

6 What do the evening open houses look like?
Although each school adds its own flavour, one common theme is that it takes a team approach, often led by the Early Years team in each school. Many Principals begin by writing personal letters to staff to invite them to be a part of the Open House evening. Some ideas that GECDSB schools use to make the Open House night special are as follows: What do the evening open houses look like?

7 1. In some schools the Health Unit displays information for new families
2. Picture are taken of student being registered. A certificate is made with student’s picture (e.g., Future Victoria Shooting Star). Sometimes photographers such Edge or Lifetouch work with schools to make this happen. 3 . Interactive Smart Board/iPad activity for the children and parents. 4 . Student ambassadors wearing school spirit wear greet new families at the door. 5. Cardboard footprints are often placed in the hallway to guide parents to each passport location. 7. Mad Science sometimes has an interactive display. 8. Students have a passport card that guides them to certain areas of each school. Students receive a prize at the main office once their passports have been filled at each station- (e.g., Story book, t-shirts, puzzles, bug boxes, etc.)

8 9. Community connections – sometimes the local local librarian is invited to share a read aloud.
10. Daycare providers are invited to be in attendance as well. 11. Themes are sometimes used (e.g., Olympic Theme) 12. Parent Family Literacy Centres (PFLCs are often part of the event) 13. Sometimes the registrations evening is linked to a literacy or numeracy night or book fair event. 14. First 10 kids who come to the open house get a $5.00 gift certificate to use at the book fair that night. 15. Student ambassadors may be used for tours during the 2 weeks and the open house. 16. SWIS workers are often used for interpretation services and information sharing.

9 THE TEAM INCLUDES SCHOOL COUNCILS. HOW are school councils involved?
1. SAC is invited to have an information display that is often a part of the student’s passport card journey. 2. Many Councils provide snacks for families on that evening. 2. At MD Bennie, parents help in greeting families and give future JK child a name tag and Bulldog pendant to wear around their neck. 3. Other parents serve a juice box and a cookie to children. 4. If there are enough parents, some schools have them go along with families on their tour as hosts/tour guides when student ambassadors are all busy. They love to brag about their child’s school. 5. Some Council’s give out a gift to the student once they have completed filling out registration package. THE TEAM INCLUDES SCHOOL COUNCILS. HOW are school councils involved?

10 In the end, the Open House event is about showing new families how great the GECDSB is and welcoming our newest families and newest students to a to a great school. Grade 7 teacher Dale Scratch welcoming a new registration. What are the Rewards?

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