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+ RtII – Interventions Module Champions. + Norms Cell phones off or on “Vibrate” Respect other’s opinions One speaker at a time.

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1 + RtII – Interventions Module Champions

2 + Norms Cell phones off or on “Vibrate” Respect other’s opinions One speaker at a time

3 + Agenda RtII Brief Overview Changes to RtII Process Data Analysis Creating plans Plan Maintenance

4 + Objectives Participants will be able to successfully navigate the Interventions Module Participants will be able to create and maintain plans Participants will understand the purpose of the Interventions Module

5 + RtII Process Overview Proactive Student Support Process for General Education Students Identify Address Monitor Revisit

6 + RtII Levels Level 1 – Classroom Instruction (All Students) Level 2 – Additional Intervention (~15% of Students) Level 3 – Intensive Intervention (~5% of Students) Levels 2 and 3 are in conjunction with Level 1 instruction.

7 + Addressing the needs of the Regular and IEP student Student without IEPStudent with IEP RtII ProcessX IEP ProcessX Interventions Module* Online Documentation System (Schoolnet) XX Unaddressed Students List (Eligibility List) X Early Warning IndicatorsXX Student Assistance Program (recorded on Interventions Module) XX * Special Education data must also be recorded in the official IEP documentation systems, EasyIEP and Eztrac

8 + Math Data to be Collected BHS - Will include: Attendance (Days Absent) Behavioral/Mental Health / SAP (BHS) Student Discipline (Suspension) Interventions Address Root Causes BHS Days Absent Suspension Math Reading RtII Changes

9 + Data Analysis Various data points Unaddressed Student Report (Eligibility report) Early Warning Indicators (EWI) report Screeners Grades Locate Anecdotal/Observational notes SCN Attendance Suspension / Pink Slip data

10 + Group / Individual Plans Group plans are for Academic plans Created through the Classroom module Individual plans are for BHS plans Created through the Interventions module

11 + Why Schoolnet Interventions Module? Monitor the progress of intervention success To maintain records for providing students with additional support Mobility / Accessibility Accountability

12 + Schoolnet Online Documentation System Training Site Site has scrambled data Plans created will NOT appear on the Regular Schoolnet site Please enter the following site:

13 + New Champion Dashboard

14 + Early Warning Indicator (EWI) Report Displays all students Aids in monitoring IEP and ELL students Review academic data for signs of distress / acceleration Review behavioral data for signs of distress Identify students for early intervention

15 + Early Warning Indicator (EWI) Report Points to consider: Student’s starting point Student’s progress External factors Data bias EWI as Administrator School Distict Data> Report Bank> Student Academic Performance >EWI EWI as Teacher Classrooms> Choose section> Student Analysis> EWI

16 + Unaddressed Students List Designed to be a safety net to ensure no student that needs an intervention is missed.

17 + Unaddressed Student Report Attendance – 3 unexcused absences Student Discipline – 3 Suspensions Reading Grades K-3 “F” and off target reading level Grades 4-12 “F” in subject Math “F” in the subject Plans created from this screen are All considered Individual plans

18 + Plan Roles RoleStart PlansManage PlanEdit PlanAdd InformationView Plan Plan Creatorx Case Managerxxxx Any Team Memberxx Intervention Provider xx Progress Monitorxx Rostered Teacherx Various roles have certain access to the plans

19 + Plan Stages StageDefinition Team SetupNo plan or team created View planPlan created and activated Plan locked by Case ManagerTeam created and Plan started but not activated. User is NOT the Case manager Plan SetupTeam created and Plan started but not activated. User is the Case manager

20 + Creating Academic Plans Creating Level 2/3 Group Plans 1.Start from “My Account” 2.Click on “Classrooms” 3.Select Course with students 4.Click “Student Analysis” tab 5.Click on “Early Warning Indicator” 6.Select students for the plan using the check boxes 7.Scroll to the bottom and click “Assign Interventions”

21 + Creating Academic Plans 8. Name Plan (StaffLastname_Intervetnion_Subject/Period_Schoolyear) 9. Setup team 10. Select Area of concern 11.Select Intervention program

22 + Creating Academic Plans 12. Add Additional Interventions if Necessary Click Continue 13. Review Intervention components 14. Record Attendance of Plan Meeting 15. ACTIVATE PLAN

23 + Renaming Plans A task only the case manager can complete 1. Start with Classrooms 2. Select a Course 3. Select “Student List” 4. Click on “Student Groups”

24 + Renaming Plans 5. Click on plan name to rename 6. Click on the “edit” link 7. Change Name 8. Click Save

25 + Editing Plan Criteria If plan criteria changes, discontinue current intervention Re-assign same intervention with new criteria This will prevent multiple tasks

26 + Notes Notes – Using the notes tab, ensures that notes will be part of the plan printout Note may have attachments All plan member may add notes

27 + Creating Individual Plans Creating plans from Unaddressed List Creating plans from BHS referral dialogue box Search last name of student Only Select student from list by clicking “Team Setup”

28 + Creating Individual Plans 1.Create your team 2.Select student strengths 3.BHS Eligibility Always = Yes Note: Do Not Change Case Manger Name

29 + Creating Individual Plans Due in – When do you anticipate the first day of services? Select Progress Monitor Select Interventions Choose Tier Select Provider Click “Assign” Select Interventions Choose Tier Select Provider Click “Assign”

30 + Creating Individual Plans Click Activate Plan

31 + Task Monitoring Duration – What was the first day from plan setup student received services.

32 + Contact Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Donna Runner Janicka Newbill Marlene Owens Jacqueline Bush-Cambell Office of Educational Technology Fran Newberg Jan Tong Robert Karl Office of Attendance and Truancy Ericka Washington Maurice West Office Student Services & Transition Ericka Washington Bridget Brown-Taylor Tamika Purvines Gretchen Hendricks Fatimah Rasul-Price James Adams Office of Multilingual Curriculum and Programs Allison Still Leslie Kirshner-Morris Office of Specialized Services Kim Caputo Joyce Dukes Renay Boyce Dr. Gary Feldman Office of Parent & Family Services Evelyn Sample-Oates Julia Manokihna Office of Early Childhood Education Renee Queen Jackson Doria Mitchell Office of Information Systems Melanie Harris Patricia Dilella

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