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DATA ANALYTICS. NORMS Cell Phones on Vibrate Respect all opinions.

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2 NORMS Cell Phones on Vibrate Respect all opinions

3 AGENDA Identifying data for review Prepping data for Excel Printing prep Sorting / Filtering data Conditional Formatting Pivot Tables

4 OBJECTIVES To take external data and be able to highlight data for action

5 IDENTIFYING DATA SOURCES Teacher anecdotal records School anecdotal records State reports Data provided by vendor products


7 EXPORTING EWI Click the “Export to Excel” link Wait, then Click on “Go to Excel” Locate downloaded file  Downloads folder  Desktop

8 DATA PREP Data in the cells need to be numbers and not formatted as text or formulas One method of changing data properties is described below. Open the downloaded file Using “Save as” option from “File” menu Choose from “Format” drop down menu, Comma Separated Value (.csv) Save file Close Excel window File > open recent > select recent csv file

9 PRINTING DATA Printing considerations What should be printed  Certain Columns / Rows  Sheets How it should be displayed  Alignment  Headers  Multiple sheets

10 PRINTING DATA-HIDING COLUMNS Highlight Rows from Header Right (Control) Click selection > Select option Blue header indicates hidden rows

11 PRINT DATA - HEADERS Priniting Headers Helps when data spans pages Data is organized with headers on every page File > Page Setup > Sheet Click on the Icon Select row / column to repeat on the printed page

12 CONDITIONAL FORMATTING Using Criteria to highlight data Highlight column/row Select conditional formatting icon Select formatting type Editing rule Select Conditional formatting icon > select edit rule > select rule to edit

13 PIVOT TABLES Data summarization tool Automatically sorts, counts, totals or give the averages of the data stored

14 PIVOT TABLES Select data Click on the Data Tab Click on the Pivot table icon Using the pivot table browser, select criteria for display

15 ACTION QUESTIONS With the data available, What is the data telling you? What are your next steps? What is actionable?

16 CONTACT Jan Tong, Program Specialist Educational Technology

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