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JUMPSTART – In your notebook!

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1 JUMPSTART – In your notebook!
How would you rate the food in the cafeteria overall? (Horrible, Average, Delicious!, I don’t eat there) Do you tend to eat food from the cafeteria or snack bar? (Cafeteria, Snacks, Both, neither) Is the food being served healthy? (not at all, sometimes, always, what does healthy mean?) Do you think the food being served needs to be improved? (Yes!, Some of it, No, No opinion) Do you have ideas about what you’d like served? (Change everything, Keep some things, No Change, No opinion)

2 Lunch Menu Design Today’s activity is a participation grade.
You will work in groups to create a new lunch menu for our school. Each round will be timed, so keep an eye on the clock.

3 Executive Branch Key Player: The President
Jobs of the Branch: There are many! Sets important issues for Congress to work on Signs a bill into law or vetoes it Makes sure that the gov’t carries out law Cares about: All Americans!

4 Legislative Branch Key Players: Congress (H.O.R. and Senate) Job of the Branch: Write and pass bills Cares about: Their constituents or the people that elected them into office

5 Judicial Branch Key Players: the Supreme Court Job of the Branch: Makes sure people are playing by the rules! Cares about: The Constitution or the rulebook of the government

6 Real Life! 1st President sets the agenda for important laws 2nd
Congress writes the bills that may become law. 3rd President signs or vetoes the bills into law.

7 Real Life! 4th Congress makes changes to bills or overrides the President’s veto. 5th Supreme Court ensures that laws passed follow the Constitution. Exit What principles work within these branches? Which branch has the most difficult job?

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