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2012 Call for Proposals Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Info Days in European Capitals DG ENTERPRISE AND INDUSTRY Unit E.1 Entrepreneurship.

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1 2012 Call for Proposals Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Info Days in European Capitals DG ENTERPRISE AND INDUSTRY Unit E.1 Entrepreneurship

2 Part 1 Objectives, applicants, geographical coverage, activities 2

3 Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs... to facilitate exchange of experiences, learning and networking for new EU entrepreneurs through periods spent at SMEs of experienced entrepreneurs in another country. Fostering of Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation Competitiveness of Start-up Entrepreneurs and newly established SMEs in the EU

4 Benefits of New and Host Entrepreneurs Get experience & advice from seasoned entrepreneur Develop international contacts Get knowledge about foreign markets Providers, clients, co- venturing opportunities Access new skills and innovative knowledge Work with a young fresh mind contributing new ideas Gain knowledge and intelligence about the foreign markets Opportunity to establish a new business partnership with an entrepreneur from another country Benefits for New Entrepreneurs Benefits for Host Entrepreneurs

5 Main Actors Involved European Commission (EC) Support Office (SO) Intermediary Organisations (IOs) Host Entrepreneurs (HEs) New Entrepreneurs (NEs) 5

6 EYE in Practice

7 The 4 Steps of an Exchange Online Application Matching Contracting and preparation Stay abroad

8 STEP 1: Online application 1.Application from NE ( business plan, CV, motivation ) ; 2.Application checked by IO; 3.HE states interest to participate ( CV and motivation) ; 4.File is checked by IO. How to apply? :

9 STEP 2: Matching Matching of NE and HE with the help of the 2 IOs STEP 3: Contracting and preparation 1.HE, NE and IOs establish agreements; 2.NE does pre-departure induction; 3.NE receives a grant.

10 STEP 4: Stay abroad 1.Duration: 1-6 months; 2.On-the-job training, work on concrete projects 3.On-site support provided to the NE by the Host IO; 4.Reporting about the exchange.

11 Expected Output Participation of around 550 New Entrepreneurs in the Programme Creation of new businesses and spin-offs Increase in international activities of entrepreneurs and companies Creation of new jobs Reduction in early failure rate More innovation in exisiting companies 11






17 Feedback from New Entrepreneurs

18 Would you consider hosting another NE in the framework of this programme in the future? Feedback from Host Entrepreneurs


20 Any public entity or private body active in the field of business support can participate, in particular: Public authorities active in economic affairs, enterprise or business support Chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of handicrafts or similar bodies Business support organisations, start-up centres and incubators Business associations and business support networks University-business links Who can participate in the call?

21 Key Questions……and Answers Which countries can participate?EU Member States and countries participating in CIP How to apply?Business support organisations can apply individually or in a consortium (at least 2 entities from the same or different countries) Which activities will be supported? Intermediary Organisations have the task to enhance and facilitate the mobility of new entrepreneurs How long will the project last?The projects will span a time frame of 24 months (1 st February 2013 until 31 st January 2015)

22 50–80 entrepreneurs involved in a successful relationship, either as New or Host Entrepreneur Services linked to these relationships (promotion, information, training, advice, contracts, management of financial assistance, logistical support etc.) Quality control, evaluation, reporting and active networking 22 Main deliverables of a Project Proposal

23 Six-monthly management reports including report on promotion activities Interim Technical Implementation Report and Finanical Statement Final Technical Implementation Report and Financial Statement 23 Main Contractual Deliverables

24 Do’s and Don’t’s!!! Understand well your objectives: 50 NEs/HEs=50RLTs (except if they are intra-consortium). Do not underestimate the challenge of reaching this objective – especially for new IOs or Single IO consortia (better pair up with an experienced IO). Bear in mind that matchmaking is very time consuming! Know and trust your partners! Assess their motivation and capacity!

25 Do’s and Don’t’s!!! Access to Host and New Entrepreneurs is KEY!!! Approach promotion and recruitment for HEs and NEs differently. Experience with international projects, access to international networks and contacts are a must! Whilst specialisation (sector, country etc.) inside a consortium is allowed, you cannot refuse an NE because he/she does not match your specialisation.

26 Part 2 Budget, payments, timing 26

27 Total Commission budget: €3 100 000 Maximum funding: Consortium: €180 000 Single Applicant: €150 000 Commission will be able to fund around 20 project proposals 27 Budget foreseen for the 2012 Call

28 Maximum EC contribution is 90% of the total eligible costs EC reimburses 100% of financial assistance paid to NEs – with a maximum overall threshold of €100 000 and max. €6 600 per NE Management costs are reimbursed up to a maximum of 75% Reimbursement according to efforts declared (see work packages in proposal template) and objectives achieved 28 Financial Framework for IOs

29 Country where the NE staysLump Sum per month in € Denmark, Liechtenstein, Norway1100 United Kingdom, Ireland1000 Finland, Israel, Sweden950 Austria, France, Iceland, Italy900 Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain830 Cyprus, Greece, Portugal780 Turkey750 Croatia, Malta, Slovenia720 Estonia, Hungary670 Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia610 Bulgaria, FYROM, Lithuania, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia560 Albania530

30 The 4 Work Packages Work Package 1: Management, Networking and Reporting Work Package 2: Promotion of the Programme and Recruitment of Entrepreneurs Work Package 3: Relationship Building Work Package 4: Relationship Management

31 31 You plan 70 entrepreneurs (35 NEs and 35 HEs). NEs travel for an average of 3 months (paid €800/month) Total financial assistance to NE: €84.000Effort for WP 1 & 2: 105 person-days Effort calculated (average) for WP 3: 140 person-days Effort calculated (average) for WP 4: 158 person-days Daily personnel rate: €200 *403 days= €80.600Total direct costs: €84.000+€80.600 = €164.600 The example does not include other eligible costs such as travel, consumables… which are also considered as project management costs Example on how to Calculate the Budget

32 32 Total eligible costs: €164.600 direct costs + 7% for overheads = €176.122 Financial assistance to NEs: €84.000 Project management costs: €92.122 Max. reimbursement: 100% of Financial assistance to NEs: €84.000 75% of management costs: €69.092 TOTAL max reimbursement: €84.000 + €69.092 = €153.092 Max. EU funding: up to 90% of estimated total eligible costs: €158.510 Lowest ceiling applies! Calculation of EC Contribution

33 33 Co-financing from Applicants (not to be confused with co-financing from third parties)

34 Payments to EPs and Reports PaymentsConditions Pre-financing30% of grant Interim Payment  In line with costs incurred but not more than 50% of the maximum amount of the grant;  On the basis of the approved interim report and financial statement (45 days following 1 st February 2014 = half way through the contract) Final Payment (of balance)On the basis of the approved final report and the final financial statement (March 2015 = within 2 months following the closing date of the contract)

35 Do’s and Don’t’s!!! Do not forget to include the lump sums for NEs in your budget (under “Miscelleanous”)! Your budget should be detailed and should correspond to the deliverables/descriptions in the project proposal. The budget should be cost-effective. Items referred to in the budget (e.g. consumables) should be necessary for execution of the Programme. Sufficient management costs for the Lead IO – for the overall coordination of the European Partnership – should not be neglected. Do not subcontract “core activities”. Limit subcontracting to 20% of the eligible costs.

36 Part 3 Eligibility, selection, award criteria 36

37 Electronic Submission To faciliate the application process and the management of proposals, this year’s Call for Proposals will be SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY. Further information on the electronic submission can be found in the GUIDE FOR SUBMISSIONS.

38 Admissibility (date, time) Eligibility (legal status, geography, non-profit etc.) Exclusion (declaration on honour, bankruptcy etc.) Selection (financial and operational capacity) Award (quality criteria, ranking) 38 The Successive Stages of the Selection Process

39 Award Criteria CriteriaMaximum Score Relevance30 Quality25 Impact25 Budget and cost-effectiveness20  Minimum score: overall score of 70% + 50% of each criterion.  Please note that the Evaluation Committee will be assisted by external evaluators.  For details please check the award procedure in the Call text and the Evaluation Criteria in Annex 3.

40 Meetings and Indicative Deadlines Deadline for sub- mission of proposals: 31 st May 2012 Award decision, information to applicants and financial commitment: October/ November 2012 Signing of grant agreements: November/ December 2012 Duration of projects: February 2013 – January 2015 Submission of final reports: March 2015

41 Do’s and Don’t’s!!! Check the completeness of your proposal (all financial and budgetary forms, signatures etc. from all partners)! Each partner can only participate in 1!!! project proposal. Use the Implementation Manual but DO NOT ‘copy paste’. Do not reinvent tools which are already available. Get acquainted with the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme – Website, Implementation Manual, User Manuals etc. Clearly describe the division of tasks and responsibilities between partners in the project proposal.

42 Further Information The full text of the Call for Proposals: =5774&lang=en The Guide for Submission and the Submission Set – available soon at: proposals/about-our-grants/index_en.htm Dedicated Programme website: Contact: European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, Unit E.1 Entrepreneurship, B-1049 Brussels Email:

43 How to find a Project Partner? Enterprise Europe Network: http://www.enterprise-europe- http://www.enterprise-europe- Network of exisiting Intermediary Organisations: List of Participants of Info Day


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