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Launch of the ESPON 2013 Programme Procedures for Call for Proposals under Priorities 1-3.

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1 Launch of the ESPON 2013 Programme Procedures for Call for Proposals under Priorities 1-3

2 Application Procedure

3 Applicants Eligible for Funding Geographical references The applicants can either come from Member States or Partner States Member States: states of the EU 27 Partner States: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland

4 Legal status Applicants eligible for funding must be Either public bodies Or public equivalent bodies, as defined by Directive 2004/18 (EC), Article 1 Bodies with different a legal status are not eligible for funding under these first calls and might participate as suppliers of services or goods for the partnership In case of doubts> contact national authorities The ESPON programme is investigating on possible ways to allow the participation of the private bodies in the future calls as applicants eligible for funding Applicants Eligible for Funding

5 How to Apply Using a standard Application form Part A Administrative, Financial and Management information (protected Excel file) VERSION 21.2.2008!! PART B Anonymous Part (Word file) Application must Be completed in English Be completed by using the provided files only Be submitted any time during the time when the call is open Be submitted electronically via mail AND via post (signed and stamped copy)

6 Application Form PART A Partnership information and financial overview Financial information on specific equipment and external expertise per work package Budget breakdown per work package (Coordination, Activities, Dissemination) Expenditure forecast Project timeplan Management structure Partnership experience PART B Outline of the concept for addressing the research need and description of the objectives of the proposed work Detailed breakdown of the work package Activities Description of the scientific approach proposed Description of the dissemination activities foreseen

7 Selection Procedure Eligibility check according to 6 criteria Evaluation (Part B first) Three blocks of criteria: content related, management related, partnership related Each block has a total number of points No weighting will be applied Each criterion will be scored individually (scores 0-5) Each criterion shall be scored at least 3-Fair (knock-out criteria) In case of equal scoring, the MC will consider additional criteria: reasonable geographical distribution reasonable involvement of partners having entered the EU after 1 January 2004 Notification The decision of the MC will be notified to all Lead Applicants

8 Programme Financing The eligible expenditure of the eligible applicants will be financed 100% Preparation costs Implementation costs Applicants of Partner States benefit from the funding of Partner States and are subject to its availability

9 Legal Framework EC Regulations Council Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006 Regulation (EC) No 1080/2006 Commission Regulation (EC) No 1828/2006 Community rules Community rules for competition, protection of the environment, equal opportunities between men and women, public procurement National rules National rules applicable to the Lead/Project Partners Programme rules Operational Programme Document and Programme Manual Project Specifications Agreement between the Member/Partner States-MA

10 Eligibility of Costs Costs are eligible for funding if they comply with all the following requirements: Are incurred (paid out) Are incurred by the partners Are directly linked to the project implementation Are incurred and accounted in compliance with the Legal framework Are incurred within the eligibility period Are correctly reported within the approved budget lines

11 Budgeting and reporting under budget lines BL 1 Staff Costs for personnel employed only BL 2 Administration Direct and indirect general costs Threshold: total of BL2 cannot exceed 25% of the total of BL1 BL 3 Travel and accomodation Only for employed personnel travelling BL4 Equipment Only depreciation allowances BL 5 External expertise and services Costs for supplies of services and goods (e.g.: consultants, experts, interpreters)

12 Eligibility Period For approved projects preparation costs are eligible from pre- announcement of the call until submission of AF

13 The project has been approved: what is next? Lead Partner/MA: signature of Subsidy Contract Lead Partner/Project Partners: signature of Partnership Agreement with Project Partners Lead Partner/Project Partners: Partnership Agreement, Inception Report and detailed budget of the Project Partners Lead Partner/Project Partners: Progress Financial Reports

14 Implementation Duties

15 How are projects financed? Projects are financed through the reimbursement mechanism 1. Projects pay all expenditure 2. Projects claim the reimbursement of costs to the Programme No advance payments to projects or applicants are possible

16 Reporting Flow

17 All documents related to the calls will be available on the Programme web site Application Form PART A 21.2.2008 Revised version

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