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Endgame Review II.

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1 Endgame Review II

2 A Brief History of Unit 2 Seven Years War (or the French-Indian War)
French expand into the Ohio River Valley Washington goes to remove them Causes massive British army and debt Imperial Policy to pay off that debt Sugar/Currency/Stamp/Quartering/Townshend Acts Resistance – Boston Massacre/TP Intolerable Acts and Continental Congress

3 American Revolution Opening fights – Lex/Concord, Common Sense
Declaration of Independence Difficulties of fighting the war for both sides Saratoga, the French, and Yorktown Republican Womanhood Slaves fighting for (white) freedom Freedom of Religion

4 Articles of Confederation and the Constitution
Articles – thrown together during the war Strong Congress, handled state disputes, pragmatic No executive, no power to levy taxes, no supremacy Constitutional Convention – 1787 VA vs NJ Plans – small vs big state; CT Compromise Legislative, Executive, Judicial branches Federalists vs Anti-Federalists

5 Washington and Adams Washington - “Mr. President” John Adams
Cabinet – VP John Adams, State Jefferson, Treasury Hamilton Bill of Rights Crises – French Rev, Genet, Jay Treaty, Whiskey Rebellion John Adams Avoided war with France – Alien/Sedition Acts XYZ Affair Nullification Crisis Election of 1800 – Adams/Pinckney vs Jefferson/Burr

6 APPARTS Analysis Tool A – Author P – Place/time P – Purpose
A – Audience R – Reason T – The Main Idea S – Significance

7 APPARTS Practice

8 Practice APPARTS Question
Was U.S. Imperialism at the turn of the twentieth century based on arrogance and superiority, or did it reflect a humanitarian concern for the nations of South America and the Pacific?

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