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UNIT 2 TEST REVIEW U.S. History. Revolution Standards Document that the colonies drafted to separate from Great Britain Declaration of Independence.

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2 Revolution Standards Document that the colonies drafted to separate from Great Britain Declaration of Independence

3 Revolution Standards Author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson

4 Revolution Standards English Philosopher that influenced Thomas Jefferson John Locke

5 Revolution Standards Life, Liberty, and Property given by Creator Natural Rights

6 Revolution Standards Idea that government had duty protect inalienable rights of people or be changed Social Contract Theory

7 Revolution Standards Influential French philosopher whose ideas were checks & balances and Separation of powers Montesquieu

8 Revolution Standards U.S. Ambassador of France that helped get French assistance during Revolution Benjamin Franklin

9 Revolution Standards French citizen that was aide to George Washington, suffered at Valley Forge, helped Franklin get French Assistance, and planned the Battle of Yorktown Marquis de Lafayette

10 Revolution Standards Turning point of the Revolution. U.S. Win & French decide to give aid afterward Battle of Saratoga

11 Revolution Standards Secret group that united colonies for the first time before the Revolution to deal with conflict with Britain? Committees of Correspondence

12 Revolution Standards Soldiers starved for the winter here and went without clothes, food, blankets, supplies. Valley Forge

13 Revolution Standards Washington crossed the Delaware River and surprised the British and won Battle of Trenton

14 Revolution Standards Considered great military leader because he overcame many setbacks and didn’t give up George Washington

15 Revolution Standards French and American forces defeat the British on this peninsula to end the Revolution Battle of Yorktown

16 Revolution Standards General of the British forces captured at the Battle of Yorktown Lord Cornwallis

17 Revolution Standards Document that forced Great Britain to recognize the U.S. as an Independent nation Treaty of Paris 1783

18 Constitution Standards Document that created the first government for the U.S. Articles of Confederation

19 Constitution Standards No Executive. No Judicial. 9 of 13 to pass laws. All 13 to Amend. No power to tax. Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

20 Constitution Standards Convinced many in the colonies that the Articles were too weak and needed to be changed Shay’s Rebellion

21 Constitution Standards Meeting held in Philadelphia Pennsylvania that eventually ended in the creation of a new U.S. system of government. Constitutional Convention

22 Constitution Standards An agreement that allowed small states and large states to be equally represented in the new legislature. Great Compromise

23 Constitution Standards Argued the need for a strong centralized government. Supported Constitution Federalist

24 Constitution Standards Written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison to convince states to ratify the Constitution. The Federalist

25 Constitution Standards Group of People who refused to ratify the Constitution without a Bill of Rights Anti-Federalist

26 Constitution Standards Groups who join together to promote a certain argument and oppose different views. Factions

27 Constitution Standards Father of the Constitution, Author of the Virginia Plan and the Bill of Rights James Madison

28 Constitution Standards Leader of the Federalist Party and opposition to Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton

29 Constitution Standards Leader of the Democratic Republicans and opposition to Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson

30 Constitution Standards Dividing the government into three branches: Legislative, Executive, Judicial Separation of Powers

31 Constitution Standards Principle in the Constitution that makes sure that one branch does not overpower the other two Checks & Balances

32 Constitution Standards Minimizing the powers of the national government by listing only things it can do. Limited Government

33 Constitution Standards Agreement at the Constitutional convention to count a portion of slaves in determining state representation in the Congress 3/5ths Compromise

34 Constitution Standards First ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights

35 Constitution Standards Precedent established by George Washington were President serves 8 years Two-Term Presidency

36 Constitution Standards Speech given By George Washington when he left the Presidency Farewell Address

37 Constitution Standards Warning given in the Farewell address not to Join sides in foreign wars. Non Intervention in Europe

38 Constitution Standards Warning by Washington not to form certain factions. Avoid Formation of Political Parties

39 Constitution Standards Signaled to many that the U.S. government was strong under the Constitution. Whiskey Rebellion

40 Constitution Standards Second President of the United States. John Adams

41 Constitution Standards French tried to bribe U.S. officials in John Adams administration and eventually caused Adams to lose the Presidency. XYZ Affair

42 Constitution Standards Laws passed by John Adams administration to silence critics of the government. Alien & Sedition Acts

43 Constitution Standards Published argument by Jefferson and Madison that states did not have to obey federal laws if unconstitutional VA & KY Resolutions

44 Constitution Standards Established a process whereby territories could become a state Northwest Ordinance 1787

45 Constitution Standards Northwest Ordinance outlawed this in the Northwest territory Slavery

46 Constitution Standards Established for the survey and sale of land in the Northwest territory Land Ordinance 1785

47 Constitution Standards Land Ordinance set aside the sell of one lot to finance this in the Northwest Territory Public Schools

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