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Session 2 – WISE SoE TCM data processing and quality issues.

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1 Session 2 – WISE SoE TCM data processing and quality issues

2 Session 2 – Objective & Guiding Questions Objective: To clarify the WISE SoE TCM processing phase & indicator aggregation steps; to discuss specific QA/QC issues on raw & indicator data; to identify challenges and opportunities to improve QA/QC and data coverage/use Guiding questions: Processing phase raw data & responsabilities clear? Opportunities for improvement? Eionet & EEA Aggregation phase & data needs clear? Specific QA/QC issues (raw & aggregated): Primary key values; RSC duplicates; Stations Id´s and mapping WFD; Data resubmission & recoding; Building trends; Waterbody types

3 Session 2 - Main topics from questionnaires Difficulties with reporting process (Data Dictionaries; Validation Rules) and better clarification on changes “ICES reporting” – avoiding duplications Other Regional Sea Conventions & Eionet reporting: BSC & UNEP-MAP Updates on DD (Eionet reporting) vs ICES reporting Earlier publication of DD changes Feedback on QA/QC - using email & CDR Ways to simplify overall process (e.g. Merging DD´s)? XML (through Access tool) and excel reporting

4 Session 2 – WISE SoE TCM data processing and quality issues Summary

5 Session 2 – Main discussion points Hazardous substances Dry/wet weight – warning about missing information are given when submitted to ICES (May not be used in assessments) – can a similar warning be given for ICES data used by Eionet? – Specification factsheet with details on data specification (see EEA website) Coordinate ICES & Eionet station dictionary – National overview of changes in station ID NRC to provide list linking ICES / WFD / Eionet stations to EEA and documenting changes. Refer to 3 excel lists in Meeting Folder Important to coordinate & streamline with Black Sea Commission (station names, aggregation methods, assessment levels)

6 Session 2 – Main discussion points (Non)reporting duplicates is clear for most countries DE, PL, LT, IE, BE report part of date to ICES/ Eionet SI reports 5 stations to both Eionet & UNEP/MAP FR to check how reporting to OSPAR, UNEP/MAP, Eionet is structured To send action list & deadline after meeting including links to (downloadable) specification sheet EEA/ETC to prepare ASAP country-specific station lists (WFD/ICES/Eionet) and kml files Proposals on methodological changes to be communicated and consulted with RSCs & countries. These changes are also relevant to the work of data managers.

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