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WELCOME TO E-WOOD Your Preferred Frame Mouldings supplier.

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1 WELCOME TO E-WOOD Your Preferred Frame Mouldings supplier

2 Presentation Agenda I.Background II.Vision/ Mission/ Quality Policy III.Market Presence IV.Innovation R&D/ Award V.Green Moulding Initiative

3 Background

4 Corporate Information A market leader in picture frame woods moulding since its establishment in 1978,Tai Ye / E-Wood is located within the proximity of IPOH (state capital of Perak) with a total built up area of 200,000 square feet. Currently, they are capable of producing about 2000 types of frame woods designs with an annual capacity of over 8 million meter.

5 Transition from a shop 1965

6 1978 formation of Tai Ye “ factory ”

7 To another factory in the 80 ’ s

8 Until today …

9 From these self made machines 1990’s to 1998

10 To these machines 2000-2006

11 To these machines 2006-2008 First in Asia First in The World

12 From Tradition to Expansion and to Modernization From a traditional Picture Framing shop in supplying picture frame to the local consumer market, Tai Ye has transformed itself into a well- known Wooden frame moulding manufacturer from Asia that has a very significant stakes in the world framing market. We have acquired the most advance moulding manufacturing technologies and framing know how in the industry that have also prepared us to further expand our framing presence in the local Malaysia market by working with potential partners in various strategic locations.

13 Vision/ Mission/ Quality Policy

14 Vision/ Mission Vision To be the world most preferred frame mouldings manufacturer Mission Provide excellent quality, natural and unique frame mouldings to showcase life long memory

15 Quality Policy The quality policy expresses our commitment to achieve total customer satisfaction by: –Meet and exceed industry standards and expectations, –Continuously learning and improving our technologies, products, processes and services, –Working in a team environment involving in continual process improvement.

16 R&D Award/ Recognition

17 Major R&D roadmap 2005200620072008 Material Development U series (UV Curing) W series (Wood grain) LHH Leather Effect finishing Water Base (UV Curing) Water Base Foil New Tech extruder FSC Pine wood FSC Pine wood with UV curing + wood grain Water Base High Gross Main Theme : UV curing technology and Water Base materials New foil Open pores, Veneer Particle Free Environment for Spraying Technology Development

18 With all technology and material investments in place, In year 2008 Tai Ye / E-Wood will launch a series of Green Mouldings (environmentally friendly mouldings.) The company is trying to stay ahead of future restrictions such as the European Union Legislation 1999/13/EC. ------**** ----- We are the first and only picture frame mouldings manufacturer in Asia equipped with the know how and capability to provide environmentally friendly mouldings. ------****------ New replacement of existing matte black with Italian coffee finishing collection ( mokka, espresso, cappuccino, etc). Gesso-free finger joint moulding Product and Process Innovation

19 Award/ Recognitions/Certification 2005 Best Supplier Award ( Antons Australia) 2006 ISO 9001:2000 QMS certification Enterprise 50 Award 2006 Golden Bull Award 2006 Best Supplier Award (Antons Australia) 2007 Golden Bull Award 2007, Enterprise 50 Award 2007 SMI Export Excellent award 2007

20 Green Product Initiative Our Belief Preservation of Memory should not be done at the expense of deteriorating our environment!!!!!! Our Environment Statement At E-Wood, we are committed to the elimination of environment Hazard Material usage by continuously upgrading our manufacturing technology and material research to fulfill our roles as a responsible corporate citizen.

21 Green Product Initiative E-Wood Moulding (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd were formed in April 2007 as part of our strategic move to promote Environmental Friendly Picture Frame Moulding. Our “Green” Moulding Concept A range of Wooden Picture Frame Mouldings that are completely “Green” which consist of : Raw Timbers from FSC COC certified supplier/ sustainable local timber Water Based Coating materials/ Spray which are VOC free!!!!!

22 Green Product Initiative Our Achievement New series of Green moulding using : Imported FSC Raw Timber/ Local sustainable timber from plantation/orchard Water Based Lacquer/ coating material Water Based stain/ spray material The first and only Malaysian Manufacturer Supplying Environmentally Friendly Wooden Picture Frame Moulding.

23 Green Product Initiative Our Achievement Working with a renowned company in the world, we have successfully launched 2 series of Eco-friendly (ECO-CARE TM ) products that has become the main focus in the Atlanta Décor exhibition held recently (Sept 2008). Even with the present economic downturn and uncertainty, we are seeing in flow of request/ orders from customers on converting their mouldings to Environmentally Friendly product.

24 Market Presence

25 Sales Trend (1997–2007) An increase of 350+% over 10 years

26 Market Presence Today, Tai Ye / E-Wood is supplying wooden picture frame mouldings to over 50 countries in varies continents. We have set up 3 distributions centers in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, and also just completed the latest distribution outlet in Belgium Europe (EC Mouldings). More than 95% of our products are exported to oversea markets.

27 END Thank You For more information, please contact us: EC Mouldings – +44 777 5604630 (Keith Hewitt)

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