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Tewksbury Town Hall Rehabilitation CPA Fund Project Special Town Meeting October 5, 2010.

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1 Tewksbury Town Hall Rehabilitation CPA Fund Project Special Town Meeting October 5, 2010

2 Introductions Overview Architectural Drawings Community Preservation Act Funding Questions and Answers

3 Town Hall Rehabilitation Overview

4 Dedicated in 1920, 16,000 sf. Former Police Station, Library and various Town Offices Currently serves as Offices for: Board of Selectmen Town Clerk Town Manager Veterans Agent Administrative Services Serves the public for Board and Committee Open Meeting requirements. No significant renovations since being built Renovation discussions started 1985 Building History

5 Building Issues Not Americans with Disabilities Act compliant for public access or employee use. Building Code issues Lacking fire sprinkler protection Leaking roof, lack of insulation and outdated deteriorated windows Inefficient heating and ventilation Outdated plumbing and electrical Inefficient space utilization Lack of public meeting space for boards and community Lack of proper Public Record storage and document space

6 Town Clerk’s Public Entrance Ceiling

7 Town Clerk’s Vault Space before it rains...

8 Town Clerk Records Vault when it rains.

9 Balcony and Ceiling

10 Side Entrance Staircase

11 West Side Staircase Basement Floor

12 Storage Area behind the Auditorium

13 West Side Staircase Basement Ceiling

14 Basement Boiler Room

15 Renovation Goals Retain historic features and character Improve resident accessibility Comply with ADA and CPA Create functional office space Increase public and community meeting space Update mechanical and plumbing New roof, insulation and replace windows

16 Proposed Project Rehabilitate 16,000 sf and construct 2,500 sf additional space in ADA and CPA compliance Install 3 story access elevator Improve second floor space Improve basement for office space for Community Development or other Offices New plumbing, heating, AC, roof and windows Increase and improve document storage to State requirements. Preserve the Lobby, including stairways and plaques and Auditorium, including stage façade, ceiling and windows

17 CPA Fund Project Costs for STM Rehabilitation Costs $5,883,303 Oversight Costs +$220,000 Total $6,103,303

18 Town Hall Rehabilitation Architectural Drawings

19 Town Hall Front View

20 Town Hall Left Side View

21 Town Hall Right Side View

22 Town Hall Rear View

23 Basement Floor Plan

24 Main Floor Plan

25 Second Floor Plan

26 Town Hall Rehabilitation Community Preservation Act Funding

27 In accordance with the Tewksbury Community Preservation Committee’s Criteria for Historical proposals: Protect, preserve, enhance, restore and/or rehabilitate historic, cultural, architectural or archaeological resources of significance, especially those that are threatened; Protect, preserve, enhance, restore and/or rehabilitate town-owned properties, features or resources of historical significance; Protect, preserve, enhance, restore and/or rehabilitate the historical function of a property or site; Support the adaptive reuse of historic properties; Are within a Tewksbury Historic District, on a State or National Historic Register, or eligible for placement on such registers, or on the Tewksbury Historical Commission’s Cultural Resources Inventory; Demonstrate a public benefit; or Demonstrate the ability to provide permanent protection for maintaining the historic resource.

28 Preference will be given to proposals that address as many of the following general criteria as possible: Are consistent with current planning documents that have received wide scrutiny and input and have been adopted by the town; Preserve the essential character of the town Save resources that would otherwise be threatened Demonstrate practicality and feasibility, and demonstrate that they can be implemented expeditiously and within budget; Produce an advantageous cost/benefit value; Preserve or utilize currently owned town assets; and Receive endorsement by other municipal boards or departments.

29 CPA Funding and Borrowing Total Renovation Cost Estimate $6,103,303 Existing CPA Funds Available = $ 1,552,851.98 CPC commits $1,503,303.00 of the available. (Leaving a $49,548 balance available in CPA balance.) Total Costs are $6,103,303, minus commitment of $ 1,503,303 = $ 4,600,000.

30 CPA Funding and Borrowing Amount to borrow is $ 4,600,000. Financing Town Hall in accordance with the CPA -FY2012 Estimated Surcharge = $ 583,740 -Deduct 10% each for affordable housing and open space, and add 5% for buffer = 25% $583,740 x 75% = $437, 805 -Therefore, we can only borrow against what the first payment of $437,805 will cover.

31 CPA Funding and Borrowing Amount to borrow is $ 4,600,000 For example : First Bond Payment @ 4.5% for 20 years= $437,000 (Below our threshold of $437,805) In this example: Total 20 year interest= $ 2,173,500 Portion of average home ($368K)CPA surcharge ($50.78): Year 1 Approx. $37.84 Year 20 Approx. $20.81

32 Town Meeting History Town Meetings approved CPA funds in total of $417,500 for the Architect and Design. May 2007- 25,000 May 2009- 142,500 Oct. 2009- 250,000 #1 Total_________________________________ $417,500 Town Meeting approved CPA Funds totaling $425,000 for Preservation of Records at Town Hall. Oct 2009- 50K May 2010- 375K #2 Total_________________________________ $425,000

33 Tewksbury’s CPA ‘Down Payment’ STM Oct. 5, 2010 CPA fund contribution to town hall = $1,503,303 Previously Approved CPA Funds Architect & Design (2007-2009) +417,500 Preservation of Records (2009 -2010) +425,000 Up front total CPA fund contribution = $ 2,345,803 Total Project Costs: $ 6,103,303 + 417,500 + 425,000 $ 6,945,803 $2,345,803 ÷ $6,945,803= 33.77% (of Total Project Costs)

34 Example Bond Payment Impact on CPA Surcharge @ 50% State Match @ 75% State Match

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