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Application Generator Merrill Networking Services.

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1 Application Generator Merrill Networking Services

2 Introduction Thanks for the input last week Agenda  Pros and Cons of generators  History of this generator  How to build your own Application Generator Suggested architectural approach to build an Application Generator using your sites standard  Overview of features and functions

3 Application Generator Objective IS NOT to sell my GENERATOR!!! Looked at Net Tiers – Code Smith  My approach is different and may still be of value Understand the approach that I used which can be applied  To any programming language Possibly used for xaml generation.  To any end user standard for development  To any development coding standards. Will show how to build your generator from your source code

4 Application Generator History Year 2000 Conversion  Used Sapiens / DB2 at ABS in 1995 High Productivity  Function Point Analysis BUT there were issues  Database structural changes required regenerations and broken links  Functions outside of supported functions  Proprietary code with yearly costs  Users forced to Generator Standards Wanted to develop a tool with the advantages and none of the disadvantages.

5 My Failed approaches Direct from DB2 Catalog  Initially DB2 Coldfusion testing Stored Procedures  No flexibility in list page, update page  No field editing Object Approach / table object / field Objects  Table object – contained table based parameters Contained field objects with field specific options  InList, isFilter, isDropDown  It was a fantastic approach when everything was standard,  But problems Code modifications were several layers deep.. Constantly adding new parameters to field and table objects Code became difficult to support Too many options layers down in code

6 Current Approach Overview Develop running code for a single table  Your programming language, standards end user standards.  Split off methods that are field dependent in different sections Generate documented source code  Use the source code as a string  Your codes is stringBuffer.append(“your working code here” +vbCRlf) For each new table only the sections of code that are field dependent needs to be changed. Build a screen to capture these parameters for each field  Use the SQL Server catalog to obtain field names, data types and sizes  Is Key, In List, Has Dropdown, Field Display Name, Required, Memo  At each point where a field name was used for the standard application use this table’s field names.

7 Demo Show Generator Page for Menu Page Show end user functions in the Generated Page Sample of the menu page Show the generation process Show the generated code

8 End User Standards List Page  Sort on any Field  Filter on any fields  Forward, back, top and bottom Set number of lines  Edit Button to update page  Add button to add page  Checkbox for delete Edit Page  Javascript Edits triggered on submit  Dates filled in 02/01 – 02/01/2010  VB edits Design flaw in my development standards  Should have separate db object for each table  Show Sample Menu Page

9 Technical Questions Follow on Project?  Standard List – Crud in Silverlight I could build one Someone might have a standard As a group review and improve on standard  I could build a generator based on the standard and we could share it Tool to upload a directory or multiple files at a time? 

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