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HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE1 Introduction HAL-PC VB-SIG Potential Web Site Application Generator Architecture.

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1 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE1 Introduction HAL-PC VB-SIG Potential Web Site Application Generator Architecture

2 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE2 Agenda Personal Introductions Review Potential New Web Site Free to use if you want Features suggested for the VB SIG Decision on whether to use Feedback on the website as a product Additional functions if interest Help – Appreciate your advice on problems issues with site How to build your own Application Generator Pros and Cons of generators Suggested architectural approach to build an Application Generator to your sites standard History of this generator Overview of features and functions

3 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE3 Stan Merrill Frost Bank – 1977 – 1979 - Programmer / Systems Analyst IBM – 1979 – 2002 Systems Engineer – Banking Industry Specialist – DB2 – IMS Systems Engineer Manager Application Development Consultant Sapiens MVS – DB2 - Medical - Client Server - VB version 5 - Coldfusion - Java Websphere Retirement 2002 Free Sites for meditation groups Email – CF / Financial Management – VB / Content Management CF MyGroupLink.COM - Content Management System for small to medium organizations Proposed site free to VB Sig using this technology Teach meditation at Houston Area Parkinson's Center and Jung Center Play Tennis

4 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE4 Single Code Base – Multiple organizations with unique Orgid's Target Customer – Small Organizations / charities / Boy Scouts /Schools Member tracking / and segmentation /Email distribution – Newsletters / Websites / Financial Tracking Help guide me in time and details Too much / too little Recommendations are appreciated Better user interface? Missing Function? What is needed for a viable product

5 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE5 Demo User Perspective – Single Page / Sub Menu / Links / Documents / Events / Newsletters Content Updater Administrator Security Menu Control Backup Usage Statistics Email Member Segmentation


7 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE7 Questions on Demo Do you want to use this tool for the VB Sig? What security level should new people receive Who manages membership levels? Any comments as this as a product? Functions that could be improved, added or changed Pricing? People for me to contact or things for me to do?

8 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE8 Technical Questions App_code using for database objects Can’t seem to put objects in any other directory? Free bulletin board for VB? Inheritance for.aspx pages What tools for ecommerce sites Paypal Standard linkage – Spicelogic No fixed $15 a month fee Only per transactions fee What sites do you use for technical questions

9 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE9 Application Generator Objective NOT TO SELL MY GENERATOR!!! Understand the approach that I used which can be applied To any programming language To any end user standard for development To any development coding standards. Will show how to build your generator from your source code

10 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE10 Application Generator History Year 2000 Conversion Sapiens at ABS in 1995 Phenomenal productivity Function Point Analysis BUT – issues Database structural changes required regenerations and broken links Functions outside of supported functions Users forced to Generator Standards

11 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE11 My Failed approaches Direct from DB2 Catalog Initially DB2 Coldfusion testing Stored Procedures No flexibility in list page, update page No field editing Object Approach / table object / field Objects It was a fantastic approach when everything was standard, but code modifications were several layers deep.. Constantly adding new parameters to field and table objects Code became difficult to support Too many options layers down in code

12 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE12 Current Approach Overview Develop code for a single table Your programming language, standards end user standards. Use the source code as a string Your codes is stringBuffer.append(“your working code here” +vbCRlf) For each new table only the sections of code that are field dependent needs to be changed. Use the SQL Server catalog to obtain field names, types and sizes Build a screen to capture these parameters for each field Is Key In List Has Dropdown Field Display Name Required Memo At each point where a field name was used for the standard application use this table’s field names. Generate documented source code

13 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE13 Client Standards Implemented For my system List Page Sort on any field Filter Page forward, back, top, bottom Edit button goes to update Add button goes to add Checkbox for delete Design flaw in my development standards – Should have separate db object for each table Show Sample Menu Page Show Generator Page for Menu Page

14 HAL-PC VB-SIG - WEBSITE14 Demo Show end user functions in the Generated Page Sample of the menu page Show the generation process Show the generated code

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