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Joint Assessment to the Northeast: Preliminary Findings.

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1 Joint Assessment to the Northeast: Preliminary Findings

2 Mission 6 Teams Mission Deployment 6-22 May Visits to 6 States, 25 LGAs, 107 communities States visited include: Borno, Yobe, Adamwa, Taraba, Gombe, and Bauchi.

3 1. Estimate the number of IDPs 2. Identify where they live 3. Determine level of access to basic needs 4. Assess gaps in services & relief provided to IDPs 5. Establish identities of humanitarian actors on the ground 6. Explore opportunities for strengthening capacity of state governments and local partners to monitor displacement and to report, assess, and coordinate delivery of relief 7. Identify the most effective approaches to delivering relief to IDPs in the states. Objectives

4 Overall Coordination: UN OCHA Technical Support: UNICEF with 2 day pre- mission ToTs of over 50 participants Participation from: SEMA, State Ministries, Nigerian Red Cross, UNHCR,UNFPA, FAO, UNDP, IOM, ACF & SCI, University of Maiduguri Coordination

5 Questionnaires Key Informants Interviews Focused Group Discussions Direct Observation & Mapping Use of GPS-Enabled Smartphones to capture and transmit real-time data to remote data center for fast analysis and location validation Tools

6 State NEMA March 2014 Assessment No. IDPs (other sources) No. IDPS (May 2014 Assessment) No. Host Communities No. Affected LGAs Yobe76,354N/A76,354388 Borno106,266196,337 (NCFR)257,6948427 Adamawa66,826N/A 102,560 14 4 BauchiN/A 36,732 SEMA (Mar. 2014 ) 88,570 39 Taraba N/A 28,510 SEMA; 15,000 Red Cross (May); 108,515 3816 GombeN/A 7,630 Registered IDPs, SEMA; 8,000 Red Cross; 7,500 Ministry of Agric; 6,390 Care for Life 13,000 245 TOTAL 249,446 269,209646,693 201 69 Summary of IDP population estimates Findings: IDPs



9 90% of IDPs hosted by families and friends Rapid movement to perceived safe zones Assessment Fatigue: inadequate response following past assessments Displacement induced by combination of insurgency and inter-communal violence Findings: Host Families, etc.


11 Priority needs of IDPs in Living with households 1 Security, Protection and Food security 2 Healthcare (Including Psychosocial support) 3Livelihoods/Microfinance 4Shelter/NFIs 5WASH 7Emergency Education Findings: Priority Needs, overall



14 Analysis of Smartphone Data for: Identify gaps in level of access to services Location and Mapping of IDP Sites Triangulation of data (with FGD &KII info) Partnership opportunities Effective means of humanitarian response Final Report: end of June Outstanding Information


16 Questions? Why has the SRP not been supported? What can we do to rally support for the SRP?


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