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The WASH Cluster - Global & Country Level Partnership & Challenges The WASH Cluster.

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1 The WASH Cluster - Global & Country Level Partnership & Challenges The WASH Cluster

2 The Global WASH Cluster: who is in it? NGOsACF, CARE, Concern, CRS, IRC, Islamic Relief, Mercy Corps, NCA, Oxfam, RedR, Solidarités, Tearfund,WVI Red C/C IFRC, ICRC UNUNICEF, WHO, UNEP, UNHCR Consortia InterAction InstitutionsCDC Donors OFDA, DFID, ECHO. The active Global Cluster Working Group Participants:

3 Workplan of the Global WASH Cluster The 5 Strategic Areas 1.Coordination and Advocacy 2.Information Management & Standards 3.Capacity Building 4.Preparedness 5.Best Practice, Learning and Accountability


5 Global Support for Country Level Clusters Hygiene Promotion WASH and DRR WASH and Accountability WASH and Environment WASH and Early Recovery Information Managment & Needs Assessment Advocacy & Human Right to Water and Sanitation Standards Policy/Statement WASH Cluster Learning WASH & Floods Best Practice for WASH Programming Tools & Guidance Preparedness Resources Response Resources Tools Capacity Mapping (WASH Vulnerability, Actor, Systems) Cluster Contingency Planning Training Cluster Coordination (Global, Regional, National) Awareness Humanitarian Reform Hygiene Promotion Water, Sanitation IM for WASH IM for IMers Advocacy & Human Right to Water & Sanitation Human Cluster Coordinator Roster Info. Managers Roster Resources for Coordination Team Rapid Response Team (3) Environment Advisers Regional Emergency WASH Advisers Technical Support Services (Remote/In-field ) Advocacy Global Agency Linkages/Advocacy Tools Cluster Coordinator Handbook Rapid Capacity Mapping Intercluster Matrices Cluster Performance Review Materials Global WASH Stockpile

6 Rapid Response Team Three-Person Team Deployable within 48hrs notice Based in NGOs ACF, CARE & Oxfam Support to critical sector needs Additional support given by RRT –Rapid needs assessment –WASH cluster co-ordination –Technical support –Development of response strategies and resource mobilization

7 The Global WASH Cluster Key Factors for a Functioning Partnership 1.Dedicated CAST – NY/Geneva 2.Background of CAST – NGO and Unicef experience 3.Joint Analysis of Gaps - Shared Vision – Commitment to Goals 4.Real decision making by the cluster participants - Workplan, Funding decisions, Direction/focus of work 4.Didnt push membership 5.Projectisation of workplan meant: - sharing of responsibilities, commitment 6.Joint Field Reviews of Global WASH Clusters - seeing it for themselves, feeling the change At Global Level

8 The Global WASH Cluster Key Factors for a Functioning Partnership 1.Dedicated WASH Cluster Coordinators (global advocacy) 2.Training of WASH Cluster Coordinators/Roster (& partners) 3.Rapid Response Team – NGO Supported 4.(Later) Focus on Dedicated Information Managers - Advocacy (in training & from global), Training, Roster 4.Preparedness & Capacity Building at Country/Regional Level - Initial Support, Contingency Planning, Capacity Mapping, Training 4.Key – Regional Emergency WASH Advisers (REWA) - Country level support, surge capacity, facilitate/initial support to country level WASH Clusters, Capacity Building - KEY ECHO SUPPORT for REWAS & Capacity Building At Country Level

9 The Global WASH Cluster Key Partnership Initiatives in Delivering at Country Level 1.Rapid Response Team – ACF, Care, Oxfam 2.Global WASH Cluster Stockpile – Cluster Agencies critical involvement in making it happen (under development) 3.WASH Cluster Coordinators – Secondments 4.Technical Support Services – a partnership approach to enable technical support to the field (under development) 5.Awareness, promotion, dissemination of tools/services – ALL AGENCIES NEEDED!

10 The Global WASH Cluster Challenges 1.Understanding/annotation of Principles of Partnership – systematic approaches; what does it look like in the cluster 2.Understanding HR/Cluster Approach – All humanitarian actors, esp at field level (including Unicef) - How to apply/use the new accountability - Joint prioritisation of needs/use of funding 3.Knowledge Management - Dissemination Tools, Application of Knowledge 4.Integrating Cluster Approach into Preparedness – where big differences can be made 5.Integrated Humanitarian Response WASH – 4% of Appeal funding; Food 53% 6.Continued Funding Support from Donors - Global & Country levels

11 The Global WASH Cluster The Future 1.More intensive focus on implementation at Country Level - by all agencies 2.Knowledge Management – Awareness &Application of Best Practice - Sharing experiences 3.Key Projects (Responsibilities) Still to be implemented & Continued - Stockpiles, Technical Support Services - Rapid Response Team 4.Continuing Need for Financial Support - to maintain Global Cluster services; challenges to mainstream

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