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Nutrition Cluster meeting 25 th April 2014 Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) for Nutrition South Sudan.

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1 Nutrition Cluster meeting 25 th April 2014 Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) for Nutrition South Sudan

2 UNICEF, WFP and FAO working together in the field in a collaborative manner to : assess needs Provide multisectoral responses. Outline of Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) Food distribution education Logistics HealthNutrition Child protection WASH

3 UNICEF/WFP/FAO led package of support UNICEF will…FAO will…WFP will… Support cases identification and the management of severe acute malnutrition among young children and support optimal infant and young child feeding practices within the communities; Immunize children, treat common killer diseases, provide maternal health including PMTCT services, deliver key life-saving health message Distribute water and sanitation kits to families, and make provisions so that bore holes and latrines will be elevated before the rainy season begins. Identify and register unaccompanied and separated children; provide community based psychosocial support and monitor, report and respond to grave child rights violations. Establish safe and protective temporary learning spaces. Distribute emergency livelihood kits to restart food production, including: Basic fishing equipment for those living along or near rivers; livestock vaccines and drugs for community-based animal health workers; Fast-maturing vegetable seeds to displaced people; and crop seeds to farmers with access to land before the planting season starts (March-July). Continue to deliver vital food supplies to internally displaced and conflict affected people; and Provide blanket supplementary feeding to protect the nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women, and children under five years.

4 Objective of the RRM-Nutrition To reduce excess mortality due to malnutrition of children under 5 years in South Sudan through the initiation of key nutrition service provisions targeting children, pregnant and lactating women.

5 Key activities - nutrition Children 6-59 months: MUAC screening SAM treatment MNP Vitamin A Deworming PLW: MUAC screening MNT IYCF Key messaging Supervision: SC OTP (re)-Establishment of nutrition services: Identification of gaps and potential partners Initiation of services Ensure continuation of services Ensure supplies Capacity building: Anthropometry/screening Treatment Management Reporting IYCF

6 RRM-Nutrition process The implementation process: Mobilization Head count/ Registration Distribution (Food, NFI, Wash,) Nutrition, Health Nutrition intervention: Screening MN supplementation Deworming

7 RRM Nutrition process Scenario 1: With partners Scenario 2: Direct implementation (no partners) WFP GFD schedule Information gathering on area/situation Plan of Action in coordination with Cluster UNICEF: Coordination of activities and supplies Supervision of services and support capacity building Partner: Planning and execution of activities Follow-up activities Direct implementation with community volunteers Initiation of a minimum package of nutrition services. Identification of key gaps in services Identification of partners for follow-up activity

8 Humanitarian level:  Increased coverage towards the targets of CRP 2014  Golden opportunity: multisectoral actions in a minimum amount of time  Strengthened intersectoral and inter-organizational cooperation Cluster level:  Opportunity for revitalization of field presence for (previous) partners  Creating new opportunities for partnerships  Creating opportunities to increase quality of services (capacity building, supplies, supervision) 8 Benefits of the RRM Nutrition response

9 Achievements to date RRM-Nutrition initiated on the 8 th April 5 RRM-Nutrition missions completed: Akobo, Melut, Mayendit, Kodok, Pagak NGOs Partners involved in RRM up to date :  Save the Children International  IMC,  Nile Hope  UNIDO  MSF- Holland  MSF-Spain  GOAL  Care MORE NGOs involvement in RRM is expected

10 Impact of RRM Nutrition activities so far Target 24 RRM-Nutrition missions 68,500 children 6-59 months screened 5,000 SAM children referred for treatment 68,500 children aged 6-59 months supplemented with vitamin A and deworming treatment 29,000 PLW screened for acute malnutrition 29,000 PLW accessing IYCF-E messages and micronutrients tablets. Achievement (25 th April) 5 RRM-Nutrition missions 14,341 children 6-59 months screened 617 SAM children referred for treatment 2574 children 6-59 months supplemented with vitamin A and 555 children reached with deworming treatment 371 lactating mother received IYCF-E messages In addition 1 new OTP established 5 OTP/SC supervised

11 Lessons learnt & actions taken Development of tools to facilitate planning: Check-list for planning Supply needs estimation Job aids for capacity building Supervision tools Identification of key nutrition interventions feasible for implementation during RRM Discussion with ACF to support future RRM- Nutrition

12 Challenges Rapidly changing timeline (security or weather conditions) Late or no arrival of supplies Limited logistic support in the field Basic living conditions Physically challenging (be prepared to walk) Lack of skilled HR to ensure nutrition represented in all RRM missions

13 Thank you

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