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Present simple tense.

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1 Present simple tense




5 Глагол to be

6 Спряжение to be в Present Simple (простое настоящее время)
I am a good student Я хороший студент He is manager Он менеджер She is a doctor Она доктор It is a big company Это большая компания We are independent Мы независимы You very knowledgeable Ты очень знающий They our friends Они наши друзья

7 Вопросительные предложения с глаголом to be

8 Вставьте глагол “to be” в требуемой форме Present Simple.
1. I ... a student. 2. My father ... not a shop-assistant, he ... a scientist your aunt a nurse? - Yes, she they at home? - No, they ... not. They ... at school you an engineer? - Yes, I your friend a photographer? No, she ... not a photographer, she ... a student your brothers at school? - Yes, they this her watch? - Yes, it Max ... an office-worker. 10. We ... late, sorry! 1 - am, 2 – is, is, 3 – Is, is, 4 – Are, are, are, 5 – Are, am, 6 – Is, is, is, 7 – Are, are, 8 – Is, is, 9 - is, 10 - are.



11 Выполните следующие упражнения, проверьте свои ответы
I (to do) morning exercises. do He (to work) at a factory. works She (to sleep) after dinner sleeps We (to work) part-time. work They (to drink) tea every day. drink


13 Поставьте глаголы в следующих предложениях в отрицательную форму Present Simple.
She (to get) up at seven o'clock. She doesn’t get up at seven o’clock. I (to leave) home at half past seven. I don’t leave home at half past seven. Classes (to begin) at eight. Classes don’t begin at eight. It (to take) me about twenty minutes. It doesn’t take me about twenty minutes.


15 Постройте вопросительные предложения в Present simple
He/ live/ in Kiev?  Does he live in Kiev? He / the problem / discuss? Does he discuss the problem? They / postcards / collect? Do they collect postcards? She / a poem / write? Does she write a poem?


17 Постройте вопросительные предложения в Present simple
What/ she/ do? What does she do? How/much/ this/sweater/cost? How much does this sweater cost? Where/ the/ Johnsons/ live? Where do the Johnsons live? How/ old/ your/ brother? How old is your brother?

18 Сор begins get switch do takes have is leaves gather watch talk begins

19 Используйте слова в скобках для образования предложений в Present Simple.
They _____ football at the institute. (to play) 2) She _____ s. (not / to write) 3) ____ you____ English? (to speak) 4) My mother ____ fish. (not / to like) 5) ____ Ann ____ any friends? (to have) 6) His brother _____ in an office. (to work) 7) She ___ very fast. (cannot / to read) 8) ____ they ____ the flowers every 3 days? (to water) 9) His wife _____ a motorbike. (not / to ride) 10) ____ Elizabeth_____ coffee? (to drink) . 1 - play, 2 – does not (=doesn’t) write , 3 – Do (you) speak, 4 – does not (=doesn’t) like, 5 – Does (Ann) have, 6 - works, 7 – cannot (=can’t) read, 8 – Do (they) water, 9 – does not (=doesn’t) ride, 10 – Does (Elizabeth) drink.


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