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I start in the morning and finish at night. Present Simple.

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2 I start in the morning and finish at night. Present Simple

3 Finish the sentences Usually I get up at... Then I make my bed and wash... I have breakfast... After breakfast I... At school I usually have... After classes I go... In the evening I...,...,....

4 Make up sentences We always... Usually I.. They often... Sometimes you... I never... Mum and dad... Children like to... On Sundays we...

5 Friends eat apples! Как перевести на английский язык? 1. Друзья едят яблоки 2. Яблоки едят друзья. Верный перевод в обоих случаях: Friends eat apples. А можно ли сказать: «Apples eat friends»? Это будет: « Яблоки едят друзей» Подлежащее в английском предложении всегда стоит на первом месте, а за ним следует глагол.

6 Make up sentences! 1. speak, English, we, always. 2. help, friends, they, usually. 3. cook, breakfast, Mike, Bob, and, never. 4. watch TV, mum and dad, often. 5. go to school, you, every day. 6. football, after school, play, we. 7. they, English, speak, never. 8. usually, hometask,I, in the evening, do.

7 Learn to ask and answer Do you live in Tigil? Yes,do. No, I dont. Do you live in Tigil or in S.? I live Tigil. You live in Tigil, dont you? Yes, I do. Where do you live? What do you do in Tigil? Why do you live in Tigil? Who live in Tigil?

8 Ask questions Do you V ? - play b/b What do you V ? - like pizza Where do you V ? - speak English When do you V ? - swim in summer Why do you V ? - help mum - do in the evening

9 Make up sentences and ask questions - knit - help - swim - cook - open - dance - speak - read - fish I VI V WE V You V They V Do You V?

10 Ask questions! I like flowers. Ask questions to the answers: -Yes, I do. -No, I dont. -I like little flowers. We read many books. Ask questions to the answers: - Yes, I do. - No, I dont. - I read books after school.

11 Our week. We... On Sunday, On Sunday we... We... On Monday On Monday we... We... On Tuesday, On Tuesday we... We... On Wednesday, On Wednesday we... We... On Thursday, On Thursday we... We... On Friday, On Friday we... We... On Saturday, On Saturday we...

12 1) Mr. and Mrs. Long... in London. 2) They... two children. 3) Tom... five. 4) Ann... ten. 5) Tom and Ann... to play computer games. 6) The Longs... at 7 a.m. 7) They have.... in the kitchen. 8) Mr. and Mrs. Long... fried eggs. 9) Tom and Ann... milk. 10)... breakfast children go to school. 11) Mr. and Mrs. Long... in office. 12) In the evening the family...

13 Correct the mistakes Mr. And Mrs. Long have in London. They go two children. Tom and Ann is not students. For breakfast they drink boiled eggs. After breakfast children work to school. Mum and dad watch in office. In the evening the family watch magazines.

14 Read and remember! I like chicks And I like pigs. I like pens And I like hens. I like cars And I like stars. I like clocks And I like cocks!

15 What do you like? Make up your own poem! I like...

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