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2 Minnesota COPD Coalition The American Lung Association of MN has launched the Minnesota COPD Coalition. Our vision is to improve the health outcomes of patients with COPD by working with patients, caregivers, and the health care community to increase awareness, increase early diagnosis, and improve treatment and management.

3 The campaign is for men and women over age 45 Especially those who smoke or have smoked Those with risk associated with genetics or environmental exposures People who have been diagnosed with COPD Health Care providers, particularly those in the primary care setting

4 Why should we learn more about COPD?

5 Scope of COPD in Minnesota Did You Know? 70,600 Minnesotans over the age of 45 have COPD = (1 out of 25) 78% over 60 years old 56% Female 44% Male

6 Emergency Room Visits Related to COPD More than doubled (250%) between 1996 and 2005!

7 Hospital Charges for COPD Average hospitalization charge per patient was $17,066 !! Average length of hospital stay was 4.2 days

8 Today’s Session Will Cover Definition of COPD How COPD affects breathing Symptoms of COPD How you can find out if you are at risk Talking to your doctor Getting on the road to better lung health Resources

9 What is COPD? Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Serious lung disease that over time makes it hard to breathe –Emphysema –Chronic Bronchitis Blocked (obstructed) airways make it hard to get air in and out

10 Did You Know? 4 th leading cause of death –Kills more than 120,000 people per year 2 nd leading cause of disability 12 million+ have COPD Another 12 million may have it but don’t know it

11 How Does COPD Affect Breathing?

12 What Are the Symptoms? Coughing - “smoker’s cough” Shortness of breath Excess sputum or phlegm Feeling like you can’t breathe Can’t take deep breath Wheezing

13 Many people do not even know they have COPD… Many people attribute the changes or symptoms they are having to: – aging – being out of shape Talk to your doctor about any questions you may have.

14 Symptoms When it’s hard to breathe, it’s hard to do anything People with COPD: –avoid activities that they used to do more easily –limit activity to accommodate shortness of breath and other symptoms. Some activities include: Take elevator instead of stairs. Park close by instead of walking. Avoid shopping or other similar day-to-day tasks. Stay home rather than go out with friends.

15 Are You At Risk? Smoking –Most common cause, however, as many of 1 out of 6 people with COPD never smoked Environmental exposure –Chemicals, dusts, fumes –Secondhand smoke, pollutants Genetic Factor –Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency

16 Getting a Simple Breathing Test Talk with your doctor! Simple breathing test –Spirometry Quick, painless and noninvasive Can tell if you have COPD and how severe it is

17 Treatments Can Help Lifestyle changes –Quit smoking. It’s never too late. Freedom from Smoking ( Medications Pulmonary rehabilitation Support Groups Physical activity training Oxygen treatment Surgery

18 Start Today Talk with doctor about your risks, such as smoking and other exposures –Be honest ! Tell your doctor about any symptoms Write down a list of questions before going to the doctor’s office

19 There Are Many Things You Can Do Quit smoking–Many new options available from your doctor Avoid exposure to pollutants and secondhand smoke Visit your doctor regularly Follow treatment advice Get annual flu and pneumonia shots

20 Common Myths– Don’t Believe Them “My shortness of breath is just old age.” “There’s nothing my doctor can do except tell me to quit smoking.” “If I rest more, it will get better.”

21 It All Begins With You Start today Be your own advocate–ask questions and seek information

22 ALAMN support groups Huffers and Puffers - East side group- meets in St. Paul on Second Tues. of ea. month, 1-3 pm Respiratory Health Club - West side group- meets in Minneapolis on 3 rd Thurs. of ea. Month 1-3 pm Duluth Better Breather Club - First Tues. of ea. month Visit for website listing of MN pulmonary rehab or pulmonary support Support Groups



25 Education and Reference resources available from the American Lung Association of MN Please go to: COPD Programs and Resources: –List of MN resources and supports or people with COPD COPD Information Sheets: –“Are you at Risk”? –“Breathing Better with a COPD Diagnosis”

26 More resources available @ Scope of COPD in MN MN Healthplan Covered Services for COPD COPD Fact Sheet “COPD Around the Clock” –Non medical hints and suggestions to ease living with COPD

27 More resources available @ Communication Tip Sheet COPD Profiler –Helps you make health decisions Oxygen Quick Glance Guide COPD Guidelines Quick Glance Guide COPD Action Plan

28 American Lung Association Cessation Resources Behavior Modification Programs  Freedom From Smoking ® Clinic  Freedom From Smoking ® Self Help Manual  Freedom From Smoking ® Online click on the FFS icon Lung HelpLine 800-LUNG-USA  Staffed by Registered Nurses and Respiratory Therapists  Cessation counseling  Questions answered regarding COPD, asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases  Air quality and environmental health concerns

29 Show your support Prescribe an appropriate medication Have your patient call 1-888-354-PLAN or

30 Order Information: American Lung Association of Minnesota Our Mission: To prevent lung disease and promote lung health 490 Concordia Avenue St. Paul, MN 55103-2441 Phone: 651-227-8014 Fax: 651-227-5459 Email:

31 Order Information Greater Minnesota: American Lung Association of MN Duluth 424 West Superior Street, Suite 202 Duluth, MN 55802 Phone: 218-726-4721 Fax: 218-726-4722 Email:

32 Learn More Breathe Better or NHLBI Health Information Center P.O. Box 30105 Bethesda, MD 20824-0105 Phone: 301-592-8573 TTY: 240-629-3255 Fax: 301-592-8563 E-mail: Web site:

33 Thank You

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