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Secondhand Smoke in Apartment Units A presentation by the American Lung Association of MN.

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1 Secondhand Smoke in Apartment Units A presentation by the American Lung Association of MN

2 What is secondhand smoke? Smoke from the burning end of the cigarette. Smoke breathed out by the smoker. When you breathe secondhand smoke, it is like you are smoking.

3 Surgeon General Richard Carmona

4 Surgeon General Richard Carmona June 27, 2006 There is no risk-free level of secondhand smoke The only way to protect people from the dangers of secondhand smoke is to eliminate the smoke exposure

5 Secondhand Smoke and You People of all ages and backgrounds can be affected by secondhand smoke Vulnerable populations, such as senior citizens, are at an increased risk from health problems such as heart attacks

6 Secondhand Smoke and Your Heart Increases the risks of heart disease, heart attacks, and increased heart rate Increases blood pressure

7 Secondhand Smoke and Your Lungs Includes many chemicals and gases that are dangerous for your lungs Causes lung cancer in adults who dont smoke

8 Secondhand Smoke and Your Breathing Asthma, COPD, emphysema, and other breathing problems Increases the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia Being around smoke makes you more congested and cough more

9 Secondhand Smoke and Other Health Effects Burning eyes and throat Ear infections Nose bleeds Headaches Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Low birth weight and pre-term babies

10 Smoking and Fires There were 40 smoking- related fires in multi- family dwellings in Minnesota in 2005 Minnesota Fire Marshal, Fire in Minnesota, 2005 Smoking also caused 50% of multi-family fire deaths occurring in Minnesota in 2006 Minnesota Fire Marshal, Fire Fatalities, 2006

11 Smoke-free Housing Trends In 2002, 66% of households in US and in MN were smoke free -- US Surgeon Generals Report on Secondhand Smoke, 2006 In 2005, 78.2% of homes were smoke free in NE MN and NW WI – a 40% increase in 5 years -- Bridge to Health Survey, 2005

12 Secondhand Smoke in Apartment Units Gases expand to fill a space and cigarette smoke contains a number of gases as well as small particles Secondhand smoke seeps between units through gaps in construction and shared ventilation

13 What can you do? Try quick fixes like: Talking to the smoking neighbor Asking your landlord to improve air filtration Sealing off your apartment from the smokers apartment Moving to another unit that does not have any smoking neighbors Creating a log of when you are being exposed to secondhand smoke to use when you talk with your landlord Work towards adopting a no-smoking rule

14 No-Smoking Rules in Apartments Smoke-free apartments are legal Smokers are not a protected class

15 Steps to a Smoke-free Building Make a plan Hold a meeting Survey tenants Amend new leases and/or adapt house rules Market buildings smoke- free status

16 We can help! We believe everyone deserves clean air especially in their homes Provide FREE assistance with: Considering and adopting a no-smoking policy Setting up conference calls with other landlords who have adopted no-smoking policies Presentations to tenants, community groups, and others Tenant surveys Drafting a no-smoking policy Implementation and enforcement planning

17 Contact Information (218) 726-4721

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