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Warm up 2/3/14 Why is it important to have national parks, monuments and forests?

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1 warm up 2/3/14 Why is it important to have national parks, monuments and forests?

2 foldable directions fold your paper in ½, hot dog length, with an inch showing at the bottom fold your paper in ¼’s to make 4 sections cut up along each crease to make 4 flaps label along the bottom “Progressive”, “trust buster”, conservationist, “panama canal” top fold 1 inch showing at the bottom cut here

3 -added 150 million acres to national forests -added 18 national monuments -often protecting N. American ruins *“busted” 44 trusts *the next president, Taft, actually busted more but TR gets the most credit -responded to Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” - wanted lands saved for wilderness and other economic uses -created the US Forest Service, 1905 -broke up monopolies & trusts if bad for the public -wanted the govt to control railroads to ensure fair competition 42 yrs. old “Square Deal” -fair to workers & business -promote safety -limit trusts -promote public health -Believed each generation had a duty to protect & gaurantee natural resources for future generations -believed big business was good for the economy but felt companies should behave responsibly “ Bully Pulpit” -willing to use his position to push progressive reforms through Congress top of flap under top flap bottom -wanted drug companies to be safe & honest w/drugs -Pure Food & Drug Act PROGRESSIVE TRUST BUSTER CONSERVATIONIST PANAMA CANAL

4 President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt Vocabulary – write a definition and include a memory cue (picture) Panama Canal Conservationism National Parks John Muir – what did he protect?? Trust Busting

5 warm up 2/4/14 Read the insert on p. 538 about TR. What qualities are discussed that made him a good leader?

6 -easier once we found a way to get rid of yellow fever so workers didn’t die as quickly -wanted a strong navy all this goes in the last column -the US helped Panama gain it’s independence from Columbia -US built the canal -started in 1904, opened in 1914 -Panama is located in Central America

7 “Speak softly and carry a big stick” -T. Roosevelt write this quote on the to of a page and glue in foldable underneath below the foldable, explain why TR is remembered as a great president. Homework is glued in so that you see both pages.

8 TR quiz 1. Where did T. Roosevelt send workers to improve trade to the west? 2. Name one national park. 3. What do conservationists want to save? 4. Did T. Roosevelt like or hate trusts?

9 warm up 2/5/14 What do you think “Speak softly and carry a big stick” means? TR knew that if he talked loudly and demanded other countries wouldn’t be as willing to go along. The big stick refers to the fact that he needed to be able to back up his threat or warning with a strong military/navy. He did this.

10 TR foldable Draw a picture on the front of each flap to represent the details for the topic

11 read p. 552 – 553 about imperialism, write a definition on your note sheet by the word “imperialism” with the person next to you, make a list of the benefits of imperialism and write them in the space on your note sheet next to P-A War. Read p. 559-560 & 562 about the Spanish- American war and take notes on the form provided. Read p. 563-564 about our involvement in the Philippines. I will give you the information for the other 2 boxes.

12 benefits new markets to buy my products new sources for raw materials nationalism military bases spread Christianity places to invest new customers

13 warm up 2/6/14 Look at the map on p. 568. answer the 2 questions

14 1 st 15 min of class time Read p. 559-560 & 562 about the Spanish-American war and take notes on the form provided. Read p. 563-564 about our involvement in the Philippines. I will give you the information for the other 2 boxes.

15 IMPERIALISM AND THE SPANISH- AMERICAN WAR ANNEXATION OF TERRITORIES Definition: annex = add 1 Alaska 2 Hawaii 3 Puerto Rico 4 Guam 5 Philippines 6 Samoa THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR Causes : yellow journalism, sinking of the Maine, Cuban war for Independence -America got Cuba (gave it its freedom), Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines -TR organized a unit called the Rough Riders; became a hero; Battle of San Juan Hill THE PANAMA CANAL - want it for quicker trade, go thru the canal in Central America instead of going around South America; also cheaper than going over land -got sick/died from yellow fever or malaria PHILIPPINE-AMERICAN WAR - annex or not?? 3 year battle w/US military by independence fighters -rebel leader was captured and forced from power -put US appointed governor in charge -allowed Filipinos to gradually have a voice in govt & become ind. in 1946, after WWII

16 2/7/14 With your partner, write a definition & add a picture to explain “dollar diplomacy” on the green card. p. 569

17 Imperialism 1. Label/color the areas of influence by the United States during this time period. 2. Use a variety of symbols to illustrate the role of U.S. in each particular part of world. Make a key. 3. Write a short explanation of our role for each area of influence, attach it to the map. 4. Include all of the following regions: Hawaii p. 554China p. 556 Cubap.566Japan/Russia p.557 Puerto Rico p.567Philippinesp.564 Panama p. 567 – instead of Guam

18 Dollar DiplomacyCubaDollar DiplomacyCuba China Panama ChinaGuam Japan/Russia Puerto Rico Japan/RussiaPuerto Rico Philippines Hawaii PhilippinesMexico

19 Map Key

20 warm up 2/10/14 1 st –, you get extra credit today if you are wearing patriotic clothing! “the US was imperialistic for trade purposes in _________ & __________. (2 countries) As a class, we are completing a reading. Glue/Tape the answers in your notebook. After that, you will finish your map project.

21 Class work Do yellow reading questions together Finish map with partner Do PINK or GREEN reading & questions. Glue or tape into your notebook. Do the other color for extra credit.

22 warm up 2/11/14 Define the following words 1. Union 2. Conservation 3. monopoly 4. 19 th Amendment 5. Jim Crow Laws

23 work for 2/11/14 reviewing for tomorrow’s test 1 st, silent reading as everyone reads through his/her notebook 2 nd, complete p. 548 reviewing key terms and people: write a shortened version of each definition and the answer (just # and letter will not count for pts) –ex/ a. Women get the vote – 19 th Amendment don’t write: “a law that gave American women the right to vote” 3 rd, p. 514 do a, d-h 4 th, p. 515 do 11 a – c and 14 a 5 th, p. 485 do 15 a – c and 17 b

24 Essay question Define imperialism List 2 benefits of imperialism Describe 2 specific examples of the US being imperialistic and the benefits our country got from dealing with that country Think about the imperialism graphic organizer and the map for the information

25 warm up 2/12/14 Test today & notebooks are due. Turn them open to the 1 st page to be graded.

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